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How to test your internet speed?

The world is advancing! It’s all connected through internet. Without internet the world would almost stop functioning! Imagine a day without internet, can you? I know it’s really hard to picture a day without internet as hardly anything will be functioning alright! This I how heavily dependent today’s world is o internet.

I won’t think this is something unexpected because the advantages and uses of the internet are far more than the human mind can ever imagine ad they are growing with each day. Every device, everything that we use today is somewhat related to the internet. Eve a day at home without internet seems alike a punishment.

Internet has a vast importance in our lives ad it is helping I bringing the world closer, removing the distance. We can watch movies, book tickets, find hotels, use maps , check currency rates , find information on about everything that we have today through internet! It has made our lives a hell lot easier and convenient. Removed distance and other factors that used to be a source of hindrance.

Newer technology is heavy as it is updated often and the devices, apps ad software these days need high speed internet for working. Most apps that people use require high speed of internet for working properly and smoothly.

The apps ad software require a high speed interest for downloading too. Apps that are widely use also require high speed of internet or otherwise they may be a source of trouble for us.

The Apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and snap chat require high speed internet so that they work smoothly and be a source of joy for the user instead of a source of a headache.

There are many service providers that provide the services of internet to the users. These internet providers offer different speed of internet to the user so that they can easily use the application that are operated through the internet.

What to do if the internet is slow?

There are times when the internet at our homes and places is working slowly. At such times, we become frustrated as our movies or shows won’t load properly! The webpages that we desire to open won’t open. Slow internet is a curse ad sure is troubling for the user.

At times we may not know why our interest is so slow and why it isn’t working.

There are a certain applications that are available on the internet that help us operate and know why the internet is slow.

CenturyLink’s speed Test

One of such website is CenturyLink’s Free Internet speed test.

This test will help the person determine the current speed of your internet so you can complaint to your service provider about the slow speed ad eve change the service provider.

This gives the user a detailed over view about the statistics of the internet so the user has an in depth view ad will know the basic reason behind the slow speed.

How to take the test?

There are a few things that the user should keep in mind before starting the test. The user should close all the applications and all the pages that the user has opened. All websites including Netflix, YouTube, Facebook etc.

The websites and all the applications that are using the internet must be closed for this test to have accurate results.

Once you have closed all the applications and websites that are using the interest, the user now will have to directly connect the computer or the laptop device to the Modem. This can be do through the use of an Ethernet cable or a wire that will be attached to the computer or the laptop a done t the modem.

When you are connecting your device to the modem, you have to make sure that you remove all the modems, routers and switches that are attached with the modem and the computer.

Once you ensure that that no other devices are attached with the modem and the cable hat is connecting to the device, you have to make sure that the computer or the laptop is not connected to any other device such as printers, dads, and TV’s ad game consoles.

Once you are done with all these prerequisites, you now have to open the website of Century Link and go to their speed test. Once you open the speed test page, you will see all these instructions and then a green GO button. Click on the green button once you are done. This will take a few minutes and give you a detailed overview you’re your internet speed and the reason it is slow. After getting to know why the speed is slow, the user can for sure do something about the speed.

The other website that provides a good an accurate speed test is “Speed check”

How does speed check work?

According to speed check and if we are going about things logically. There are many variable that come into consideration when it comes to internet speed. The ultimate guide to the internet speed test will take you through reasons that come into considerations while checking the internet speed.

This speed test will tell the user the speed that they are using. This becomes easy to check with speed check. The speed and the test results will be stored so that the user can compare the results over the time.

This provides different types of test and also tells the users the basics of the internet speed. They inform the user of the basics that they need to know about the speed test. This will help the user better understand the test result and the user will be able to work on improving the speed

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