A Complete Guide to iPhone Funny Shots!

So the Funny Shots aren’t the shots that we are generally familiar with, the kind where there is a hint of tequila or the shots of mint margarita. These Funny Shots are the ones who are obsessed with selfies or as the term is common these days suffer from “Selfie Syndrome”. Whether it is the teens these days, adults, old age people or kids, we are all victims of front cameras of our phones!

Shots have surpassed the concept of headshot and recently they have taken a route as a go to social networking tool for multiple apps and for vlogging which is an up and running media marketing business these days. If this is something you wish to opt for then stick around a little longer and begin using Funny Shots on iPhone and Android.

How to access the Funny Shots?

Funny Shots can be used without any charges on both Apple and Android. People who use smart watches will also be able to access all data using their Apple Watch. You can download this app from the respective play stores of the two operating systems and get started by creating an account.

How to create an account for Funny Shots?

Just like with other apps that need an account registration there are multiple ways you can adopt to create a Funny Shots account from:

  • You can Register using your cell phone and then complete the verification via text code
  • You can also finish the registration from your phone and complete the confirmation of your account through an automated generated call
  • The last option you have will be to register through an email address

When you are done with the confirmation of your cell phone number or for your email ID registration, you can start using the fun stuff.

How to get started with the Funny Shots?

The welcome screen of Funny Shots that will greet you will be comprised of multiple videos with puppets putting on a quick tutorial guide for Funny Shots usage. If you wish to opt for the Cliffs Note version of Funny Shots then tap on the very first video given at the top of the app screen and it will automatically play the video providing you a quick tutorial of the various aspects of using Funny Shots. All these videos are short and beneficial when it comes to learning the art of using videos and photos or finding friends and updating your overall profile.

You can even post a phone or customize your profile, look at who has added you as a friend or who has removed you as a friend and also the configuration for alerts and notifications.

How to add friends to Funny Shots?

In order to add friends on Funny Shots, click on the button for Add Friend given in the center of the app’s main page and start searching for people in the search bar. When you tap the search button, the app will first begin searching in your contacts list and then will go through the Shots of other users who have set their profile as public. When your friends are added, you can chat with then personally, share videos or photos etc.

You will also be able to get connected with complete strangers through the Radar Settings in Funny Shots. If you switch on this option, the location of your phone will be shown to other users in your vicinity which essentially means that you will be able to get connected to people in your nearest area. However this isn’t a compulsion, you can only switch on the Radar if you wish to use it.

The Funny Shots app can also be linked with your cell phone number, Twitter, Instagram account etc and can fetch your friends from your social networking accounts as well.

Some cool things you can accomplish with Funny Shots

The Funny Shots app was launched as a selfie app only but now has come up with amazing tools and features which make it more fun. You can do all of the following with Funny Shots:

  • Get in connection with family and friends
  • Separately chat with people on your contacts
  • Post URL’s or links with people in the list
  • Post your selfies with people you have added
  • View funny videos uploaded by others
  • You can make videos in camcorder-style which would look like from a layout of 80s and 90s from the app’s Camcorder extension
  • Get in touch with renowned comedians

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