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Learn how to easily make GIFs yourself for next time you can’t find something appropriate to express your feelings.



Unless you live under the rock or just somewhere without the internet then you probably already know what a GIF is. And before you mispronounce it in your head, it is pronounced as JIF, with the G sounding like a J. The people behind GIFs are the ones who have said this not us so take this up with them if you want to!

GIFs have been around for quite a while but it has not been until recently that they became a part of the pop culture and the mainstream media. Now you see GIFs not just being used by private individuals but even news media outlets. This was initially started by online media outlets being run by young people but more traditional publications have taken to using GIFs as well when they saw how popular these could be and were with the newer generation.

So GIFs are basically moving pictures without any audio. They are kind of like videos but much shorter and play on a loop. Recently GIFs have become very popular as a way for people to express themselves. With the advent of the meme culture, people have started using GIFs more and more. With the internet these days you do not even need words to describe how you feel but you can do so with some memes. And GIFs have become the most perfect memes. Remember the meme of the guy blinking his eyes and looking surprised which blew up on the internet? Well, that was GIF. Any image which moves but has no idea and usually plays on a loop is a GIF. And most social media platforms now support GIFs and WhatsApp has gone one step further in this has its own GIF keyboard. So how can you maximize on this GIF culture?

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  1. Make your Own GIFs

You can learn how to make GIF and then you will become very popular. You can make your GIFs of your own face as well! If you have a video of yourself and like your expression in one part then make a GIF of it! Learning how to make GIF is very easy and you can do so by reading this article further.

  1. Have GIFs Ready

A lot of social media websites have GIF keyboards and options to add GIFs now but this does mean you will always have time to search and find the perfect GIF you have in mind. Thus it might be a good idea to save certain GIFs on your phone so you can have them at the ready for  whenever you need them.

  1. Update GIF Knowledge

If you use GIFs a lot you must know that the trend changes as time goes on. New memes come out all the time and hence you need to be on time for them and ensure that your GIF knowledge is updated so you can use GIFs which are appropriate and most recent.

  1. When you Have no Other Response

You know the moment when a conversation is dying and you just know it. You can feel it in your bones and you do not know what to do so you basically do not do anything. But with the advent of GIFs and them being supported on most social media sites and social applications you can now send a GIF instead of killing the conversation with a LOL which people now hate. You never know, the GIF might just start a new conversation and revive a dying dialogue!

So now that we have you sold on why you should use GIFs and why they are so important in our online culture now, we want to equip you with the ability of making your own GIFs with the knowledge of How to Make GIF.

There are various websites where you can go to and can easily make GIFs. So if you want to know How to Make GIF, then you need to go to these websites and you can easily follow the instructions on How to Make GIF and make your very own GIF.

A lot of people might be wondering why someone would want to know How to Make GIF since they can just as easily use GIFs that have been already made. The answer is simple; because you can and because this way your GIF will be unique. You can make a GIF from a video of yourself so that could be very cool to have a GIF of your own face! Other than that sometimes you have the perfect GIF in mind but cannot find it anywhere. This can be a clip from a show or a movie but it is no where to be found online thus you can use your knowledge of How to Make GIF and then make one easily!

So read on to know the best websites for where you can make your own GIFs and follow the instructions to know How to Make GIF on each of them individually.


This is a really great website for anyone who wants to make a GIF and is new on the take of actually How to Make GIF. However you need to know that this GIF maker merely rotates a bunch of images and is not a video GIF maker which we are usually used to. So if you want some images to be edited together in the form of a GIF then this is the website for you since you will only need to upload the images and then customize their speed and size and you will be done within minutes. Yes it is that easy to make a GIF!

image with laptop


So this is similar to the option we gave you above in that it is not a video GIF maker but an image GIF maker. So if you are wondering How to Make GIF where you add several images together in a sequence then this is the place for you to be. Especially if you have a lot of images since this website will let you add about 800 images and then change their sequence, speed and much more in order to make the perfect GIF.


This is a great service which lets you make GIFs for free from video links online or even images and videos you have saved and want to add to a GIF. Or even a live feed from your webcam. So if you want to know How to Make GIF from all these mediums or even one of these then this is a great site and can be your go-to website. The only thing which can be considered as a downside of this application is the fact that on every GIF you make here the website will leave its watermark on it but this is a small price to pay if you think about it.


ImgFlip is very popular in terms of those who want to know How to Make GIF. If you want to make a GIF through videos or images then this is a great website for you to know. The service is free and does not leave a watermark on your finished product. However a lot of users complain that this website is a little bug ridden and hence causes issues when you are making GIFs.


GIF Brewery is a great place to make GIFs and to learn How to Make GIF since it is a very good website and is on the higher end of the GIF making websites. This is because they charge about $5 for their website services but in the long term it is worth it because the website is amazingly easy to use and is so much fun to use that you will keep making GIFs all day. You can make GIFs from any medium you want.


 You have probably heard of GIPHY since this is one of the most popular GIF related website out there. If you cannot find a certain GIF on GIPHY, the website gives you the option to actually make your own GIFs as well and it is extremely easy. You can choose whatever kind of GIF you want to make but their most popular feature is being able to make a GIF from YouTube videos. So if you have a YouTube video you want to make a GIF from, this is the best website to go to. You can choose the time in the video you want to be made into a GIF.

No matter which websites you go to, once you know How to Make GIF you can go to whichever one you want that you think will satisfy your purpose. Making GIFs is no longer hard or scary they are incredibly easy to make. You do not need to wait for someone else to make something into a GIF; you can now just as easily do it yourself.

Let us know what GIFs you enjoy the most and which GIF you enjoyed making the most!

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