Identify Songs – The Top Three Go to Apps!

Have you ever been stuck in an awfully painful situation where you hear a song in the background and it gets stuck in your head, you keep singing the wrong lyrics, ending up in a maze of unrelated song searched only to never be able to find the song you are looking for? Of course, we all have been there but folks you don’t have to go through this painful process ever again with the best Apps available out there to identify songs.

In this post we will be listing the Top Three Apps Available to Identify Songs on Android and iPhone. So stick around a while and choose the best one for yourself!

1.      SHAZAM

Shazam is an app that doesn’t need much of an introduction as it has been one of the oldest apps in the market to identify songs and it isn’t only the oldest but in fact is also the best one out there. Usage of Shazam is as simple as any app can get; all you have to do is access the downloaded app, hit a button and it will begin to scan for music being played around in your surroundings to identify the song.

However Shazam does lapse into error occasionally however as far as its reliability goes in terms of song identification it is definitely the best of the options available in the market. But make sure you are using Shazam in a place where songs are louder than the people’s voices. Use the blue links below to download Shazam for Android and Apple.

Click here for ANDROID DOWNLOAD – Click here for IOS DOWNLOAD


In terms of its function and tools, SoundHound is the most similar to Shazam but with a few twists. This app isn’t compatible with monitoring unless it is open completely as an app which is unlike Shazam that can be used as a background app but apart from this, the rest of its functionality is identical to that of Shazam. When it comes to accuracy in identification of songs, the reports and reviews are variable however in terms of deciphering the lyrics and songs it is better equipped to do its job in set ups with low volume surroundings which Shazam would be unable to do.

SoundHound is in fact a good alternative to Shazam in case you are unable to use Shazam for some reason. But don’t worry, the next option in our list comes with a unique twist.

Click here for ANDROID DOWNLOAD – Click here for IOS DOWNLOAD


MusiXMatch is built on a sing deciphering algorithm just like the previous two apps in our list but when it comes to reliability of the app in terms of its accuracy it does fall short than the other two. Apart from this, the app dedicates its focus on scanning and deciphering the song lyrics which then lets you enjoy sings on YouTube or even Spotify. Many of the large scale searches that people do for songs are through their lyrics and hence this app keeps its focus on the lyrics to identify songs. For this reason this app can be referred to as the lyrics app instead of being a song identifier so you must keep this in mind when downloading it.

Click here for ANDROID DOWNLOAD – Click here for IOS DOWNLOAD

All in all you will not notice a big difference between these apps when it comes to identify songs since all these apps essentially are serving the same purpose. Still it should be made a note of that many of them do face restrictions when it comes to identification of songs produced by not so renowned artists and if there is something you cannot locate on Spotify, then you will almost definitely not find it on any other app and you must proceed forward keeping this in mind.

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