Get Snapchat Trophies and Get Ahead in the Game!

Get Snapchat Trophies

Snapchat was developed with one goal in mind; to provide users with a fun way to interact with each other. The developers knew that the best way to do that would be through silly pictures that disappear after a while. In fact, the developers knew what the users would want after those pictures as well; to compete with each other. Snapchat has become like a game, and the users have to play it every day to stay ahead of the competition – their friends. How do they know they’re winning? Through their Snapchat score and the trophies they can collect for reaching a specific statistic. Snapchat has 49 trophies that users can collect at the moment, and they keep adding more to keep things interesting. So, how can you get Snapchat trophies and make your friends jealous of all your amazing progress?


How to Get Snapchat Trophies

You may think getting a trophy requires a lot of hard work and patience, and you would be right. If you want to get Snapchat trophies, you have to show some dedication to the app. Each trophy requires you to meet a certain criteria. If you meet that criteria, you get the trophy and keep it forever. It’s not like the Snapchat emojis which disappear after a while if you don’t keep at them. Once you have won a trophy, it’s yours to keep. So, in order to begin getting these trophies, you have to know the criteria behind each one. We have compiled a list of all the 49 trophies and you can win them to make things easier for you.

Snapchat Trophies

trophies of snapchat

Want to get Snapchat trophies but don’t know where to begin? Go through the ones that are up for grabs and start working towards working each one.

Angry Devil

We all know Snapchat is famous for the snaps that disappear. But, that goes down the drain when someone takes a screenshot. If that someone is you, and if you have taken at least 10 screenshots of snaps people have sent you, then you get to earn this Snapchat trophy.

Angry Pinocchio Mask

What’s angrier than an angry devil? An angry Pinocchio mask. You get this trophy when you take 50 screenshots of people’s snaps. What’s the deal? Stalking someone? Or gathering evidence for some big, shocking reveal?

Baby Face

You’re new to Snapchat, barely beginning out; one could say you’re still a baby in this app. Well, once you reach a Snapchat score of 10, you can make it official by getting this Baby face trophy.

Big Letters

We all have that one friend who send everything in all capital letters. Well, someone worse is a person who send everything in enlarged texts. If you happen to be that person, and if you’ve sent 100 such snaps, you deserve this trophy for all that effort.

Blank Circle

We always have that one snap or video that gives you all the feels. If you have such snap or story in your Memories folder, and you send it to your friend, you get a Blank Circle trophy.

Blue Circle

Who doesn’t love scrapbooking? Now you can have fun with your favorite hobby in the virtual world by creating a story in your Memories.

Burst or Explosion

There can only be one reason for a celebratory explosion; you’ve achieved the something great. In this case, that something is a score of 50,000. With all that snapping you do, we bet your life is amazing enough to be snapped about, so keep at it!


What can a camcorder signify really? A video, right? That’s what you get this trophy for; sending 500 video snaps to your friends. Those videos must be something special that your friends keep accepting them.

Color Palette

Always wanted to be an artist? Wanted to be the next Leonardo da Vinci? Here’s your chance. Use at least 5 different pen colors more than 50 snaps to win this Color Palette trophy.

Demon Face

Only a true pro can take amazing pictures from the front camera, and you can be that person. Send 1,000 snaps from the front-facing camera and win a Demon Face to boast of.


You have the skills to be the next Sherlock Holmes. How do we know? You searched your Memories for a specific snap like a pro. It won’t be long before you’re solving real cases with your amazing detective skills.

Director’s Clapper

Think you have what it takes to be the next big director? Going to give Steven Spielberg a run for his money? Then, show what you’re made of and submit 5 stories to the Local Live Stories to get this trophy.


Can’t let go of your memories? Save 100 of your snaps to your Memories and receive this Disc as a reward for all your hard work.


Well, time to show the world that you do have what it takes! When one of your snaps is posted to the Local Live Story and get this Earth trophy, you know you’re worth something.


Verify your email address and show the world that you’re a real person! Or, you might just be a real clever robot.

Fax Machine

What’s the best way to get new friends? Scan their snapcodes. Scan 5 of them to get this trophy.

Film Recorder

Who doesn’t like making videos of the world around them? Make and send 50 of them to earn a Film Recorder so you can make your film recording skills official.


Love taking pictures during the night? Take 10 of them through front-facing camera, with the front flash turned on, to earn a Flashlight in your trophy case.

Floppy Disc

Don’t want to lose any of your memories? Then, save 10 of the most important ones to your Memories tab and earn the Floppy Disc.

Flying Money

You can earn this cute trophy by sending someone money through snapcash. If only that meant some money was flying your way too.

Fried Egg

What’s the best thing about early mornings? A nice breakfast. And this trophy if you happen to send a snap between the hours of 4 and 5 AM.


The ultimate trophy for your Snapchat score is the Ghost icon that represent Snapchat itself. Pretty Meta, isn’t it? All you have to do is reach a score of 500,000.

Gold Disc

Get the material you need for writing your very own memoirs using your snaps when you save over 1,000 of them to your Memories tab.

Googly Eyes

Have some embarrassing snaps saved in your Memories that you don’t want anyone to see? Then, turn your Memories tab to “My Eyes Only” and earn the Googly Eyes trophy when you do that.

Half Moon

Did you know you can send snaps in the night mode? All you have to do is tap the crescent moon icon in the Snapchat camera screen. Send 50 snaps in this mode to earn this trophy.


Snapchat is all about making it easier for people to make connections, even if that connection is with your own accounts. Link your Bitmoji account to your Snapchat and earn yourself the Link trophy.


Send a snap with 5 different pen colors in it to earn the Lollipop and show your friends what an artist you are.

Magnifying Glass

Zoom in 10 of your snaps as much as possible and send them to your friends to get yourself a Magnifying Glass.


Love seeing things up close? Zoom in 10 video snaps and send them to your friends to earn the Microscope.


Create a story outside of your Memories and then save it to the Memories tab anyway to get a Minidisc trophy.

Monkey Face

You get a Hear No Evil Monkey face when you send a snap without any audio.

One Pointing Finger

This is perhaps the easiest trophy to get. All you have to do is send a snap with a filter. You can use any of the filters available.

Panda Face

Love the black and white filter? Use it on 50 different snaps and send these to your friends to earn the Panda Face.


Show the Snapchat world that you are indeed a real person by verifying your phone number.


Submit a Snapchat story that your friends can view whenever they want, and get a Radio in your trophy case.


Master your artistic skills by sending 10 snaps with 5 different pen colors.

using pen colors while snapping


Swap your camera from back to front and so forth for a minimum of 5 times within the same video snap to earn the Rewind trophy.

Rewind One

You can easily switch your camera from the front to the back and vice versa during a video snap. Do it at least once to earn this trophy.

Rocket Ship

Get a Snapchat score of 100,000 for a Rocket Ship.

Rotating Circle

Swap your camera at least 10 times in a video snap for this trophy.

Shooting Star

All you need is a Snapchat score of 10,000 for a Shooting Star.

Smiling Devil

Be a rebel and take a screenshot of someone’s snap to make the devil happy.


Add the temperature filter to your snap that shows below freezing temperature.


Simply get a Snapchat score of 100 to earn a Star.


Use your temperature filter to show a temperature of 100 degrees or more.

Target/Bull’s Eye

Use the “add nearby” feature in the app to add at least 5 friends.

Triple Star

Achieve a Snapchat score of 1,000 for three stars.

Two Fingers

Send a snap with two different filters for the Two Fingers Trophy.

VHS Tape

All you have to do to get a VHS Tape is send a video snap.

That’s about it. Now that you know what you have to do to get Snapchat trophies, go forth and start snapping and stalking people to earn some!

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