Know the care and maintenance of vinyl decals to make your vehicles or walls look lively

You make vinyl decals with strong and long-lasting adhesive. They provide a great pathway to affordably and quickly spruce up a bland and blank wall in your abode. It could be in the bedroom, nurseries, or living rooms. You can apply decals to tumblers and water bottlers, and they make fantastic bridal showers and wedding gift options as well.

You use them for making pantry labels, helping in a professional organization of your kitchen cabinets. And how can you forget stickers and decals for your car window? There are endless possibilities. 

  • To install the decals, removal of air bubbles is an imperative. Take a credit card or vinyl squeegee to rub the decal firmly. 
  • Begin at the middle and work towards the edges. It ensures that you release all the air bubbles from beneath the application tape.
  • After cleaning the surface and separating the decal from the backing or contact paper, you can place it on the desired surface.

Importance of proper care

Appropriate decal care begins with the installation process. If the surface isn’t smooth and clean, the sticker won’t stick. Any dirt or debris on the surface can cause vinyl decals to develop bumps or spots that affect the alluring graphics.

  • To ensure proper cleaning of the surface, apply rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe down the application area. 
  • During the cleaning process, never use a window cleaner that has ammonia as it harms the adhesive, making it difficult for the product to stick properly. It reduces its longevity. 
  • After a thorough surface cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a flawless installation.

You can also restore color to the decals. With repeated and extensive usage, vinyl is bound to deplete and crumble, and develop dryness due to exposure to inclement weather and UV rays.

  • Regardless of the durability of plastic vinyl, it’s natural for its dyes to start deteriorating after a certain time.
  • The oils penetrate the vinyl to either seep out of the concerned plastic or volatize the material. 
  • Alongside the oil vaporization, the dyes start breaking down at multiple rates and times.

To care for your car decals, you need to rinse the vehicle, add proper soap, rinse it off, and dry the vehicle. 

The commercial nooks

If you want to sell vinyl decals, use a grid-based clear transfer tape. It makes it convenient for everybody to use the decal on a regular basis. When it has a grid, it ensures the capacity to line up the sticker and make it fully straight.

  • Clarification of whether you’re using permanent or removable vinyl is important. Your customer needs to know the properties of the vinyl before putting it on the car or wall.
  • It’s crucial to include the printable instructions. It’s a self-explanatory step. Sell the items in batches as it saves a lot of time. 
  • You can cut the entire vinyl set for your decals at one go. The next step is design weeding.

Apply the durable transfer tape to all the batches and package them.

Written by Faraz Butt


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