How to Increase Engagement: Tips for Running a Learning Blog

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Blogging is at the top of popularity today, and one-third of web pages on the Internet are blogs. Many struggle with the question of how to stand out and become a successful blogger. It is quite challenging to boost reader engagement and increase income, especially when you run a learning blog. 

Engagement is an extremely important metrics indicating your blog success. It means that visitors stay on your webpage longer, interact with the content, and return to it over again. Here we’ll answer the question of what a blog should look like to engage a lot of readers. 

What Is a Learning Blog?

Firstly, let’s explore the concept of a learning blog and its specific features. It is an education blog where the author shares different information to enrich their readers’ knowledge. There you can include such topics as classes plans, courses, webinars, education news, etc, or share your learning experience. 

A blogger can deal with a particular sphere of knowledge or provide a general overview of education topics. It’s recommended to focus on a specific niche and post quality information to attract readers. 

Types of Learning Blogs 

Those who are starting their blogging career and want to run a learning blog or want to improve the existing webpage may wonder what a blog should look like. Here you can find a short education blog classification that will help you understand the right area of work. 

Instructor Learning Webblog

Professors and tutors use this educating blog type to communicate with their actual and potential students. It is a useful channel for sharing information with people that guides them through the learning process. You can add your course description, learning tips, and feedback to the learning process. 

Student Learning Webblog

This education blog is run by students who are learning something new. They create it to share information they learned or want to understand better. Moreover, it can be a webpage where a student shares studying experience not only concerning acquiring knowledge but the whole process of student life. Very often, a group of students works on enriching their webblog with new materials. 

Tips to Boost Engagement for Your Learning Blog

If you see that your reader engagement requires a boost up, consider these pieces of advice that will help you stand out. Those who use Instagram for connecting with the audience read these tips for Instagram blog

#1 Conduct SEO Research 

The right SEO strategy is key to reader engagement and your blog success. It requires thorough preparation and deep research in specific areas necessary for your blog. You should start with content planning and define how often you will post new materials. It’s a must for public engagement as they will expect your new articles or videos. Your content plan should correspond to people’s needs, so find out what they are looking for the most often. 

Another crucial aspect is keywords for articles and hashtags for your posts on social media. If you run a blog on Instagram, consider incrementing the number of followers that will result in increased engagement of your blog. It’s essential to match the style of the audience, and they will interact with your content actively. The headlines and descriptions to your posts, photos, videos, and articles should be chosen properly to attract the audience and rank first on search engine result pages. 

#2 Know Your Audience 

If you still don’t have an idea of what a blog should look like, study your audience that will help you create targeted content. You can resort to Google analytics tools and get a detailed report on people visiting your web page. It is useful to know their age, gender, location, and devices they use when reading your blog. Knowing this data will enable you to customize your content to boost reader engagement.

With the help of analyzing the audience, a blogger can easily create a content plan and choose topics that will always resonate with the readers. If you run a blog on social media, you can find crucial data on people visiting your account for free. Besides, you can create a poll and ask people to write in comments what they want to see next. So a blogger can resort to special analytics tools or interact with readers or followers to know their audience better. 

#3 Diversify Your Content 

You can make your content versatile and engaging in many ways, starting from adding quality images to implementing links to other captivating sources. One of the great ways to add creativity to your blog is to make something your readers, followers, or viewers do not expect. If you have a video blog, you can diversify the content you usually create with other types of video. For example, it may be a tutorial created on the basis of screen capture, and you can easily do it by using a Mac screen recorder with audio.

Another interesting solution for those who run an Instagram blog is to post not solely photos, but IGTV videos, reels, long reads, and many other things. Consider adding interviews, infographics, podcasts, and any other things, as your blog is a free space of creativity where you can embody your dreams and bold ideas. Keep in mind that diversifying your blog content should not make it a hotchpotch mix, there must be a topic connecting all kinds of information you post. 

#4 Communicate With People

A win-win solution to increase your blog engagement is to interact with readers. It will help you to stay in touch with the audience and know their needs and preferences. You can see positive feedback or comments on what they think is wrong or inappropriate. Communication with people allows a blogger to define their weak and strong points to self-improve. 

You can interact via emails or comment under your posts. Ask them questions or respond to what they are curious about. It suits education blogs since people will have many questions on specific topics. Or you can ask them to provide their opinion or solution to some task. You see that there are many options you can implement for your blog engagement increment strategy. Do not be afraid to try new forms of interaction and be tolerant and friendly with your readers. 

#5 Make Your Content Interactive 

This strategy will allow the audience to stay longer on your web page or profile and do some actions. It is a direct way to increase the engagement rate. Visitors will share this content with others and visit your page more times. There will be no passive reading and boring scrolling the web page, but people will participate in some activities. It’s one of the effective ways to diversify the content in your blog. 

So how can you do it? Implement your blog quizzes, polls, chatbots, etc that will allow site visitors to make their contribution. It’s especially relevant for learning blogs where educators can find people’s opinions on some questions on the topic. Interactive content will make your engagement higher that leads to greater blog popularity. 

#6 Add Catching Visuals 

Visuals stimulate people’s attention and make it easier to understand the message. You should add several quality pictures to your blog that will make it more appealing and engaging. It catches readers’ eyes and improves their experience if images are relevant to the blog topic. Consider incorporating to the article some infographics, tables, charts that illustrate the textual information and make it easier to perceive it. 

We recommend using stock images or always adding references to pictures taken from specific sources. You can also add some videos, leaving a link to the site or platform it is published. Such an option would be great for enriching the audience’s knowledge on a topic you reveal. A great solution would be to take your own pictures if they correspond to the topic. 

#7 Offer Gift and Free Resources 

People like to take gifts and obtain useful sources of information. It will encourage them to spend more time on your page, take some actions, like sharing with friends or commenting that result in an increased engagement. Your task is to find appropriate things and resources that will attract people’s attention. 

It should correspond to your blog topic and if you make content about fashion give some trendy cloth pieces if traveling – offer a shortlist of best places to visit in a country or a discount to a hotel or special place of interest. You can try to find it or buy on your own or engage sponsors and promote their services. Bloggers can also give their followers a useful guide on doing something, a list of free libraries, must-see films, or whatever you want, depending on your budget and blog theme. 


Now you see that your education blog can become a powerful source of useful content that will engage large audiences. Enhance your blog engagement and benefit from tremendous results. Make your blog an exclusive platform where everyone can find something interesting and learn new.

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