All that you need to know about iRig!

Are you someone who loves to play instruments especially the guitar? Or you are probably someone who loves music and wants to do more in this field by learning an instrument? Or you are someone who already knows the basics of playing the guitar but want to polish their skills further by practicing and trying new techniques? If you are any of these then you have ended up on the right page which will guide you all about iRig!

One method of to play your guitar continuously definitely has to be while in front of the television during the ad breaks however if all your guitar gear and instruments are in any other room this essentially means that you will have no sound or background music for your acoustic version. This can be very annoying and frustrating but the real question here is that what is the solution to this? The only answer to this is that you need to start using the iRig by the famous IK Multimedia and this article will guide you all about the iRig and its uses.

What is the iRig?

If you have not had the chance to experience the pre-release version of the iRig AmpliTube launched by the IK Multimedia then it is time that you go for it. iRig is essentially a tiny interface that is compatible with Apple products such as an iPad, iPhone or iPad and lets you get your guitar connected or in fact any other music instrument with your smart phone device that too directly.

Let’s look into some of the features of iRig

If you are looking forward to using the iRig and channelizing the music artist in you then you first must look into some of the features of iRig:

  • It lets you connect your guitar directly to your iPad or any other iDevice
  • It comes with a pre-amp which generates better tones than real
  • This comes equipped with a Free of cost AmpliTube software which has the amp simulation and also has two effects: the Delay and the Noise Filter
  • The distortion effect on the guitar is absolutely free but has to be registered for
  • Any other effects will cost you between $2.99 to $4.99

The iRig and AmpliTube as a combination make a Great Effects Processor

The iRig as we have mentioned earlier allows you get your guitar connected on to your iPad directly which can then be used as an amp simulator. You can even connect the output sound on to your headphones or the PA system or any external speaker or in fact your guitar amp itself.

What goes beside the iRig is the AmpliTube Software which is a free of cost app launched by the IK Multimedia and can easily be downloaded from the Apple App Store. This app will give various effects such as noise reduction, delay and distortion effects while there are other additional effects that you can buy within the app such as the chorus, phase or the wah even!  All of these additional effects can be purchased within a cost range of $2.99 to $4.99 which is in fact quite affordable rather than purchasing medals and the result would be that your iPad will get converted to a pedal board that has virtual effects.

However other than the effects option there is a lot more to the AmpliTube; it comes equipped with a tuner for the guitar, a recorder, a metronome along with the option for purchasing an 8-track recorder but the best tool here is its ability to get songs and tunes from the iTunes library which you can play along in the background and then you can make a copy of them on your 8-track. If you face any issues while getting a grip on any specific riff then you can further slow down the song and take time to learn with it as it deems fit.

There are many things to love about the iRig which begins with a specific sound. It has an adapter that gives you a good quality sound to the AmpliTube and you will not make any mistake on this distortion pedal which is embedded in this app with a real pedal and it will finish it with all the multi effects features available.  Given the price package the iRig is hard to bear for all those who wish to include multiple effects and amp up the sound without using any extra gear then this is an amazing deal.

AmpliTube’s Minor Interruptions Will definitely Not Slow You Down

If we could change one thing regarding the iRig it has to be the cord which only measures to be six inches in length which is a length that is too short and anyone who wishes to plug in their iDevice while it’s a bit far away from the adapter would wish to have a larger cord for the iRig.

AmpliTube has a bit of a different story and the sound that it generates is of great quality especially when you think about the fact that you are only spending a few bucks to get this effects pedal which otherwise would have been for $100 if you had gone to a special music store for it. However the package for the interface does not have the same perks and the many knobs which you will come across on the simulated amp and effects packages will not allow you to conveniently play with them and even though you will be able to inculcate any effect to any of the slots you will not be able to drag any effect from any single slot to the next one. However if you wish to add any noise reduction on the top of this order you will have to set up the whole configuration from the get go.

However if you see the bigger picture then all these interferences are very small especially the budget that has been set for them. The greatest issue here would of course be the quality of the sound however you would know by now that the iRig and AmpliTube only deliver the best.

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