All that you need to know about Google Now!

We all can confess to the fact that Google has remained our go to Guru everyday even for searching the tiniest of queries or for doing simplest of calculations or for finding a good picture or for looking into the dating history of your favorite actor or actress, you name it and Google has always had our backs in terms of giving the most accurate and relevant of answers. In advancement to the search queries, Google now offers the services of Google NOW feature which we will discuss in detail in this written piece.

Google Now is an enhancement of a feature called Google Now, in which various cards pop up with information relating to what you’re doing on your smart phone. For example, if you search for a restaurant, you may get a card with driving directions and the estimated travel time. Or if you’ve searched for a sports team, you may get a card with that team’s season record or current score if they’re playing.

This feature gives you the power to request more information when you need it and to interact directly with the app that you’re using. It works with most Google products, as well as some third-party apps. You can start using it once you update your Android OS to 6.0 aka Marshmallow or later version. This article will guide you all that you need to know about Google Now.

You must first enable Google Now on Tap

Once Marshmallow OS or later version has successfully been installed, it is imperative that you have enable Google Now to be able to use its perks. It is a very simple and easy process however while writing and composing this article we will confess that we had to do an extensive research on it.  All you have to do is press and hold the home button, whether your smart phone has a hardware or software button.

At left side of the display, you can see the message that pops up. In this message you must click on the options that reads “turn on” and you’re good to go ahead to use the services of Google Now. Tap your home button to use this feature going forward or say “OK Google” and ask a question related to the app you’re using.

You can also access Google Now and its settings by swiping right on your screen. Under Voice, you can enable or disable “On Tap” according to when you wish to use it and when you wish to disable it or get rid of it,

Google Now on Tap for Music

We gave Google Now on Tap a try, first by playing a song on Google’s Play Music, though it will work in third-party music apps too. You’ll get links to information about the song playing as well as the artist, with links to YouTube, IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps with relevant information. This way you can follow your favorite band on social media or view music videos without having to open a browser and do a Google search.

Google Now on Movie

Google Now can happily be used to watch and search for relevant movies that you wish to view. The procedure is pretty much same as you can do for the Music using Google Now. To explain this with the help of an example let’s take the instance of searching for the Star Movies which will then pull up all the information of the whole series of Star Wars movies including the latest film released back in the year 2015. Even the relevant details regarding the hotel, restaurant and any other eating outlet will also pop up on your screen in the search results.

Google Now on Place

Google Now can easily be used for finding Places as well that you wish to visit. To explain this better using an example which involves searching for let’s say the Four Seasons and you will amazingly get search results for the restaurant chain of Four Seasons as well as the hotel chains. Then you can access each of these search results to read the reviews, user feedback and instantly get directions to the nearest branch as well.

Google Now on irrelevant result: The Drawback

We tried launching it in the Gmail app after receiving a notification that a new episode of a podcast was available ti be downloaded and listened to. The piece is titled as the “The Golden Chicken, ” and Google Now pulled up information about a restaurant with that name rather than the podcast so essentially it was the podcast you wanted but the Google Now instead displayed the restaurant name because that is how it is wired hence it showed the irrelevant result. This is the only drawback of using Google Now otherwise this is a great tool for convenience of the user especially on the go.

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