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The tantalizing, the provocative, the allurement to many a millions, 800 to be specific; Instagram is the world’s third largest social networking site after Facebook and YouTube. Where peoples of the world all jolt together; and share their camera captured ‘moments’ to tell their tales in their own ‘frenzy’ ways.

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In all dimensions of social networking ‘Re-posting’ or sharing other’s stuff is a salient feature and is done with great ease. For example, on Facebook we can easily share by (pressing/clicking) on the ‘share’ icon. Similarly, for twitter, an option of Retweet is ever so easy. However, for Instagram such option of ‘reposting’ is a little remote and for many ‘instagramers’. It is a nuisance that they just cannot simply directly have the privilege to ‘repost’ like they could on Facebook or twitter. That being said it does not mean that it is not possible.

With Instagram Repost Apps share your photos on Instagram easily!

Here are the most efficient and effective ways through which you can repost any post over Instagram; just as easily as you would over other Social Networking sites. For rather less captivating and enthralling means of sharing other’s post on Instagram; there are a few less coherent ways of doing it. And those are that you can share some one’s post by the help of Facebook, Messenger or even for that matter message that same content to your person/s of interest on Instagram. However the most intact, compelling and authentic reposting is done by the use of ‘Instagram Reposting Apps; which makes ‘reposting’ possible only in seconds to the greatest effect.

Instagram Repos Apps will make Instagram easy to use!

No matter what the matter of concern today is, we almost have an app for everything we deem. And it wouldn’t have been long till there were apps who would have filled this void of ‘how to repost on Instagram’ not only solve the problem but in the most easy and instant way aswell, namely some of these apps are:

Instarepost is one of the best Instagram Reposting Apps!

After you have downloaded and installed the App, simply Launch your Instagram maneuver to the post which you would like to repost and choose the three dots on top right of the post from here choose the option ‘copy share URL’. Instarepost will automatically detect the URL you just chose and will then serve it to you for the purpose of Reposting.


Another good Instagram Repost Apps include ‘Repost and Save for Instagram’

The app is for IOS users only and is very rightly is a paid App and not available for Android users. It provides the option of saving others post and sharing them aswell. However, no one uses it as much because in its ‘cut-throat’ competition. The app does not offer as many options as other FREE Instagram Repost Apps would and whats worse is that to increase functionality of the App. You must pay excessive for additional features.

Some pictorial View of the offerings of ‘Repost and save for instagram’

Repost and save for instagram

Repost for Instagram – Regrann (IOS & Android)

Another wonderful and amazing app is Regrann on the list of Instagram Repost Apps. It is said to be great for the IOS handlers. But not so comforting for Android users as various Problems have been reported over Android. This app usage is quite reflective to the mentioned above, download and install, login into Instagram. And from three dots appearing below the comments press and select Copy share URL. Regrann will automatically generate and make available to you the post which you want to ‘Repost’.

Repost for Instagram – Regrann

Repostly for both (Android and IOS)

Repostly is a fairly good App for both Android and IOS. It works in the same way as above mentioned but some exquisite features here for this App. While it lets you repost the picture, original source still remains intact whereby the post truly originated from. And thus making it fairly legal in terms of copyright issues and etc.

Moreover, it has the ability to have your own customizations over the content that you want to reshare and repost that is editing of font shape and size. You can also use the reposition feature i.e. crop the picture, change the hue and color effects as per the given default set of colors by ‘Repostly’. And a huge library to choose fun intended fonts and colors therefore is present in this app allowing the user to be as detailed as they want to be while sharing other’s post. They must not forget the title still is in login to the original publisher of the post.


Iconosquare is also an amazing Instagram Reposting Apps.

For those who use iconosquare which was previously known as ‘statigram’ as their web client to use instagram over a PC or a Web browser then for the purpose of reposting select the picture or content that you would like to repost, click on the content and choose the ‘repost’ option just underneath the photo, by clicking this you will enter a preview screen where you can choose the ‘send me by email’ after this you will have received the email by iconosquare/statigram save that to you phone’s library from where you can upload it to reshare through your own instagram account. Important it is know that  the name of the original publisher/poster will still be in view if the picture therefore ethically you must in courtesy mention them. This is not a steadfast way of resharing and reposting as mentioned in above headings but it does the job whatsoever.

Reposting through Websta

Websta is quite similar to the Statigram and is used as a Web client service. The reposting is done in the same exact way as it is done through iconosquare/statigram. The purpose of mentioning these two separately is merely because of the choice of the users who independently use Iconosquare or Websta for that matter.

Repost for Instagram- Red Cactus LLC (IOS & Android)

One of app that includes the list of Instagram Repost Apps is Red Cactus LLC. This App has been quite favorite to many Instgrammers; because the Ads do not interrupt the User while they are on the hinge of reposting. Which we all agree is a big ‘deal breaker’ when Ads pop out right in the middle of something. Secondly this App does like the other Apps does not burden you with the weight of logging into it separately.

It just works in synchronization to the already logged in account up from the Instagram App. And does not have the labeled ‘watermark’ as all the other apps have it. So therefore the picture/ post remains in the original condition, not glooming with signature marks of the App. The process of reposting however is quite similar to the Instarepost ways of reposting which are mentioned above in the article. Instarepost lacks in an IOS version for the app whereas Red Cactus LLC promptly provides the delight to the IOS users aswell.

Repost for Instagram- Red Cactus LLC

Following are some of the traditional ways to repost on Instagram!

These above mentioned Instagram Reposting Apps arguably are the best mediums whereby an instagrammer can have the privilege to repost other’s stuff in an optimal way. The other nominal ways which are well known by every instagrammer through which reposting could be done are:

  1. Taking screen shots i.e. you see a post from another. Take a screen shot and upload it through your own Instagram ID.

repost on Instagram

  1. For Reposting over other sites ‘copy and paste’ the post URL to the Social Site you desire mostly like Facebook.

  1. If you want to share your or any other’s Instagram post to your individual website or to any other source; the option of using the ‘Embed code’ is there for you. Click on the three dot icon and choose ‘Embed’ and then the rest is the usual of ‘copy & paste’

Embed code

  1. The fourth Method is again by the use of an App ‘DownloadGram’. Idoes not really corresponds to the true function of Reposting; rather the true essence of the App is it that it lets you download High Resolution content from Instagram. The process involves the typical of copying the URL of desired post; and then Pasting it in the downloaded ‘DownloadGram’ app. And thus the App downloads the content in your phone’s library. However, after this is over a user may very conveniently upload the downloaded content from their own ‘Insta ID’. Thus enabling the concept of Reposting.


Without a shadow of a doubt, Instagram for millions is a source of bliss and a sigh of utter happiness. No other medium before instagram had made possible the social interaction of such a differentiated way of communicating worldwide. Through captured pictures and videos at such a large level; it is said to be that in 2017, still about a ten percent growth is expected among the huge mass of instagrammers.

Never feel any problem at all while reposting on Instagram!

For all the users now reposting and resharing Instagram content is not a problem anymore. All these Apps and all other little hacks make it rather easy for users to repost without any sweat. For social networking sites, an informal ‘Dogma’ exists which states that every activity must be convenient to the words’ greatest extents of which the prime example is set by Facebook.

Instagram Reposting Apps are a serious competition for Instagram!

Although Instagram is a sister company to Facebook; but still it lacks in the ‘convenience’ of officially offering the option to repost right there and then; which might induce a great bit of comfort for the users as they always intentionally or unintentionally desire it. The Instagram Repost Apps mentioned above are probably as good as it would have been if Instagram had offered the facility. Even within these Apps there is a fair bit of competition; and they are constantly improving in their interface and features offering. Use the Instagram Repost Apps and feel Relaxed. Happy Reposting Everyone!.

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