Keyloggers Protection – Something to beware about!

Keep yourself and your device or computer protected for keyloggers, try adopting a few easy tips

Keylogger is a sort of surveillance software which has an inbuilt characteristic of recording each key stroke you do while logging in a file and is then kept in encrypted form mostly. No matter what kind of keylogging software it is, it is always an alarm for danger; it can keep logs of your activity on your device and can even keep a history of the open websites. Once the activity has been tracked, any opportunistic hacker can then hack in to your device.

Some keyloggers are so dangerous that they can recognize your pins and passwords to your bank accounts hence it is essential that you stay alert on all such softwares before you lose all of your money. Even if it isn’t your bank account in trouble, keyloggers give ample opportunities to the hackers for taking control over your device. In order to keep yourself and your device protected for keyloggers, try adopting a few easy tips listed for your below:

#1 Start using the Keyscrambler Apps

Keyscrambler is a highly useful app that keeps all your key strokes in an encrypted format. Since keyloggers keep a track of your keystrokes hence if the key strokes themselves are kept encrypted the keylogger will always get incorrect values for the key strokes. This way your personal data and computer files will be kept safe from all the hackers and attackers lurking around, waiting for an opportunity to jump on and take over your precious system.

#2 Make sure you are using a Good and Reliable Antivirus

If you are using a good and reliable antivirus, half of your headaches of theft vulnerability are now for the antivirus to deal with. A good antivirus will be able to scan for any keylogger that may have infected your device and will help you get rid of it immediately. So it is imperative that you use paid Antiviruses rather than going for the free versions because the latter one are as good as not having an antivirus at all. Investing in a reliable antivirus would save you from hell of trouble in future.

#3 Begin using an Antilogger Software

An Antilogger Software if installed on your device will be able to scan and identify any potential keylogger on your device after which you will be able to uninstall the Antilogger from your device completely. Although there are multiple Antilogger software that are available in the market but you must carefully select one as there are complex keyloggers that can skip pass the detection of an Antilogger. The highly recommended Antilogger software is the Zemana Antilogger which still tops the user reviews and ratings.

#4 Keep your webcam camera covered

Many keyloggers are developed for spying purposes and would be able to record your live footage through your inbuilt webcam. Hence it is wise that you keep your webcam device covered to strengthen your security against keyloggers. An inbuilt webcam can be covered by a colored tape or a band aid while the separate cam hardware can be covered using a cam cover.

#5 Keep the use of Public Networks to a minimum

When you are using a public network, you are multiple folds more prone to being attacked by a keylogger or any spy program lurking around for an opportunity to infect your device. These programs automatically install themselves on the internet router to gain access to the user that is using the public internet connection from the router. It is prudent to keep the use of public networks to a minimum as you are many times vulnerable to being attacked by a keylogger than on a private internet connection used in the safe vicinity of your home.

#6 Start using Sandboxie on your PC’s

Almost every type of keylogger is capable of changing your device’s settings which can turn out to be disastrous. Hence while you are using your PC you must install Sandboxie which is an app that has the ability to detect a dangerous keylogger changing your system’s settings and will delete it from your device and in turn will keep you protected from such infectious softwares.

#7 Make sure the Antispyware you are using is a reliable one!

On day to day browsing you get multiple potential attacks from spyware softwares which are basically another face of a keylogger and is equally harmful for your computer. Hence when you are purchasing spyware software, remember to read the user ratings and feedback to select the best one from the lot. Many spyware softwares are incapable of detecting complex keyloggers.

#8 Start using Multiple Antiviruses to scan your device

If you come across any program online that you have not installed on your computer then perform a quick online scan which would use multiple antivirus softwares to scan the files you are about to install and will tell you if the file has a green signal for being downloaded.

In order to strengthen your protective measures against keylogger attack you must adopt the above listed measures on your device and save yourself from theft, device hacks and other associated troubles. The keylogging tips if correctly followed will keep your device secure to an extent that you will not have to worry about your sensitive information.

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