Use Instagram Cat Hashtags and Captions To Give Your Furry Friends Some Love!

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Cats have taken over the world. They are not in your houses or on the roads and inside your university campuses. They can be found all over the internet and we do not mind that at all. These furry monsters are our friends and family regardless of how mean they can be. Even if they want you to worship them and give them all your attention, there is no going back to your world without cats. Even when you are stressed due to your school work, personal life, work and other things, these tiny mittens can help you feel good without having to talk to someone. Even when you feel like talking to someone, you can just have a chat with your furry friends. We cannot guarantee that they will reply to you, but they will surely melt your heart. Things can get hard for you when you do not have a cat as your pet. You might be emotionally drained when you see your friends petting their cat friends but then you can always look up to the internet. So what if you do not have cats with you in your life, you can vicariously give your love to all cats in the world by scrolling through your social media. One such social media platform that has been invaded by cat pictures is Instagram. You will see and you will have a lot of posts where you will see cats chasing laser pointers, cats falling down, cats trying to train as a ninja, cats stealing food, cats dominating dogs, cats rubbing their ears and basically any dumb thing these tiny furballs can do. On Instagram you will even notice cats destroying rolls of tissue papers, cats walking on their hooman’s face, cats jumping away from cucumbers, batting items off a bookshelf and what not. They can even dip their faces into your bowl of food without realizing the consequences of their behaviors. If you are a cat person then and you wish to share the cat love on your Instagram account to get more likes with adorable and interesting cat posts, you should go ahead and make Instagram a nicer place. Now with these cat posts, you might consider using Instagram cat hashtags and captions to make it a little more amusing or imaginative. And so in this article we will teach you why you need Instagram cat hashtags and captions, how to use them and we will end this article with some Instagram cat hashtags and captions that you can use for yourself!

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You might be thinking whether you really need cat hashtags because your picture or video posts with your dumb cat pets are enough. But here is why you need to use hashtags. You should make no mistake in understanding that there is a lot more take is required when you are creating a successful cat account on Instagram than just adding a ton of hashtags with all your captions. But without these hashtags, you will not go anywhere on Instagram. In 2014 an Instagram study conducted by Simply Measured went through posts that included at least on hashtag and found out that these posts had 12.6% more engagement by the public than posts without any hashtags. These hashtags help you with visibility. They catalog your images and make it accessible to people who follow you but also to people who look for posts with such specific cat hashtags. The hashtags are hyperlinked and so when you click on them, you can view similar posts with that hashtag. And so, no hashtag means your post will have no visibility.

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Viewers can find these hashtags very annoying at times but that is mainly when you flood your posts with a lot of hashtags. Other times, these people simply do not understand why you are using hashtags so do not listen to them! These hashtags help you organize your posts and allow you to focus on what you love: Cats. One proper reason why hashtags can be annoying is when you use them very poorly. So, you can find our tips to understand how to use hashtags:

  • You do not have to use each hashtag every single time. Instead you can choose about three to five hashtags that are relevant and stop there.
  • Do not use the same hashtags and repeat them. You can use them three to five times and then you need to shift to other hashtags.
  • You should also make sure that your hashtags are appropriate. If for example, you are using #tacotuesday on a Wednesday, that is never going to work for you. Similarly, if your hashtags are not about cats but your post has your furry friends in them, they will not be relevant.
  • Add lengthy hashtags in the comments instead of the caption area because that just obscures it.

While we have lectured you on why you need to use hashtags, we have not really taught you which hashtag to use when you consider uploading your cat pictures with Instagram cat hashtags and captions. This can be a complicated topic to discuss for beginners but know that it is not very hard for those of us who are cat owners (well, they own us actually!) and cat lovers. What you need to do is, you need to learn all the relevant hashtags and what makes them relevant and what type of cat posts are they used. If you search Instagram using the #catsofInstagram hashtag, your Instagram will have more cat posts from all users than you can imagine. Some hashtags however, are more specific. For example, if you use #catvideo you will probably only find posts with cat videos instead of pictures. Along with that, #tacotonguetuesday is a hashtag that includes only those cat pictures which have cats with their tongues out of their mouth. With that, you only post pictures with this cat hashtag on a Tuesday. If you aim for using cat hashtags that are more specific than general, you will be ensured more success on Instagram. Because there are hashtags that are relevant to your cat’s breed then there are hashtags that are only relevant to your cat’s fur coat color for example, #toricat. With that, there are hashtags that are only relevant to the condition or state your cat is in for example, #nublove. So you just need to find hashtags that are more relevant to your cat and how they make your pet unique. For this you need some research, so after reading this article you probably should go to Instagram and start looking around for cat hashtags and how they have been used. Till then, we have a list of Instagram cat hashtags and captions that can allow you to get started, so try following them:

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  • Firstly, you will go to Instagram and log in to your account. After that you are going to start finding accounts that you want to match with and check out which hashtags they have used. One tip we can give you is that there are Instagram accounts out there that are only for cats. Yes, people make Instagram accounts just for their cats and we are very grateful to them!
  • You will not find a long list of cat hashtags on Instagram just waiting to be found, so you will have to google a topic you wish to get a hashtag with for example, #catsinhats and see if there are relevant hashtags. If not, you can begin your own Instagram cat hashtags and captions and they might just become a trend!
  • You should not be scared about mixing up a little and sneak some cat hashtags that you have come up with regardless of whether you do find relevant hashtags of your cat situation.

Now to get you started we have a list of hashtags for you and you can use this as a beginner. These hashtags are relevant to their own situations so be careful and mindful of that:

General Instagram cat hashtags and captions:

Some themed Instagram cat hashtags and captions:

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A list of non specific Instagram cat hashtags and captions:

Some wise words to go with hashtags:

A Dog Is A Dog , But A Cat Is A Purrrrson
A Tail Of Two Cats
As Every Cat Owner Knows, Nobody Owns A Cat, Cats just Tolerate Us Living In Their House.
Assistant To My Cat
Attack Cat
Cat And Mouse
Cats Are Always On The Wrong Side Of Every Door
Cats Are Children With Fur
Cats Are Like Potato Chips…You Can’t Have Just One
Cats Leave Paw Prints On Your Heart
Cats Rule And Dogs Drool
Cats Understand The Importance Of A Nap

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Love Me, Love My Cat
Meowy Christmas!
My Boyfriend Said It Was The Cat Or Him, Gee, I Miss Him Sometimes
My Cat Kneads Me
Pick Of The Litter
Purranoia: The Fear That The Cats Are Up To Something
Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat, Where Have You Been?
Raining Cats And Dogs
Sittin’ Pretty With My Kitty
The Cat In The Hat
The Cat’s Meow
The Cheshire Cat
The “Purr”fect Way To Spend The Day

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Your cat is an adorable little monster who deserves all the love you can give them. Just remem

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