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Of course every Apple product especially iPhones come embedded with a special iOS keyboard that you can use for texting on iMessages, Whatsapp or any other social media apps however with the recent updates in iOS there is no need to use this keyboard only since iOS keyboards aren’t really the cup of tea for everyone. Considering this we are bringing you the Top Keyboard Apps for iOS which you can download to experience a new world of texting and messaging. To be honest messaging depends on one’s mood really and some people like to have complete freedom over what kind of keyboards they have in their iPhones.

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Now let’s dig into the Top Keyboard Apps for iOS which you can use for an exhilarating experience within the texting world.

1.     SWYPE

The Swype keyboard stands on top of the list for Keyboard Apps for iOS, the conclusion which comes from views and reviews of multiple users. When this app was launched for iPhone, everyone went after it immediately and it instantly became famous. The keyboard is highly precise and can be personalized and is one of those apps which you have to try yourself to know what the talk is all about.

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The app is built on an attractive theme range which you can choose from; Light, Dark, Sun, Earth or Sand. Apart from this there are other tools and features which you can activate to make your experience with this keyboard a bit more fun hence this is something you really want to have in your arsenal. The best part is that you only have to invest $0.99 for a great experience.

2.     GBOARD

The Gboard is one of those Keyboard Apps for iOS which is a product of Google itself. This keyboard also has the Google search engine option placed right at the top so anything that you want to search on Google can be found or searched for right within the keyboard. Furthermore, it has the options for including fun GIFs, emojis, and has the ability to type in Swype-style. Hence this keyboard is worth being given a shot.

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Once you use Gboard keyboard on iOS, it is difficult to get over it and is more addictive than the Swype Keyboard App. At least this is what we hear from customer feedback on Keyboard Apps for iOS. The best part about this app is that it can be accessed free of cost so you don’t really have to spend even a single penny to enjoy the perks of this app.


If you are someone who loves typography which essentially is the proclivity for using various kinds of fonts then you must download and use the Better Fonts keyboard. This keyboard has an interesting set of theme choices; Midnight, Gold Digger and Pink. Even though this app doesn’t have as much of options as Swype does but it is still a great tool to have on your iPhone.

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Even if you have all these apps on your iPhone you will still be able to use your regularly installed iPhone emojis in your messages which also has a couple of exciting fonts to choose from. However if you wish to use the Better Fonts App for iOS Keyboard in its best version then you must invest in its pro version which will cost you around $4.99. This is the premium version and is definitely worth the money which you will pay for.

That is about it folks. With all other Keyboard Apps for iOS that are accessible for iPhone, now you don’t have to end up with the bad ones because with this article you know which top three you must opt for. The other apps for keyboard that we search usually are filled with annoying ads and you have to earn coins in order to access some of the best features or your have to pay for a complete experience with their keyboards and hence are complicated to use to say the least. If you are searching for Keyboard Apps for iOS then the top three we have mentioned should be your go to tools.

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