Fusing email marketing with omnichannel marketing to amplify your business operations

Brands must perceive the purport of creating a smooth experience across every social media platform. Market surveys show how 28% users believe that a seamless omnichannel journey is integral to your brand. 

  • Your customer needs to get access to your business at every step of the way. Their needs to be accessibility to your marketing. 
  • All segments of your customer journey must have an omnichannel experience since it creates a sustainable bond between your branding and their shopping experience.

Pairing it with email marketing allows you to enhance the process. You add an extra communication layer to strengthen the bond. 

  • You can describe omnichannel as ‘multi’ channel. However, they are different. Your marketing directives should cover all platforms, meaning that you have everything your customer wants or needs, regardless of the medium they choose.
  • Marketers need to understand the difference between omnichannel experience and multi-channel pathways. 
  • While the former builds an integrated and unique experience for your customer’s platform, the latter means entailing various contact points across several platforms. 
  • Despite the key differences, when you communicate information or disseminate information across each platform, the main process remains seamless. While interacting with a brand on a single platform, customers can shift to another medium and experience the same quality. 

Starting with the blend

As more and more customers are starting to explore a plethora of ways to connect with brands, organizations can consider plenty of options. Setting up advertising networks and campaigns across platforms their customers use is an easy way.

  • It could include email, direct mail, TV ad campaign, and social media ads running together simultaneously. 
  • The alternative roadmap is not to make every channel available, but combining them into one aligned directive to boost consumer/brand relationships. This is called omnichannel marketing.
  • Brands adopting these strategies showcase a 92% higher rate of customer retention. Additionally, omnichannel marketing holds the key for business success in the coming year. 
  • Premier brands are using auxiliary interactions for informing email marketing. The omnichannel marketing maxim is that there mustn’t be any vacuum to hold an advertising fold.

Brands need to ensure that their ad campaigns are compliant with the connected and complete customer journey. Presaging this backdrop, while personalizing your email marketing, you need to underline other connection aspects with customers to leverage extra data. 

  • You obtain information from your customers’ previous transactions. You can even check their actions on your website or platform to customize the entire experience. Brands on Instagram can use the same mechanism. 
  • So, can people see when you look at their Instagram? While you cannot check the accounts, you can sure measure the engagement and impressions. 

Fusing omnichannel support

Since brands are combining email marketing and omnichannel support, do they really help your online marketing endeavors? Emails are a cut above the rest in terms of ROI. 

  • Omnichannel pathways allow your brand to concentrate on your followers and consumers, and provide the best customer service in the circuit. 
  • The multiple channels you provide them with, enable them to reach you, ask questions, and voice their apprehensions. This bolsters communications and business operations. 
  • Both the channels help brand to tap their audience and increase interactions. The two-way mode of communication with consumers helps you to share crucial details with your customers. 

Omnichannel support enhances email marketing by providing other options to your customers. Email marketing bolsters omnichannel assistance by creating a separate identity that draws more traffic to your brand.

  • If you want to integrate email marketing in the concerned omnichannel medium, preparation is a must. Communicate with your employees/teams and create templates in advance. A functionality test is also must. 
  • Brands can also make email templates for their omnichannel platform. The email templates must entail refund news, potential solutions, and other ways to hep customers. 
  • Test your individual systems and start sending emails with autoresponders or templates to ensure the best mechanism. 

Enhancing the process

In addition to personalization, you can use targeting and deliverability to enhance your omnichannel integration with your email. Regardless of how try to thwart your deliverability issues, it eventually boils down to a simple fact. An undelivered mail means a missed income opportunity.

Despite all the technological advancements, many emails don’t reach their destinations. For brands trying to established robust omnichannel support systems, you need to ensure a smooth running of your emails. That’s the first step.

  • To keep deliverability under your control and command, make sure you’re only sending emails to a targeted audience group instead of a random set or huge list.
  • You need to be familiar with ISP spam rules to avoid a high spam report. Take enough time to create special subject lines. Also, preview each text snippet. 

Before sending the emails, double check their URLs and internal links to ensure optimum engagement. 

  • Targeting is just like all social media channels. They may eventually lead to consumer conversion. 
  • Offsetting a limited engagement is the most viable way to optimize targeted emails. These emails appeal to the values and preferences of your customers, propelling them to engage with your content. 

You can get maximum conversion when you fuse personal components with targeted followers. 

More on the ways

Brands need to target potential customers on the basis of their behavior. Online shopping creates a temptation or habit everyone’s familiar with. You send targeted emails to customers that keep visiting a same domain or buying a similar item. It triggers their sentiment and propel them to act. 

Customers can download a resource/tool or purchase a product. When you engage with customers on the basis of their actions on your account or website, you’re conveying to them that you know them and understand their preferences. It’s very important to instill trust and confidence in your customers within an omnichannel setup.

Customer rewards can help you go a long way. Many brands are coming up with customer loyalty models and programs, pampering their highly engaged and loyal customers. Many brands are showcasing referral programs and lists to lure new customers or persuade them to buy from you. Exclusive offers can create wonders here. 


Written by Faraz Butt


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