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IPAM Software caters to the needs of IP Address Management which is a crucial tool for monitoring IP Addresses registered on a given LAN connection. Ever since the IT world has gained advancement, there have been multiple sources through which IP addresses can be tracked to even accessing the allocation of the IP address to a specific place.

Many of these sources can cause issues especially when your network begins to expand on a larger scale and the IP addresses keep switching every now and then. Many of these issues erupt when one is using a tracking tool based on spreadsheet or old machines or static changes in IP, IP conflicts or problems with Bring your Own Device and other issues related to these.

To instantly tackle these issues, the immediate fix is to choose an appropriate IPAM Software Package which contains all sorts of data stored on various databases, notification systems, management tools and an effective tracking system. In this article we will give you a quick discussion on the Top Three IPAM Software Packages, all of which come with trial versions so that you can give it a good ponder before you invest your money in it.

Top Three IPAM Software in 2018

1.     SolarWinds IP Address Manager v4.6

SolarWinds’ IP Address Manager is basically the top of the list for Top IPAM Software Packages and it is the one which caters to all basic requirements such as auto IP monitoring through tracking subnets and IP tracking in addition to convenient configuration of DHCP/DNS for moving and recognizing a particular kind of traffic. Any central IPAM Software Tool must have these basic features before it can qualify to be able to be sold in the market however the SolarWinds IP Address Manager goes to the next level in addition to these basics.

This IPAM Software has the capability of assigning consents to other administrators that can perform effective management on more of a smaller scale for the network on an overall basis, giving you the control into delegation of tasks and sharing of responsibility without the need of accessing the whole IP range for every administrator separately. It scans and tracks the issues in IP to generate alerts, keeps memos on DNS issues and has an extended past report generation capability so that the admin gets an overall view of the past troubles and troubleshooting options that were applied.

For further details on Solarwinds IPAM Software, you can access the following official website:

For a Free 30 Day Trial, access the following download link:

2.     BlueCat IPAM Software

BlueCat’s IPAM Software is dedicated to catering issues on networks operating on enterprise level with multiple systems operating simultaneously on it which also should have the capability to set the DNS or IP settings every now and then according to the requirements without creating any further significant issues.

The software shows extreme flexibility in terms of delegation and when it comes to assigning consents to various segments of a network to share the control delegation as well as maintaining it effectively. It also lets users share certain aspects of a network rather than giving whole access to other network administrators. It has the a ability to lock specific tools from any group ensuring that no one should be toggling into the network components that are off limits.

Cost of BlueCat IPAM Software: The license of evaluation can be accessed directly and then the standard license would cost around $14,000.

3.     BT Diamond IP

BT’s Diamond IPAM Software is more of a robust piece of tool with a wide range of options providing flexibility to administrators. Many network experts want to adopt a minimalist approach to only use the basic tool for tracking and monitoring which of course anyone would be looking for from an IPAM Software however the Global Services provide an extreme potential for growth with their BT Diamond IPAM Software. They are also providing staffed management and compatibility for a network to get some tasks off one’s back especially if you have a set up on a larger scale that justifies the requirement and the cost you paid for it.

Cost of BT Diamond IPAM Software: There is no trial version. You must contact the company for price details.

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