How technology can help Muslims excel in Islam learning

In thus day and age the access to technology is spreading like a wildfire and reaching the hands of millions and billions of people, not only that, it is also undergoing the process of being perfected, so the consumers can get the best of it. So, there is no discrimination as to who uses it, anyone irrespective of religion, race, class and cult can have access to technology. For us Muslims, it is particularly something to take whole advantage of. With the use of internet and technology, we can help ourselves excel in Islam learning.

Use of technology in Madaris:

We can use big LCD screens/ Projectors paired with speakers to get the attention of young children who are enrolled in these Madaris to memorize the Quran by heart. This way not only can we get them interested into learning Quran and Islam ( as kids love to watch on TVs), but also what they will learn it will be retained for a long period of time, as visual and phonetic learning are way more effective.

Using the internet:

The internet; a great place to be for most of the people, People use the internet to socialize, search stuff, buy stuff and to do a wide array of things, but many of us do not, however, know or pretend to not know that internet can also be used for learning Islam. There are many online websites that have huge databases of Islamic speeches through videos or voice recording as well as in Western countries especially USA, UK, Canada, Australia, many websites such as Qutor and Quranhost has facilitated Muslims to make their kids learn Quran online from professional Quran tutors with the comfort of their own homes.

YouTube: These days almost every person is aware of what YouTube is, if he, however, is not aware, he must be living under a rock. YouTube is a platform for content makers to exhibit themselves through videos, whether they be vloggers, artists, comedians or pranksters. It is in all essence a great platform indeed. So great in fact that you can use it to educate yourself and excel at Islam. There are plenty of channels that you can subscribe to watch Islamic videos including daras and the recitation of The Quran, and other Islamic videos regarding different topics, that way you can conveniently help yourself with whatever you need help with and excel at Islam.

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