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Did you know that focusing on a smaller screen for a longer period of time can really strain your eyes? You and I and all of us cannot get enough of our phones. Even before brushing our teeth and washing our faces, the first thing we require is check our phones for any updates and notifications. It’s almost like a ritual now. If you are at work and you are alone during your lunch, you do not need to look around for people and begin an awkward conversation. You can simply take your phone out of your pocket and begin scrolling through your social media accounts. And, before you could notice you are late for your work! Yes, time becomes empty when your focus is on your mobile devices. But what are you going to do when you do not have your mobile phone around you? Because, since we use our mobile devices all day everyday, we have begun to drain out battery within the first few hours. And many times, we do not have access to our chargers let alone a power source. When that happens, you might think its time to go back to the stone ages and live with mobile phones, internet and most importantly, your Instagram account! Well, there is no moving backwards now though. Because you can avail Instagram on PC too! Yes, you can stay in touch with your Instagram account- whether you want to simply scroll through it or stalk your favorite Instagram accounts through your PC and we will guide you on how to execute that here!

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Instagram is a popular social media application used worldwide now. Instagram was established back in 2010 as a private social media application. However, since it started with only 12 employees managing the plethora of accounts, Instagram founders called in Facebook Inc. In 2012 then, Facebook Inc., became they official owner of Instagram. Since then, Instagram has reached the sky and is looking forward to reaching the moon soon! Because Instagram has become popular around the globe. Each day, Instagram receives new users from different countries in the world. Whereas, old Instagram users make new additional accounts for various purposes. So, what does Instagram has to offer that has made is the land of magic? Instagram is the face of new technology. Because Instagram does not go about normal ways of expressing yourself, what you like, what you do not like, who you aspire to be, your beliefs and your agendas. Instead, Instagram offers its users tstory on instagram o express themselves with their media posts. You can upload endless amount and themes of pictures and videos. Instagram does not include the option of adding friends either. Rather, Instagram offers followers and following.These are the people who would like to receive and view content from you and similarly, when you are in someone’s following, you wish to receive content from them. You can like, repost, share, comment and upload new posts each day. You can set your profile pictures, you can send out instant messages now (Yes, new update!), and now you can upload Instagram stories. Basically, with Instagram you can do everything fun under one spot!

But, sometimes, you cannot access Instagram accounts on your mobile even though a large number of Instagram users mostly access Instagram mobile application. There can be various reasons as to why your access to Instagram on mobile is denied:

  • Your phone’s battery died
  • Your phone has become corrupted.
  • Your phone is slow.
  • Your phone was lost
  • Your phone is away.
  • Your phone was taken by your parents/teachers
  • Your phone has lost active internet connection and so on.

Well, it’s not just a problem that might make you wish you could use Instagram on PC. Who would not like to view their Instagram profile, posts and comments on  a larger screen? Sometimes, on smaller screens you can miss out important details. And then, these details are noticed by your followers and they can become a reason for your social embarrassment. This is why, viewing your posts on a larger screen saves you. Other times, you just might be tired of using your Instagram account on your mobile. And so, you can now experience the best of Instagram on PC!

The first technique that allows you to access Instagram on PC is using Instagram web. All you need for this technique is turn on your device first. Whether are using a Macbook or a Windows PC, you just have to turn on your device and open your browser. Instagram can be accessed on any web browser out there. There no restrictions when it comes to accessing your Instagram on PC! When your browser opens, in the search bar you will simply type and hit the enter key from your keyboard. This will open Instagram in your browser. Now all you need to do is log in to your Instagram account and your access will be accepted. Just enter your username and password and that’s it! But, if you do not have an Instagram account it’s time you sign up. All you are required to provide is your email address, number, password, a new username and answer a few of the security questions!

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While you can do a lot when you access Instagram on PC with Instagram web, you do have some limits that you cannot cross. You can view your posts, your news feed and like posts. You can read the comments as well. However, you cannot send out instant messages, upload a story, post pictures and videos or type comments. The Instagram web is strictly limited to viewing your account only. But, what if you have pictures and videos in your PC that you wish to post on Instagram? Well, we might have another way up our sleeves that can help you unlock all of your Instagram’s features!

In order to access the full version of Instagram (Yes, that includes each and every feature and update Instagram offers!) you will be required to download “Andy application”. This is an Android Emulator that can easily be downloaded if you have a Windows PC. But, it does require a Google Play store account in order to download any Android based application in your PC.

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Downloading Andy is an easy task. All you need to go is open your PC’s browser and in the search or the URL bar, you will look for Android Emulator. Remember, this Emulator is something that you might get addicted to. Because with Android Emulator, you do not just get to add Instagram on PC, but any other application available on Google Play Store that you want!

When you open the website, you can download Andy from the top menu bar. All you have to do is click on “Download”. Otherwise, at the bottom of your screen, you will notice a green “Download” button. This is another way you can download the Andy application on your device. Once it is downloaded, you will double-click on the installation set up file. Simply agree with the terms and begin the installation process. It should not take long before the application is successfully installed. Once the application is installed you will get a notification and a short cut to Andy should be created on your PC.

Launch the application now to access Instagram after one last step. When you open Andy, at the bottom you will notice a circular button. This circle holds all your application together. When you click on it, you will be required to sign in to your Google play store account. You must provide the correct email address and password for this and hit enter! If you do not have a Google Play store account, you should sign up for one now. Otherwise you will be unable to access Instagram on PC.

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Once you instagram post with commentshave successfully logged into the Play store, you will locate the search bar. In this search bar, you will type “Instagram”. The first application that appears in the list with the original Instagram icon should be opened. When you open it, click on Install and accept the terms and conditions. Then, Instagram will begin installing on your PC and once it is installed, it will appear as if you are using Instagram on your mobile, only the screen will be bigger and better!

The best part about this technique is that you can use your PC’s camera to take pictures; front and rear photo shoots! You can also record videos, type comments, like posts, delete posts, send instant messages and upload Instagram stories. With your Instagram posts, you can add as many hashtag captions as you like. Because with your PC’s keypad, you can type faster and you have more space you can occupy. If you have any pictures or videos saved up in your PC, you can simply select and upload them. You will basically combine the best features of Instagram and a PC together.

Do not think too much of it. Android Emulator is a trusted application and will not cause any errors on your PC. Enjoy your Instagram now and open more possibilities!

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