All that you wish to know about the HBIC Meaning!

Like other acronyms are famously used on online forums, social media platforms and text messaging, the HBIC isn’t seen as often and this is why when occasionally people see it on text messages they have a difficult time understanding as to what it refers to in fact for some it completely passes over their head. However once you are done reading this article you will know all about the HBIC Meaning and where can you use it and where to avoid it.

The full form of HBIC!

HBIC basically stands for Head B**** In Charge. In order to make the meaning clear without adding the aspect of vulgarity the B word rhyming with “stitch” has been censored here by asterisk and we know our readers are smart enough to guess the word anyway!

The exact HBIC Meaning

HBIC is the acronym which describes someone who is considered to be assigned to some authority or a person who seems to censored B-word, it is used to refer to a female usually but not all the time sometimes a person may be referred to as HBIC is they have a female like aura no matter what their real gender is.

HBIC is usually an acronym that is based on one’s social status and used to boost someone’s ego and is kind of like telling someone that they are better than others.

How can you use the term HBIC?

“Rachel is the real HBIC of our squad!”

“I’m the HBIC of the next group project due next week but honestly I’d spend this weekend partying.”

“Selena Gomez never lets body shaming get to her. A real HBIC!”

When to use HBIC and when to avoid?

You can use HBIC when:

  • You wish to show your aspiration for someone in a witty casual manner. Many individuals refer to their role models and ideals as e HBIC because according to them they are truly amazing.
  • You wish to boost your own or anyone else’s ego in a humorous way. HBIC is a great way to boost anyone’s self esteem which in fact can be very entertaining as well especially when one is trying for that exaggerated form of humor. If you refer to yourself or any other person as the HBIC rather than a boss or leader then this can make a good text message to boost their ego!

You shouldn’t use HBIC when:

  • You are in conversation with a person who has some actual authority over you. In his case using HBIC to refer them is definitely a bad idea; it can be your boss, teacher, mother or any other person.
  • You are talking to someone who doesn’t have any female energy whatsoever. In this case thethe B-word will be perceived as vulgar which usually refers to a female character so in this scenario HBIC would definitely seem inappropriate especially if the person has a clear masculine standing.
  • You aren’t really using humour. If you are genuinely showing your admiration for a person then in this serious context using HBIC would sound pretentious and disrespectful to say the least.

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