How to get Free HTML Editors?

Almost 100 HTML editors in more than 40 different criteria were evaluated when the original HTML testing process started. This was not only for professionals but for beginner web designers too which also includes various web developers and other small business owners. When the test was completed, almost 10 HTML editors were selected among all because they stood better than others.

You will be surprised to know that all these ten HTML editors are free and cost nothing. For this reason, we made a list of a few HTML editors that you can take advantage and help from. We have also discussed the minute details to help you have a better insight of them.

Aptana Studio 3 HTML Editor

Aptana Studio 3 is a platform that plays an important role in webpage development. This is known to be the best place if you are looking to get free HTML editors. The thing that makes Aptana Stuido 3 unique and different in its own way is that it mainly focuses on JavaScript as well as other platforms that allow and help you in creating internet applications.


Aptana offers various features that are unique in its own way. But just to remind you, this is not good for those of you who are looking simple needs related to web designs because the tools offered here are efficient and will be a great fit if you are looking for a more advanced level web application development.

The thing that we don’t appreciate or like about Aptana is the lack of updates that they have. The company does not support or maybe appreciate quick updates with time. Aptana’s website and online page did not announce any such updates since 2014 which pretty much explains how quickly they get their website and services updated.

At the time of initial research, when the top ten softwares were judged, Aptana Studio 3 stood 2nd that time. However, their lack of updates, etc. became one reason that people started considering it.

What do we like about Aptana Studio 3?

  • Aptana Studio 3 is good for JavaScript.
  • Aptana Studio 3 is a multi platform that supports Windows as well as Mac and Linux.
  • Aptana Studio 3 has a plug in that will expand supported languages.

What things we don’t appreciate about Aptana Studio 3?

  • Aptana Studio 3 has lack of updates since a very long time. Lack of announcements is another thing they lack in.


Sometime HTML Editor

The other free HTML we listed for you is Sometime HTML editor. The plus point of this editor is that it’s IDE is known to be a Java IDE that will robust your web application quickly. Sometime HTML editor has a steep learning curve. This editor is different than other editors.

However, once you start using Sometime HTML editor you will find out that it is extremely useful even if it is different than others and if you belong to large development environments you’ll be glad to know that the IDE feature included in it is especially designed for people like you. So if you write Java or other web-pages, this will prove itself as a great tool for you.

What things do we like about Sometime HTML editor?

  1. This editor has a version control functionality.
  2. The plus point of this editor is that it’s appearance can always be customized.
  3. This editor is specially designed for people looking for Java.

What things lack in Sometime HTML editor?

  1. This editor takes ample or at least some time to learn things the way we want.
  2. Sometime HTML editor will consume system resources when it is in running mode.
  3. When executing commands, the editor can sometimes be slow.

Visual Studio Community HTML Editor

This is free editor that helps web developers and all sorts of programmers that want to kick start their applications for desktop as well as mobile devices. This editor is known to provide free download but they also have a paid version. The benefit of these paid version is that they have free tutorials as well.


What things do we like about the Visual Studio Community HTML Editor?

  • This editor supports updates and additional new features.
  • This editor has a wide range of languages that are supported by programming.
  • The editor is user friendly.

What things do we dislike about this editor?

  • The editor charges high price tag when it comes to the premium features that they provide.
  • The editor is known to be a heavy program that has more processing power and always consume more memory
  • The editor is a little difficult or could be a learning curve when comes to new users.

BlueGriffon HTML Editor

The BlueGriffon is one of the latest HTML editors that are free of cost. This editor is powered by Gecko which is known as the rending engine of Firefox.

Without a doubt, this editor does a great job. It is available for Windows as well as Mac and Linux and other languages. The plus point of thise ditor is that it shows how your work will get rendered in other compliant browsers.

What things do we like about BlurGriffon HTML Editor?

  1. The editor has a good multiplatform support as mentioned above.
  2. The editor has WYSIWYG with previews.
  3. This editor is a great option for beginners.

What things do we dislike about it?

  1. The users complain lag when using this editor.


Bluefish HTML Editor

This editor is known to be the full featured free editor that can be used and already runs on a list of programs and platforms. This editor is a code editor rather than a web editor which pretty much explains the flexibility it has for web developers.

Not to forget, if you are a designer and want to focus more on the web focused interface, then this might not be a good option fo you.

What do we like about Bluefish HTML editor?

  • The editor is known as a lightweight program which provides multi platform support.

What do we dislike about Bluefish HTML editor?

  • The only thing we dislike about this editor is that it lacks an easy FTP feature.

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