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Learn How to Grow Periscope Audience and Get Famous Instantly!

Learn How to Grow Periscope Audience and Get Famous Instantly!

When you are trying to connect to people through your social media, posting pictures of yourself has proven to help viewers connect with you. When you post something personal, it gives them an idea of who you are. However, as social media is developing it has become a strong platform for individuals, companies, brands, companies and organizations to market themselves and their products or causes. Now that posting videos of yourself has become readily available, it has taken over the purpose and the effect of what pictures could do for connecting on a personal level with your audience. You must have heard about YouTube channels and Vine channels. At these platforms, people upload daily or weekly videos of video blogs and other categories. However, it can be hard maintaining a separate channel and adding in extra work to make sure your channel is received well. In that case then, if you already have an account on a popular social networking site with decent number of friends and followers, you can built up on it. Imagine you just started writing your own pieces of literature and you now wish to become a writer. You have had the chance to get your pieces published however, you wish to grow your own brand now. The best way that has been proven to work for most people who try it is using social media and gaining viewership from the cyber audience. As you know, the more creative and productive you get on social media, the more audience you have. And once you become famous on social media, you become famous everywhere. You now know that you, just like every individual on this planet Earth, have the chance to make it big through your social media. However, you are concerned about how to increase your audience in order to reach goal. In order to go viral, you see, you need more than a couple of hundred views, likes or followers. You now begin to use Periscope on your Twitter however, you still wonder how to grow Periscope audience to reach your aim. Well here in this article then, we will tell you how and why you should grow Periscope audience with additional information for those who have not had any experience with Periscope!

If you are a Twitter user, you must have heard and seen activities from an application known as Periscope. Periscope is a recently launched live-streaming application that allows you to upload videos at live time. This means that as you are making the video, your viewers and followers can watch it. Often times, new users confuse Periscope with Twitter’s other live video streaming application known as Meerkat. Although, Meerkat is a separate application. Periscope allows its users and viewers to watch live stream videos from around the world. If you wish to watch something on their vacation to the Bahamas to a historical trip to Egypt, Periscope is the way to go. Recently, Periscope has been launched separately as well. This way, those who do not have a Twitter account can use the perks of this application and benefit from it. Now that we have introduced Periscope, what are its key features that make it different from many live-streaming applications?

First of all, Periscope is available for download on both Android and iOS supporting phone and tablets. You can view Periscope videos on your desktops, laptops, mobile phones and so on. Just when Periscope was launched, it became on the most famous applications especially for iPhone users. But just why did it become well-known?

  • This application’s premise allows users to live stream their videos directly from their phones or tablets.
  • Periscope allows viewers to indulge in “real-time interaction”. This means that as viewers watch a live-streaming video they can like the video through “heart” emoji. Not just that, the viewers can also interact through the comment section and live chat session underneath the video.
  • This application has a map feature that allows you to watch videos being live broadcasted from different regions of the world. All you have to do is search a location!
  • Similar to another application known as Snapchat, the content on Periscope is available to viewers for only 24 hours. However, what’s different here is that users can save the videos and re-post them!

Follow our 9 Tricks and Tips to grow Periscope Audience now!

Now that you know what Periscope is and how you can use it, how can you grow Periscope audience and make sure what you are trying to sell get’s the attention that is required? Well, all you need to do is follow any of the following tricks and it should work just right for you.

  1. Firstly, Periscope helps individuals see you in live time. The content you share with your audience should be intriguing and attention grabbing. This way, you will gain Periscope audience as the current viewers will begin to share your live stream with people they know.
  2. You can also use the chance of engaging with the audience. How? You can include a question and answer session as part of your discussion. Here you will begin to answer any questions that you receive in the comment session and this will help them with their queries about you or your brand and whatever the content is that you are sharing in order to grow Periscope audience.
  3. Make sure that once you have live-streamed your video, you make use of the re-post option. While re-posting them will exclude the live stream option, viewers who were unable to watch your session can do get access to the content. This way, the next time you use Periscope you will be able to grow Periscope audience!
  4. Before starting every Periscope session, you should market it. Let your followers know the date, time and some of the content you will be revealing or talking about. You can use all of your social media accounts to market your session and in case you are marketing your brand you can email your clients and customers to watch your live-stream. This will grow Periscope audience as well!
  5. Show the audience your talents, talk about your achievements, ups and downs and give them a little peak into your personal life. Of course, you must not share any personal information that can increase any potential risk for you. However, adding a little personal touch will also grow Periscope audience for you.
  6. You must have heard about how adding humor helps you go a long way. When you add humor to your live-streams this will help grab their attention because if your session is just information, chances are your audience will leave the stream mid-way.
  7. If you have any sneak peaks regarding your products, posts, and so on, do share them with your audience during your live session. This will get them excited about whatever you will be posting about or launching. And, if the sneak peaks and behind the scene access is executed well, your viewers will begin to ask other users to join in. Hence, you will grow Periscope audience.
  8. If you have any updates or any news regarding your achievements, future opportunities or even something that took place in your personal life that is safe to disclose, you should add that to your Periscope live session. This will again keep the audience intact and the next time you post a feed, you will guarantee yourself some curious viewers!
  9. If you use Periscope for marketing purposes, adding or revealing ways to win occasional give-away deals will keep the audience with you till the end of your live-stream. And if you add this marketing strategy to your live-streams, you can use it to market your live-streams before it happens. Adding a give-away session will help your fans and viewers personalize with your brand. This way you will be grow Periscope audience as well.

Of course as your experience with Periscope increases and you test these techniques you will begin to find a new way to gain Periscope audience. Till then, these should help you out! Periscope is a platform that is being used by many social networking site users to achieve not just an audience for their videos but also increase number of their fans. Even if you have a million subscribers on your YouTube channel, YouTube stars can use Periscope on Twitter or on its own to gain more fame. Of course you must be careful at all times before you begin your live streams. The following are some of the cautions you can take:

  • Do not reveal your address to the audience.
  • If you wish to engage in safe broadcasting, you can go into settings and turn of your location.
  • Make sure when you respond to questions and queries you do not reveal any information that could lead the viewers to practice any malicious activity against you.

Now that you know how to grow Periscope audience, do not hesitate in trying out these techniques. Of course we are not born masters and practice makes it perfect. However, you will not know whether or not your live-streams will be successful if you do not begin posting them. Good luck with growing your Periscope audience then!

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