How To Find Someone On Instagram and Increase Your Social Circle

How To Find Someone On Instagram

Social media has become so popular, especially in today’s world. From finding your school friends, you may find your aunt using it as well, and in some cases, people may even find their grandparents on social media apps and sites! Though it is very common nowadays, it is still hard to find and connect with the people you know, whether they were your old college buddies or extended family relatives. Many social apps and sites still are unable to find a good solution to this problem but luckily, most people will agree that, Instagram has tackled with this issue better than anyone! So, here we tell you how to find someone on Instagram with ease.

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Instagram has provided tools within its application which allows one to find someone easier. The only “problem” to this “solution” is that, there are so many tools that a person becomes overwhelmed and can’t quite figure out how to use them for their benefit. Worry not, we will guide you through these tools and ways, step by step so that you are able to make the most of it, you can even find new people to follow. The thing with Instagram and other social media apps and sites is that, many people tend to change their real name to some other name or in the case of Instagram, have usernames which are not based on their real names.

Added to what we mentioned above, people sometimes don’t even upload their own profile photo and if the Instagram account is a private then people can’t even know if it is the person that they think it is or want them to be. Although you can send them a personal message, asking about their identity, but that may freak some people out, as it is not a regular and normal question. Now, let’s start with finding your actual family and friends, so that later it becomes easier for you to find others.

How to Find Someone on Instagram that You Already Know

So, some of the people who you least thought would be using Instagram, have had Instagram accounts, long before you even had one! The only thing is that you may have been unaware of this because you were unable to find them on Instagram. Let us help you get help from Instagram in finding and connecting with the people you know from real life.

Find And Connect With Contacts


If you are using Instagram on your phone, it is even easier for you to be able to find and connect with your friends and family through syncing the contacts from your phonebook in your phone. This can be done, on both your Android and iPhone.

  • Start by opening your Instagram application, go to your profile, which is by tapping on the last icon in the shape of a person at the bottom right hand side of your screen.
  • Now, tap on the follow icon, made in the shape of a person with a plus sign next to it and is at the left side of the three dots at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • Look for “Connect Contacts” and tap on the word “Connect” in front of it, written in blue.
  • Then tap “Allow Access”.
  • Go through the list of contacts which appear to have Instagram accounts and tap “Follow” on any of the people whom you wish to follow.

Doing so, will sync your phone’s contacts with your Instagram. Instagram will now store your data and when you go to the Discover Page on Instagram and scroll through your list of contacts, you will see who among them has an account on Instagram and if you wish to follow them, you can hit the “Follow” button. Just a little reminder that by syncing your phone’s contacts with your Instagram account, your contacts who might’ve synced their own contacts with their Instagram, will be able to see that you have an Instagram account as well. So, if you are trying to keep a low profile here, then you might not want to sync your contacts. And even if you block them on Instagram, they will be able to see that you have an account there, which makes it obvious that you blocked them from the apps.

Link Your Facebook Account with Your Instagram Account

connect insta with facebook

This was one of the two options, which you must have seen when you chose these option to “Connect Contacts”. Yes, Facebook allows its users and Instagram users to link both their accounts. Which allows an Instagram user to share what they posted on their Instagram account, on their Facebook account. This is not only one way in which Facebook compliments Instagram though. If you are still not satisfied with the number of contacts in your phone which have Instagram accounts then Facebook, along with the help of Instagram, lets your Facebook friends have knowledge of your Instagram account. You can also see who among your Facebook friends has an account on Instagram as well. This is how you can link your two social media accounts together:

  • Go to your Instagram profile, as guided above before.
  • Tap on the follow icon.
  • Above the “Connect Contacts” options is the “Connect to Facebook” option. Tap on the blue button “Connect”.
  • Tap on the “Connect” button to give access to both your Instagram account and your Facebook account to be linked to one another.
  • You get to decide how you wish to log in at Facebook. Choose one of the options, “Log in with the Facebook app” in light blue or “Log in with phone or email”
  • Follow the steps then as dictated to open Instagram with Facebook.

Once you have followed all the steps above to connect your Facebook and Instagram account together, you will be able to see who amongst your Facebook friends also has an account on Instagram and they can also see that you have an Instagram account as well. You can find all your phone’s contacts and your Facebook friends at the same location on Instagram, in the “Discover” place. Follow these Facebook friends if you wish to, the same way as you followed your contacts.

Discover Popular Instagram Accounts

Tired of seeing the same old faces or things by your contacts, which may be added in your Facebook account as well as seeing your Facebook friends share the same old boring things? You may not wish to follow them on Instagram in this case, which makes it alright as you can find and follow many more popular new accounts and well-known people on Instagram. These accounts can belong to any celebrity or just to a famous Instagram personality.  To find them, you just need to know the basics of Instagram’s search tools.

Tap on the icon in the shape of a magnifying glass, at the bottom of your Instagram screen, this will take you to Instagram’s search page. Here, you can choose any of the options, which will help you in finding what may interest you.

  • Featured Images: hit a featured image to see what your following (the people whom you already follow) are liking, you may find something which may interest you.
  • Featured Stories: tap one of the circles near the top to open and view stories from accounts with similar interests as you.
  • Search: the simplest way of finding someone old or new, tap on the search bar at the top and type in any name or username. Though, Instagram will itself show some accounts which may interest you.

You want to find people so tap on the word which says “People”, amongst other options to narrow down your findings.

Find New Accounts


If you don’t have any specific account or name in your mind, then just let Instagram help you. Go to the Discover page on Instagram and see what Instagram thinks that may interest you. You can also discover on your own.

  • Access the Instagram Discover page.
  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Tap on the follow icon.
  • Tap on “Suggested” tab.

The accounts you see under the “Suggested” title are here for various number of reasons. They may be for you to see because, they may be similar to the accounts you already follow on Instagram or may have posts containing similar content which you previously liked on Instagram. They may be based on what you liked on Facebook or the pages you follow there. Tap on the “Follow” button if any of the suggested accounts interests you.

Do Some Finding on Your Own

You can simply open any account which you like the most from your list of following and see who they are following and follow those accounts from your own. You can also see your followings activity and see what they have liked, you may find something of interest there as well.

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