How to build Christmas Tags?


Christmas is the best time of the whole year, as it is a festival season going on and there are holidays in this time of the year, so Christmas tags are common in these days. In Christmas season most of us looking to celebrate while remaining within budget and not taking any stress. One fun way is to create your own large Christmas tags, especially to fit those larger gifts but sometimes just to add a sense of fun to a small gift.

 Finding Gift Tag Templates

One way is to find it Online. Here are a few to get you started:

Gather and collect the beautiful set of simple but elegant black-and-white tags that are sure to be noticed.

⇒World Label has a wide variety of some amazing editable, chalkboard-effect tag templates, which can be personalized easy just before printing.

⇒At Design Sponge, you will also find some soft green, apple red and cherry black tags with a hand styled template.

⇒At Wild Olive, you can download some gift tags in a strikingly modern, colorful design theme.

⇒Poppies at Play have some of the most adorable bubbly tags in gray red and pearly white. 

How to Create Your Own Christmas Gift Tags

You typically download printable tags in which you can open in Acrobat Reader. Then:

  • Print out the tags on the heaviest paper or cardstock you can find, to give a hard density and smoothness to your christmas tag.  
  • Cut the tags to your desirable size. 
  • Punch through yoyr cards with a big hole puncher. 
  • Choose an elegant ribbon to run throygh your cardboard tag, and tie it in whatever fancy way you like. 
  • You can tie a small bow or maybe just leave the twine tailsloose, it all depends on yourliking.  

If you are looking fir a customized tag to add more defination to your gift packagae. Here’s a truly eco-friendly Recycled and inexpensive way of making the most beautiful christmas tag ards this year.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Pull out your leftover gift cards and wrappings fromlast year. 
  •  Cut the front of the card where the main design is. 
  • Punch through the card and now you are good to use your new christmas tag. 
  • Tie it with a ribbon to the new gift!

Go With Printable Gift Tags

Who does not like oversized tags? Remeber the Tomeand tiny gift boxes with humangus tags? Well, that is where we developed our liking for oversized tags. We all absolutely love oversized tags. They casts a pleasant look to the tiny presents. If you use them on tiny gists, they stand out much better than all the other presents you could find. You can scribble away your thoughts on the card, or write lovely notes, the whole blank space is your canvas folks!  

Add an extra special touch to your gifts with an original gift tag design

Customized gift tags add that extra feature to any gifts you plan to give to friends and family for the holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. Personalize them with your favorite colors and artwork so your gifts truly stand out while spreading holiday. Canvas makes it easy to create beautiful, original gift tags for your friends and loved ones. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Canvas is designed to be intuitive and fun to use.

Open a New Gift Tag Design

 gift tags in five simple steps

  • Create a new Canvas account to get started with your own Gift Tag design.
  • Choose from our library of beautifully designed templates.
  • Upload your own photos or choose from over 1 million stock images.
  • Fix your images, add stunning filters and edit text.
  • Save and share Christmas tags

Create elegant typographic art using text holders

With a help of Christmas tag you can write your message using beautiful writing styles by taking advantage of Canvas’s text holder tool. Text holders are little sets of perfectly paired fonts you can simply drag and drop into your design. You can even create your own by using Canvas’s free-form text tools. Choose from over a hundred different fonts, change up the color and sizes and drag it to where your message will best shine.

Print and share your gift tags

When your gift tags are ready to print, choose between PDF, higher JPEG or PNG files. You’ll get, clear and colorful Christmas tags you will be proud to share. You can also share your gift tags online. Attach them to emails or post on your favorite social media site. That’s part of the beauty of using Canvas. It gives you so many ways to share your creations.

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