Instagram Automatic Likes – The Do’s and Don’ts

Instagram Automatic Likes

What does our world depend on in this day and age? Is it simply money and power? Or something more? When the people in the future look back to this time, the first thing they’ll probably look at is the social media profiles of everyone here. Because that’s where all our information is, isn’t it? That’s what we use to get ahead in life now; to make more friends, to succeed in business, to just show the world that you’re here. And when you depend so heavily on social media like Instagram, who wouldn’t like getting a few more “likes” on their posts? Just to show everyone that you’re also relevant and popular.

Instagram Automatic Likes

Well, lucky for you, if you are searching for a way to increase the likes on your posts, thereby increasing your followers, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of tools and tricks you can use for Instagram automatic likes. Many websites are currently making profits on the “business” of Instagram automatic likes. How? It’s simple; they sell likes on certain posts or sell a number of views on a website or video, in exchange for money. Now, these “likes” are automatic; a certain number of people do not have to personally like your posts, they are computerized, and you will be the only one who will have the knowledge of this. People viewing your posts will simply see the number of likes you have, and not how and where they came from.

However, one has to be careful when using such tools and websites. In recent years, cyber crime has increased much more than expected, so you should make sure that the website or people operating are authentic and trustworthy; because if not, then there can be many consequences. For example, if you pay a website to gain more followers or likes on your posts anywhere, on any app or website, but that website is run by a fraudulent person or group, then they can hack your account, blackmail you with your personal information or use your account for negative purposes. But, you need not worry; we will help you figure out the safest websites and also mention whether or not we are a hundred percent sure about some or not so you can be safe in your pursuit of Instagram automatic likes.

Pre-Purchase Services

First thing you have to know is that some websites allow you to buy the likes in advance and later add those likes to your posts, depending on your choice of bundle. Or, if it’s just a one-time thing, then the likes will be added to your desired post just once according to your specifications. The buying in advance of likes for future posts makes it a pre-purchase service. A pre-purchase service means, you get to buy in advance, paying for the products or services which you think you will need in the near-future or just simply in the future. For example, pre-purchasing a movie ticket to a movie you have been waiting to watch forever and can’t risk not getting a ticket to. Pre-purchase services are good if they are provided by trustworthy people and come from authentic sources and places.

Now, there are various websites you can use for getting Instagram automatic likes. Some offer pre-purchasing services, while others are more straight-forward. Deciding on which website to use depends on what you hope to gain out of their services, and what you’re willing to give in exchange for it. Some of the best websites in this aspect have discussed below.


Gramlike is a website which not only allows you to buy auto-likes for Instagram, but also allows you to buy an already established, well-run Instagram account based on a certain theme. It allows you to buy real likes, views and followers on Instagram as well as auto-views on videos. Gramlike has been in business for years now and has never had a bad reputation; as far as we can tell, it has never been known to get any account banned for any reason. What’s more, you can pre-purchase auto-likes on Gramlike.


The website gives its users ten options starting from 50 likes on next 10 posts for $5 and ending at 1000 likes on next 30 posts for $80. This way, the buyer buys as much likes as he/she wants, on as many posts as needed. Gramlike is only a website and has not launched its app in the market yet, so the user must use their device and open their browser to use the website.


IGAutoLike is another website which helps you gain Instagram automatic likes on your posts. The website operates from its headquarters in Florina, Greece an currently have hundreds of happy clients. These clients are sent more than 50,000 likes per day by the website, keeping their posts relevant and them happy. Unlike Gramlike, IGAutoLike is subscription based. The subscription can be of 1 day, 1 week, 15 days and 1 month. The website has packages starting from 50-60 auto-likes for up to 5 posts per day and free video views at $3 and ending at 2500-3500 auto-likes for up to 5 posts per day at $70, with free video views.


So, just select the package you want, choose the duration of your subscription (1 day to 1 month) and get free likes the next time that you post on Instagram. In case you want to cancel or terminate your subscription before time, you can find the process by perusing the website’s F.A.Q section. You can also contact them directly, or simply press the “how can I cancel/terminate my subscription” button on the website’s main page.

Another aspect to IGAutoLike is that the website has also launched its app; users can simply install the app and open it with one click, instead of opening their browsers to go to the website each time. The app may ask for your name and contact information, including your e-mail address, but they will not ask for your Instagram username and password because that is sensitive information. They claim that your information will be protected, and privacy maintained because they have security protocols in place.  Furthermore, they have a refund policy but only if you ask for it before the order starts or if you have paid for the subscription but haven’t used the service yet. You can contact them by using the information on their website and request a refund, or check the F.A.Q section for further help.


One more website that seems authentic and provides Instagram automatic likes to its users is IGZoom. The best thing about this website is an introductory offer where they give new users 100+ likes/followers if they install the IGZoom app. They also provide a tutorial for the people new to the website, explaining how things work at IGZoom. However, one thing to be careful about is that IGZoom uses Instagram credentials to send likes and followers; providing free services for these. You have to login with your Instagram account in order to let IGZoom know it is indeed your own account, so that it can proceed with the automatic like and followers. If you are not comfortable sharing your Instagram credentials with anyone, you would be better off avoiding this website; especially when you have other options to choose from.


Keep Your Account and Information Safe

The trouble with wanting to gain extra likes and using such websites (though some may in fact be authentic) is that you can be open to viruses which could harm your computer or device. Moreover, hackers could steal your personal information, such as your photos and contacts and many other valuable information. To protect yourself against such threats, you can install security and privacy apps to keep your device free from viruses and hacking risks. However, one can still never be a 100% secure because if someone can create a product which can save people from the risks mentioned above then it is very likely that someone else out there can overpower them with a product used to do the opposite of it. So, always try to make sure that you have all the vital information about the website from which you hope to get your task done.

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So, as you see, there are many websites which will ‘guarantee’ to provide you with Instagram automatic likes, but only some will be authentic enough that you can actually buy anything from them. Always do your research so that you know enough about what is in store, who is running what company, the background, or even if they have any background or are just frauds. Not only will you endanger yourself by handing over your personal Instagram account, but also your friends and family. Your account contains much more than just your own information; it may contain pictures of your family, friends, school, work and anything else related to you. You should always keep your personal information, such as your password to sensitive content and apps or website accounts, safe and secure. And, always install authentic programs which safeguard your device.

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