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Candy Crush

Candy Crush has got all of us addicted to constant toggling with one’s Touch Screen. Hence we are bringing you the most awaited list of all Games like Candy Crush in case you need a new gaming addiction. The games which are mentioned in this list can easily be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store for Android and Apple respectively so that you don’t have to get Emulators to enjoy playing them.

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1.     Candy Crush Soda Saga

If you wish to enjoy a game which is essentially a sister to the famous Candy Crush Saga, then Candy Crush Soda Saga is the one you must go for. Candy Crush Soda Saga basically was manufactured by the original makers of Candy Crush hence the two are highly similar.

Candy Crush Soda Saga has the same overall outlook and game play as Candy Crush Saga and you can even connect your Facebook Profile to compete against your friends. You can ignore the Facebook feature and simply enjoy playing this game on your own and then keep beating your own scores.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

There are numerous games introduced by King which are essentially the revamped versions of the famous Candy crush. You can find all the King’s games easily on the Google Play Store by visiting here. For Apple devices visit the Apple Play Store to access King’s Games.

2.     Crazy Kitchen

Crazy Kitchen was also that game which created a lot of hype in the list of Games like Candy Crush. It is a match-3 game, where you need to find and match 3 same tiles to score whereas in Candy Crush you have to match 3 scrumptious candies and that is the only difference between the two.

Crazy Kitchen

One other interesting tool of crazy kitchen is that you can assign various friends and family pictures to be your customers or even chefs which although can get a little creepy but this makes it a lot of fun as well.  When your tiles match, you will be able to serve food to your beloved customers and then score.

3.     Juice Cubes

Juice Cubes stands out to be the largest tile matching games in the list of all Games like Candy Crush with an amazing 450 levels campaign. Juice Cubes is another twin for candy crush however it is much extensive and is simply perfect for you if you are looking to enjoy a game on long term basis. Juice cubes comprises of numerous fruit tiles and can be accessed on both iPhone and Android devices.

Juice Cubes

4.     Crossy Road

Crossy Road can easily be classified in the list for most addictive games that are played by iPhone and Android users. The underlying rule of any game which is categorized as addictive is that it must be simple to understand and highly user friendly. Although the Crossy Road doesn’t really give attention to high level Graphics or a strong story-line however it is definitely easy to get use to with. In Crossy Road you have to par as many roads as you can in a given time avoiding the cars that are moving by and refraining from drowning in the water streams beside the roads.

Crossy Road

5.     Rodeo Stamped

Rodeo Stamped is definitely the most loved game in today’s time and can be enjoyed on iPad, iPhone and Android. Just as in Crossy road, Rodeo Stamped haven’t really invested in high level graphics or a strong story line however it is the easiest to learn and get used to with out of all the others in the list of Games like Candy Crush.

Rodeo Stamped

In Rodeo Stamped you simply have to click and keep holding your screen to be able to ride any animal in the game. When some time has elapsed, the animal you are riding on will get tired and will attempt to get rid of you. When this happens you should let go of your screen and your character in the game will jump ahead leaving the animal you were riding on behind then you will have to keep holding your screen to find another animal to ride.

6.     NinjAwesome

NinjAwesome which is pronounced as “Ninja Awesome” is a typical classic that may give a feel of a retro game that can be played continuously.  All you have to do is keep swiping and tapping in the two given inputs and hence is very easy to learn and get addicted with.  This game requires you to keep jumping and sliding to qualify in as many obstacles as you can in given time.


7.     Dash Masters

Dash Masters will get you hooked on in no time, all you have to do is keep going up by tapping on your Touch Screen. There will be numerous obstacles at every point which you need to stay away from and you have to make sure that your energy tank is always full because the moment it turns zero, the game will be over. This may sound repetitive and monotonous but we advise you to try playing it at least twice to come to a conclusion.

Dash Masters

8.     Smash Hit

Smash Hit, ever since it was introduced in 2015 have made the most liked games list of everyone who loves to play mobile games. In smash hit, you will be given a set number of steel balls which you have to target on the shown glass obstacles. You will be shown many types of glass creations in form of obstacles which will reward you with more balls rather than decreasing them. The game has excellent graphics and is so easy that even a four year old can play.

Smash Hit

9.     Smashy Brick

Can you recall the classic brick game from your childhood where you had to move on a skateboard type of vehicle to keep the ball from dropping down which breaks the bricks or structures built above? If you do then let us tell you that Smashy Brick is essentially a classic brick game with some added features to make it more fun.

Smashy Brick

In Smashy Brick you will be asked to sketch a line at any angle that you want to and then ball will reflect after it touches your sketched line. This would definitely be your cup of tea if you love classic brick games.

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