How to Set Up Instagram: A Guide For First-Timers!


When social networking websites were first introduced to the world. They were not popular globally. We all know about MySpace. MySpace users were mostly Americans since the application was based in America. However, with growing knowledge, marketing strategies, access to worldwide websites and so on, these social networking websites have grown and now have a large percentage that is made up of users from around the world. You can thank the increasing globalization that has helped these social networking sites to reach to every nooks and crannies of the globe. Now you can have diverse friends from different cultures, countries, religions and so on. These social networking sites now also feature a trend of breaking stereotypes through campaigns by a concerned group which can be joined by anyone around the world. Take for an example, empowerment of Muslim women. There is an old stereotype that women in Islam are forced to wear a head scarf. While this is true for conservative culture families, Islam itself does not categorize head scarf as a key for women’s submission. In that case, you will be seeing many head scarf practicing women breaking this stereotype by playing basket ball in their head scarf, making and singing a rap song and so on. Social media in this case then, has become a very strong platform for reaching almost any goal that you have set. However, having a little strategy is most helpful. In this article you will be told about Instagram, why must you set up and Instagram account and then how to set up Instagram account and get started immediately. Do you wish to reach the younger generation around the world with your natural beauty products? Well social media is your go to and Instagram out of many social networking sites can guarantee you success due to its recent statistics which show that Instagram has a larger number of followers than any social networking site out there!

So what is Instagram then? Instagram is an application that was introduced to the world back in 2010. Today it is owned by Facebook, Inc. Instagram basically involves sharing videos and images on your Instagram profiles as a new way of communicating with your followers. Note that Instagram does not have a friend’s list. Instead, Instagram has the option of following and followers. This means that any Instagram user can click on the follow button on your profile in order to get activity from your account on their news feed as well as notifications. You can access your Instagram account on your smartphone, desktop, laptop and even your tablet. Instagram can be accessed by all Android users and iOS users as well. Now that you know what Instagram is, you must be wondering about its features. Here in the following section then, we will be revealing what are the functions of Instagram for first-time users:

  1. When you upload a picture either from your gallery of your smartphone or a live capture, you can use filters. Instagram gives you about 40 filters to choose from which enhance the appearance of your photos.
  2. Instagram now has a built-in messaging feature known as Instagram Direct. You can use this to send private pictures, videos and instant messages to your followers as well. You can also share an Instagram post from your Instagram feed with them.
  3. Instagram allows to link your Instagram profile with your other social networking sites and applications such as Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  4. Instagram also has in-built applications that can help users make high definition posts and so on. These applications include Hyperlapse to make time-lapse videos, Layout for making collages with your images and Boomerang for making looping short videos.
  5. On Instagram when you see a post from other Instagram that you are following and others that are popular you can double click on the post to like it. And, once you do that you can see all the posts that you have liked in the past and present.
  6. Instagram also has a feature of “Stories”. Similar to Snapchat, you can upload videos and pictures that are only available for 24 hours for viewership by your followers.
  7. When you are tagged in a post by other Instagram users, you can view all of those posts on your profile.
  8. You can set your profile as private. This means that only those followers that have been approved by you will be able to view your posts.

These features just seem enough to help you make your decision. However, we will give you extra tips and guidelines on why you should immediately opt for learning how to set up Instagram for yourself right this moment. Instagram is a great platform to become famous. Your posts and videos must contain humor, high photography skills and eye catching scenes and you will immediately begin to gain followers. What’s more? Instagram is also a strong platform if you wish to begin an online business. Sure you can have your own website for that but on Instagram you will immediately know how many customers you can potentially have, how to make your products better and you will be able to quickly respond to their queries. All of this can be done without any additional payments. You can also use Instagram to promote your other social networking accounts by linking your posts and revealing something exciting for your followers. Trust us, YouTube stars get all the hype for their next posts like this. Instagram users will help you share your talents and tricks with other Instagram users and once you are received well, you will open a door to opportunities that bypass the platform of Instagram alone.

While we have shared some of the reasons why you should consider getting to know how to set up Instagram account now, we can also give you some tips on how you can make sure you are achieving a good number of followers once you set up your Instagram:

  1. Always reply to comments in the comment section of your posts.
  2. Use your other social media accounts to ask your friends regarding following your Instagram account.
  3. Make sure you have pictures of yourself in your posts to let the followers know who you are.
  4. Make use of the stories on Instagram to set an appearance for your followers.
  5. Post humorous posts once in a while to keep your Instagram account attractive and make sure your photos are of high quality.
  6. If you are selling products, make sure to do giveaway sessions once in a while.
  7. Engage with your follower through Instagram direct and appreciate their fan mail.

Now that you know how you can built a strong Instagram account for yourself, we will be moving forward to how to set up Instagram account without a fail in this next section!

How to set up Instagram account by yourself?

You should know that signing up for Instagram is free of cost, which means you can benefit yourself from this application without spending a single penny! So do not hesitate from moving forward with learning how to set up Instagram account now.

In order to sign up, you should first open the Instagram website if you are using a personal computer. If not, all you have to do is download the application on your device. Once you open it, you will begin filling the boxes above “sign up”. These boxes will ask you the following:

  1. Mobile number or Email
  2. Name
  3. Username
  4. Password

Click on Sign up and you will be led forward for additional information before your Instagram is set up. You will be asked security questions, upload a profile picture and so on. Once you clear that you will be sent a secure link in your email address. When you open that link, it will confirm the application makers regarding your legitimate email address. Once this is done, you can begin testing out your posts. But before that you should include your biography and a good profile picture. Next you should link your account with other social media accounts that you have. Now that you are set, all you have to do is send notifications to your friends and family and more to follow you.

We hope that your guide on how to set up Instagram has helped you. With that, our additional tricks, guides and tips should help you make sure that you gain your goal. If you have a business to run on Instagram you can simply change your personal account into a business account and you will avail additional features. In the world where a normal human being has been given a chance to reach fame just like celebrities and popular brands, organizations and companies, why should you lag behind? Sit down on your comfortable couch and sign up for Instagram now. Explore famous Instagram accounts to know what is received well and what is not. Make use of popular hashtags with every post as well as personal hashtags. Who knows, maybe your hashtag will become an Instagram trend along with your post? Good luck with it!

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