Instagram App Allows You to Manage Multiple Accounts Simultaneously: Lucky You!


With increasing updates that you receive for your social media accounts, the makers of applications make sure that the features you get to access run smoother and smoother every time you use them. Say a software house made application X. The application has become popular among its users and more and more content is being shared by Application X account holders. You scroll downwards or upwards to find out what is going on in the life of your loved ones, the world around you, your own community, school, favorite celebrities and so on. However, users begin to get a bug. The videos begin to play slowly even though their internet works just fine. In order to make sure the experience of application X does not include any bumps, Application X makers will immediately upgrade and fix the issue for anyone. These updates are not just about fixing errors then. These updates increase the scope of the application itself. Take for example, Instagram. When Instagram first began, it only account users to upload pictures. While it was still popular, the features were nothing new in the world where social media applications were expanding. So, as soon as the updated version introduced the option of uploading videos, millions and millions Instagram account holders took that opportunity instantly. While we are on the topic of Instagram now, let’s tell you something exciting, especially those of you who hold multiple Instagram accounts for various reasons and purposes. Now Instagram app allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously! Read ahead to find out how you can enable and use this feature!

If you are a first time user, we will introduce Instagram to you without any delay then. Instagram is an application that was launched in 2010. Back then, Instagram was a small start up with limited funds and limited employees. However, when Facebook became the owner of Instagram back in 2012 this application advanced more. Today Instagram is one of the most used social media applications around the world. Instagram has a different way of communicating. You can think of Instagram as your pictorial diary. You express yourself and who you are or are not through your pictures, videos and other media files. However, Instagram has now enabled the instant messaging feature for its users. Still, the former remains the well established essence of Instagram.

While our focus of discussion here is how Instagram App allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, we should look into the complete features of Instagram as well:

  • Instagram allows you to add your biography and profile picture to your account while you can update these with time.
  • Instagram allows you to follow the people you know, like or are interested in instead of befriending them.
  • Instagram allows other people to follow you back as well. The former and the latter are termed as followers and following.
  • Instagram allows you to upload 24 hour video stories of your everyday experiences while the expire at the end of the day.
  • Instagram allows you to run your own business on Instagram free of cost as well as market your products.
  • Instagram has many of the high-profile celebrities and politicians that you can follow. So, the content of Instagram is never boring for you.

Now that we have told you that Instagram App allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, you might wonder why you or anyone else needs to know about this at all? When you have to log into your account, you have to enter your password and your username or email address. Often times, you misspell something and that just means you have to re-type the same words till they are accepted. Now, we know that applications have allowed the one stop log in button for your accounts. However, separate accounts mean separate one stop log ins. In a world that is fast, impatient and used to running smoothly in a figurative sense, logging in to each and every account might get tough for you and stress you out.

What kinds off accounts you might have that would tempt you to learn how Instagram App allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously?

Imagine you belong to an extensive family network. Most members of your family are rather conservative and religious. However, you on the other hand love to explore your options, likes, dislikes, personality aspects and so on. Because the online world reaches out vast majority and creates more and more opportunities for you to explore, you have your social media account for that. But imagine if your Instagram account has all the followers but these followers include your conservative family connections as well? Would that not limit your personal space. In these situations, individuals often opt for creating multiple accounts. Once account includes their family members and activities approved by them whereas the other account is mostly private from your family but public to others. This account is where you can be you without any constraints. Now of course, in this situation you would be psyched if you knew that Instagram App allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously!

In another case, you should know and you must have noticed that Instagram just like many social media applications and platforms, allows you to run your own business. Of course, your life and your cyber world should not be all about business. Which is why you hold two accounts: One Instagram account deals with your business whereas the other account is simply you as an individual. On the former account you take all the orders, reply to queries, comments and critiques about your business. This also includes uploading more content on your account and making sure that you have a purely professional setting. Whereas, the latter allows you to be casual, connect with your friends and family and define yourself without your business title. In this case, you just might need to learn how Instagram App allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. This way you will not get confused between the accounts and you will have your entire world with you in one place.

On Instagram you have various organizations, institutions, celebrity fan clubs and so on. These accounts are not created under your own name. These accounts are mainly and solely used for promoting or creating and informational page for your school, in example. If you belong to a Women’s Right’s society and you are the social media manager, you will be asked to maintain an Instagram account as well. This page will specifically be asked to announce any new meetings, timings for auditions, recruiting members, contacting sponsors and well as branding the organization as a whole. However, in this account you are not you but a group. Which is why you will have a separate account on Instagram for yourself that is based on your individualistic self only. However, from time to time when you have to switch between two or more Instagram accounts it can frustrate you especially when you need to access one of the account immediately.

Now you might have different types of accounts on Instagram altogether. Even if your accounts are not relatable to the ones mentioned above, you can still get excited about how Instagram App allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. You no longer have to wait any further now. Because now that we have established the why’s and when’s, we will be moving on to establishing the how’s in the following section.

How does Instagram App allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously?

In order for you to manage two or more accounts together, you will have to follow these very basic instructions and with one account your entire world will be accessible!

  • When you have logged in to one of your accounts, you will look for “Options” from the menu. 
  • In there you will be clicking on Add account. You can locate this button or option right underneath the option of clearing history!
  • Now that you have opened it, you will be asked to log in to your other account. Simply type in your username or email address and password. Then you will move forward.
  • Instagram will take a few seconds to absorb the settings. Once it is done though, you will be able to access the other account entirely! You can also switch between accounts and you will get separate notifications. It’s like getting a dual sim phone- You get to use two numbers from one device!

If you are a blogger, a marketer, an organization, an institute, a start up company or simply an individual with multiple account on Instagram, you must absolutely avail this. After all, you will spend an entire day frustrating yourself when you have to switch between your accounts. Who can even remember all those passwords when you have all the other thing going on in your head? Well then, with this feature you do not have to go through any trouble at all because now Instagram App allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously!

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