Is it Useful to Take a Certificate for a Network Security Engineer?

Introduction to Network Security Engineers

Is it useful to take a certificate See this one for a network security engineer? Network engineering is a national strategic project in many countries, because network security issues are related to national security and social stability. Today, with the rapid development of network information technology, the process of globalization is accelerating, and the importance of network security is increasingly magnified.

Therefore, solving existing security problems has changed very urgent. Its importance is becoming more and more important with the accelerated pace of global informatization, and security issues need to be urgently resolved. From a micro perspective, network security is related to the development of a unit. In enterprises and institutions, whether it is scientific research data, financial data, or even human resources data, they all need to be processed through computer networks, especially the promotion of automated office. Lots of work in enterprises and institutions is inseparable from the network, but the network It is also inseparable from security support. Once a security problem occurs, the consequences are very serious. In network engineering, the application of security technology occupies a very important position.

As a result, network security engineers have become a hot career that has attracted much attention. When you have the basic qualities to become a network security engineer, your employment options will become very wide, you can choose to become a network security engineer, or you can choose to become a network security analyst, data recovery engineer, network architecture engineer, network integration engineer Engineers, cybersecurity programming engineers, and more.

What are the responsibilities of a cybersecurity engineer? The responsibilities of a cybersecurity engineer generally depend on his specific position and include the following:

1. In the development stage of software systems, networks and data centers, cooperate with other computer security personnel to implement company internal security measures.

2. Investigate the company’s software and hardware defects and security risks.

3. Identify the best way to protect the entire company’s IT infrastructure.

4. Build a firewall.

5. Constantly monitor the attack and intrusion of the company’s network.

6. When defects are found, eliminate loopholes in the network or system.

7. When necessary, identify intruders and notify law enforcement agencies.

Network security engineer certification Generally speaking, in order to become a qualified network security engineer, there is a premise that you have to prove that you have the ability to program and periodicize security policies, operating procedures, rules and regulations and security measures, and the ability to evaluate, improve and enhance, and be able to organize the establishment of the unit’s information security system.

How to prove it? This has to mention the necessity of network security engineer certification. From the perspective of the current recruitment and employment market, the network security engineer in our popular sense mainly refers to the certification of large enterprises such as Huawei and Cisco, and has obtained CCNP, CCIE, Engineers with HCIP, HCIE and other certificates. The certification system of these large enterprises has a scientific examination syllabus, and the programmers who have passed the certification have a solid theoretical foundation, especially the highest expert certification. They also need to pass the practical examination. It is very helpful for the future career development.

Therefore, whether it is for job hunting or for better development, in the career of a network security engineer, “certificate” is a must for you! New CCIE Lab Practice & Training in 2022 – Spotodumps

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