How to Write Facebook Ads: An Expert Guide

The popularity of social media platforms provides people with a tremendous variety of possibilities. Although they were created for interchanging information and communication between users, people use them to make business. Billions of people prefer different social media platforms and it’s a perfect way to find the targeted audience. This practice is no novelty today and many businesses advertise their services and products. Entrepreneurs reach their customers by placing ads.

Students learn how to write advertising articles, blogs, and similar documents. If they master this art perfectly, they have great chances in the future. Facebook is the biggest and most popular platform, which has become the center of an online business advertisement. This guide was prepared by Joan Young, a professional essay writer from, an expert academic writing service. She explains how to write perfect Facebook ads.

Identify Your Audience

The first objective of an ad writer is to identify his/her targeted audience. One of the experts from Backlinkminds Aneesh Babu claims that a competitive analysis is a must for everyone. You should get into your reader’s shoes to understand what he/she needs. It helps to realize what strategy you should choose to get the attraction. It can be done via surveys or similar methods.

Develop a Concept or Choose an Image

Your first objective is to come up with an idea. You already know your targeted audience and your product or service. It’s time to develop a concept you’re going to deliver. It may begin with a thesis statement. You’ll build the whole text around it. Make sure it’s a strong and clear piece that plainly illustrates the goal of your ad. For example, you sell mobile phones. Your central idea may become theses like this one – Flexibility and high functionality with the best mobile phones. Use this sentence as the core of your ad and write the sentences, which will develop your thesis statement.

You may begin with an image too. Some writers require visual support. You may find or create an inspirational image, which is related to your product or service. Don’t forget to use tables, outlines, the diagram of the main ideas, and other visual supervision effects. They may give you the necessary push to make a good beginning.

Create a Good Headline


Many people underestimate the importance and efficiency of headlines. They think that a high-quality text will plainly explain to readers the purpose of your business and the benefits they may reap. Nevertheless, most users will never click on your ad if they don’t like the headline. Accordingly, it must be taken seriously.


A good headline must be actionable, short, and snappy. They should tell your readers what your text will deliver to them. You may try the following concepts:

  • Buy high-tech mobile phones at an affordable price.
  • The best mobile phones to make your dreams come true.
  • Perfection in everything with high-quality mobile phones.

Include a Call-to-Action

If you sell any product or service, add call-to-action sentences. A call to action is commonly a single sentence, which can be located once or several times in the advertisement text. Even if you write an informative article, you still can place one at the end of the text.

The role of this brief message is clear. You inform potential customers about the possibility to buy something useful for them. It can be located somewhere between the first three paragraphs and obligatorily at the end. It’s supposed to contain a direct link to your website.

Take Care of the Meta Features

Every online article is supposed to have meta titles and descriptions. Meta title serves for the optimization of the searchability of your article. Meta description briefly explains the main purpose of your article. Make sure both features contain keywords and plainly deliver your message.

Add Numbers

You may boost the relevance and interest of your ads with numbers. You may already have some great achievements. Don’t be shy and introduce them into the text. When people see some positive results supported by real numbers, it may motivate them to buy the proposed product/service.

Ask a Question

Jake McKenzie of Auto Accessories Garage is confident that it’s more effective to begin with questions. They are more uncommon and thus effective in comparisons with statements. A question right at the beginning of the text may directly appeal to the needs of the targeted audience. Thus, you may write something like this – Are you sick of looking for an appropriate mobile phone? Do you want to find a high-tech mobile phone, which can satisfy all your demands? Even if you don’t begin with a question, you may add a few ones during the text in the paragraphs or subheadings. They are supposed to focus on the “pains” of your readers.

Make It More Vivid

Thanks to advanced tools, you can make your ads more interactive. You may change the format and style of the text according to your liking. Add images, animations, pop-up menus, tables, and something of the kind. They make texts more attractive and draw the attention of readers. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about more standard writing features:

  • Tables;
  • Graphs;
  • Diagrams;
  • Charts, etc.

Tips to Create Facebook Ads

You should also keep in mind the right way of creating ads on Facebook. You cannot simply write a text and post it. You’ll need special tools to make everything correctly. Consider the following simple steps:

  • Sign up for a Facebook manager account;
  • Clarify the advertising access;
  • Utilize the manager dashboard;
  • Create your advertisement campaign.

It’s also necessary to consider ad placements, budget, schedule, format, links, and similar stuff. You ought to be 100% confident you’ve taken all the necessities into account. If you collaborate with Facebook manager support, you’ll receive relevant recommendations, examples, and tips.

Make sure you memorize all the tips mentioned in our informative guide. They will surely help to write a high-quality ad on Facebook. Don’t reject support offered by Facebook managers to avoid possible mistakes and to be confident your text is attractive, original, and creative.

Written by Casim Khalid


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