How To Use Instagram Stories and Make it More Fun?

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Have you all heard of Snapchat? Yes, Snapchat is the new go-to application that has millions of users to this date. This application allows you to take pictures and videos of yourself or others (Being creative and humorous is the key!) and send them out to your friends. Snapchat was one of the rare applications to announce Snapchat stories. Before you could notice, users began uploading their stories for public viewership and this new feature hit the sky in seconds! Since then, many other applications have also announced a new update. One of these applications is Instagram. Yes, you can upload your stories directly on Instagram and allow your followers to see what you have been up to. Many times it can be difficult to switch from application to application just to communicate with the people you know. They cache begins to take up a lot of your space and it becomes hard to use a slow functioning phone. In such cases, you might just wish to have everything you want under one roof. And so Instagram heard your prayers and updates its features. Say, you are popular on Instagram and you are checking your latest comments. At the same time, you receive a Snapchat story update by your friends and you shift to Snapchat to view it. They are having a nice time at a local concert during their summer break. After you view their fun Snapchat story, you move back to Instagram to view the comments on your latest Instagram post. But, by now you have lost track of where you were. That could really be frustrating for someone who needs to do two things at two places but during the same time frame! So, if you are unfamiliar with how to function the Instagram stories update, we will be your guide!

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Instagram is a media sharing application that was launched officially in 2010. Almost 8 years ago now, Instagram began functioning under a small team of 12 employees only. However, the founders of Instagram wished to make their new platform big. And so when Facebook Inc., bought Instagram shares in 2012, Instagram hit the sky in no time. Today, Instagram has millions and millions of users joining this social media platform each day. Instagram allows users to try out a unique way of using social media for their means. Instagram includes uploading pictures and videos instead of typing statuses and sharing how you feel or what you have been up to. Many Instagram accounts have a team. Some account holders like to showcase their travel experiences while other likes to blog about their makeup preferences and style. Instagram allows bloggers to reach a fan base they have always wished for. Many famous celebrities can be followed on Instagram each day and it helps you to get to know them better! While Instagram previously did not have an instant messaging feature available, it has recently updated and launched the feature for Instagram account holders. Since Instagram is on the verge of taking itself to the next level, Instagram also launched Instagram stories. These stories last only for about 24 hours of your days. They can include pictures or a small fraction of your videography skills; or it can be a combination of both.

Instagram stories are then deleted after they reach their limited time frame. However, these stories come with a lot of features. If you want to use Instagram poll that basically allows you to ask a question from your followers with two options to choose from. Then, your followers can vote the suitable option and you can view the amount of votes and who voted for which option! Similarly, you can check who viewed your Instagram story from your followers. But before we get to explain how you can avail these stories, its best to know the various purposes that Instagram stories can fulfill.

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Instagram stories are perfect for a sneak peak. Many Instgram users also have great things happening in their personal life. They might be shooting a video or modelling for a latest collection of a well-known brand. They could be packing up to travel somewhere for their summers. They could also be getting ready to attend the latest local musical! Whatever you are up to, it is always advisable to use the Instagram stories feature and build up the hype!

Instagram stories are also perfect for revealing a new product, especially if you are a business owner yourself or you are responsible for marketing a product. For example, say you received a box of new Tarte ShapeTape foundations in your PR. If not, you bought yourself some of this new exciting product to swatch. you can simply record a maximum of 10 seconds video and get your Instagram followers excited about it! If you make your own DIY makeup products and you have recently launched this product to public, Instagram stories is what you should be using to start getting pre-orders already.

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Similarly, you can use the Instagram polls that are exclusively available with Instagram stories only. Say, you are at a shop and you have to purchase a birthday cake for your mother. You get confused between the two options you have picked. Well, its time to pull in your Instagram followers and get some votes going. Simply upload an appropriate picture to your Instagram story with a pole sticker and you will soon be going home with the best of the two cakes with you!

The above mentioned reasons for using Instagram stories are just one percent of the possibilities and the lengths you can go with Instagram stories. Regardless, its time to teach you how to use Instagram stories at your disposal!

Instagram will first require for you to log in to your account. Once you successfully do that, on your home screen, you will notice a plus symbol at the top left corner. Underneath it you will be able to view plenty of circular thumbnails by the people you are following. Those are their stories. You can simply tap on them and view them! But the focus here is on uploading your own Instagram stories.

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Once you click on the plus symbol, you will shift to your camera screen immediately. Here you have the option of using the front or the rear camera. Or if you want, you can use both alternatively! Simply take a picture or record a story by tapping a white circular button that you will find at the bottom of the screen. If you keep holding it, you will record a video. Take your finger off when you want to stop recording the video.

If you do not want to make any alternations your Instagram story, you can upload it as it is. All you have to do is click on the circular button in the middle with a check sign. But we do not want to recommend being a plain Jane. Add some fun and attractiveness to your stories with captions, stickers, filters and what not!

What do you need to do for some extra sparkle before uploading your Instagram stories then?

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  • In order to add text to your Instagram story, you will locate a “Aa” button at the top right corner of your screen after capturing your potential story. Add any desirable text message you want and once then, you can change its position of appearance according to your liking. Simply pinch the text inward or outwards to resize it if you want! Next to the “Aa” button you will notice a marker icon. This icon allows you to change the color of your handwritten text and the nib of your pen! You can even doodle on your Instagram story with this!
  • If you wish to add filters to your Instagram stories, simply swipe right on your camera screen and find a filter you think looks best!
  • If you wish to save your Instagram story in your camera roll, its best to do so before uploading it. At the bottom you will notice a white downward arrow. This arrow suggests you can download your Instagram story. Just tap and you will be good to go!
  • If you want to save, delete (well, sometimes things look good when you are in the moment. Afterwards, they might just embarrass you!), share your story as a post or change your Instagram’s story settings, play your Instagram story for yourself. At the corner you will notice three dots. Just click on these dots to conduct any appropriate function from the given list!

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Instagram stories let you appear more active on Instagram. Many times, your posts might get buried under the mass of other Instagram posts. But, stories remain there to serve you right. Now that you know how to use Instagram stories, its time to practice and perfect your technique. After all, you can intrigue and capture the attention of your Instagram followers with these important Instagram stories!

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Instagram has come to help you out with your Instagram experience, so enjoy Instagram’s new update: The Instagram stories mode!

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