How to resist an attack in counter-strike


Enemies in Counter-Strike are always trying to do you damage and can appear unexpectedly. Your task is to quickly orient yourself in the situation and repel the attack. No two situations are alike, the enemy attacks are always different, but we want to give you some universal advice that will be useful both for beginners and experienced gamers. If you don’t have a CS game, you can always download CS 1.6 from here.

Confrontation in CS 1.6

In the event of an attack, remain calm. Many players begin to make a fuss, firing machine gun rounds in all directions and throwing blinding grenades. Such an approach usually leads to defeat. So how to properly repel an attack in kc? Keep a cool, assess the situation. Shoot accurately and aim for the head. Spending a fraction of a second to aim, you can win the fight. Remember that in a brutal battle it’s important to have a cool mind and a keen eye.

If there are several enemies and you are alone, it does not mean that the battle is lost. Your best partner is the right tactics. First of all, neutralize the enemy who spotted you, and maybe even started shooting. If you noticed that the sniper is working, do not shoot randomly in all directions, your task is to find out your enemy and choose the right tactics of attack in Counter Strike 1.6. There should always be an element of surprise, appear from a place where the enemy does not expect you at all. You can wait until the sniper will be aiming and his head will appear from cover. This is the perfect moment to deliver a devastating shot.

Terrorist with a Knife in CS 1.6 Attack

Many players choose their weapons incorrectly. Do not aim to kill your opponent with a knife if there is a loaded machine gun. Use it first. If you run out of ammo, you have a pistol, which also does a good job. The last thing you should do is use a knife. If the enemy is close, it’s better to engage him in close combat and stab him than to waste precious time and try to load the machine gun in a hurry.

Always keep the situation under control, keep an eye on the situation and don’t take rash actions. He who acts rashly always loses, but cold-blooded, confident behavior will bring you victory.

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