How to Maintain Your Snowmobile Cover and Keep It in Top Condition

A good quality cover will keep your valuable snowmobile from getting dirty due to exposure to dust and debris, as well as corrosion and fading due to continued battering by bright sunshine, high winds, rain, ice, sleet, and snow. The cover will also protect the vehicle from flying garbage, bird poop, pollen, tree sap, and toxic garden chemicals and fertilizers that can otherwise wreak havoc on the snowmobile. However, even the best covers require some care and maintenance to keep them clean and serviceable for longer without the need to replace them. Some tips on how to take good care of your snowmobile cover:

Pre-Wash Cleaning

Before you wash the snowmobile cover, you should inspect it for any hard deposits or stains that call for treatment. For example, if you notice a hard stain, you can apply a stain remover that usually comes as a spray. To clean bird droppings, you can either use a commercial formulation expressly made for that purpose or use a solution of household detergent and vinegar. After letting the solution soften the poop, you can scrub it off with a brush. To remove tree sap, apply denatured alcohol on the affected area and scrape off with a plastic knife. You can let the sap soften to make removing it easier.

Washing the Snowmobile Cover

You can wash the snowmobile dust cover either by hand or use a washing machine. The method you use will primarily depend on the kind of fabric and the care instructions given by the manufacturer. However, you can wash most snowmobile covers easily washed at home. Stretch it tight to avoid the fabric from folds or wrinkles, and hose it down with clean water to remove dirt and debris. Soak a sponge in soapy water and give the cover a good scrub. After the cover has been cleaned, hose it down again to remove the soapy residues. Take off the cover and inspect the inside for any dirt and debris, brush and clean it in the same way if required. Allow the cover to air dry in the shade.

If the cover is machine washable, wash it using a normal wash/rinse cycle in the gentle mode. While you can use warm water, very hot water is not recommended for covers made from synthetic fabrics. Use an additional rinse cycle to remove all traces of soap that helps to extend the life of the cover and preserve its water-resistance properties. Do not use the dryer, instead, take it out of the washing machine and allow it to air dry in the shade. Excessive drying is among the main causes of damage to the cover, according to The Spruce.


If you are going to use your snowmobile, you should store your clean cover in the right way. Just stuffing it into the bag is not a good idea as it develops creases and wrinkles and can also exert stress on the stitching, causing them to wear out and burst. Take care not to fold the cover on the ground, where it will pick up sand and dirt that can cause damage to the snowmobile paintwork.

Written by Faraz Butt


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