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Instagram Facts

There are so many social media applications out there. It does not matter which one was released first. Even those applications that come after and are inspired by an already existing social media application, the competition does occur. Often times, some applications lose their success rate while others take over. What is trending right now might not trend the next day, week, month, year or ever. However, some applications have already set their branches. Ups and downs do occur while financial crisis might break them apart as well, but some applications are just able to survive the fall. One of these applications is Instagram. What might have made this recent application so popular over the years? This application keeps on receiving more and more accounts everyday. The fame for Instagram makers just grows and their plans move forward. You could say that this is because of the many users it has. Still, maybe its because Instagram has always managed to keep itself up to date? Whatever the reason is, we are purely grateful for this application. In this article, we will be exploring many of the Instagram facts. Yes, we will tweak every bit of what Instagram is made of. So stay with us because you are about to get amazed with us!

Instagram has been around us for 8 years now. This application is now owned by Facebook, Inc. What attracts users about this application is its different interface and way of reaching out to people. This application allows users to let themselves be an open book, quite literally. How? Users on Instagram mainly share their pictures and videos through their smartphones, tablets, desktops and so on. If you are someone who loves snapping some pictures of yourself or the things around you, you will love this application. Instagram is not just your picture diary. This application helps you become world famous in no time. All you have to do is show some originality and creativity. Let yourself be you on Instagram and you are good to go. When you explore Instagram or read about the best Instagram accounts you will get to see it for yourself. This application has kept itself up to date. While users still do not have the option of adding friends (And they never should!), they have followers and following options. Whenever you visit a profile you can choose to follow them. Then on your news feed, you will receive relevant content from them. While that feature has always been there, Instagram now has the option of uploading your stories that last for 24 hours of a day. You can also send messages to other Instagram account holders and turn your personal account into a business page. Well, we are sure that we have already sold Instagram to you (not literally, of course!). But, lets continue to the world of Instagram facts now!

Here comes your plethora of Instagram facts for the day!

We will specify here that we cannot count just how many Instagram facts exist. But we will be trying out best to grab your attention with the few facts of our own. With that being said, let’s begin the ride:

While we introduced Instagram, we did not reveal who the founders of Instagram were. Well your Instagram fact number one is, the name of the founders themselves! Instagram was established by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom back in 2010.

Instagram has a billion and more users. Guess how many photos and videos are uploaded each day on Instagram? Well, Instagram is one of the busiest applications out there. On average, Instagram users upload about 70 Million to 95 Million photos and videos! Just imagine all those picture posing and fingers tapping at once!

We mentioned how some applications had their ups and downs before. Well, Instagram had its own downs in the beginning and Facebook has been its rock! Because when Instagram started its operations, it only had 13 employees working day and night. Now that Facebook owns Instagram, we cannot begin to count how many employees work for Instagram. With this we will reveal another relevant fact. Facebook, Inc. bought Instagram back in 2012 for about $1 Billion!

Instagram is one of the most popular applications out there. Studies even back it up. The gods of Internet tell us that at least 70 percent of Instagram check their accounts once a day.

We have not mentioned this before but Instagram posts are posted differently. Of course the procedure of uploading the pictures and videos is the same. We mean with every Instagram post; you will see a lot of hashtags. These hashtags can easily go viral, depending on what they represent. With that in mind, about 83 percent of Instagram posts contain hashtags with them!

Instagram has an unofficial list of the worst accounts, scam accounts and then the most popular accounts. What makes an account popular? Well content is one thing but Instagram users make it the most popular account by following it. In that case, Selena Gomez has the most followers on Instagram. Yes, this Disney star turned singer, actress, director, model and producer has approximately 113 Million followers!

You might wonder, where in the world is Instagram used the most? Well, studies and statistics show that New York might be the city where most Instagram users live. Because New York City is the most popular Geo-Tagged city in the globe!

When you post a picture on Instagram, you can use the in-built free editor to make your pictures more appealing to your audience. Instagram provides you with various filters. Instead of going hardcore with Photoshop, you can just add these filters and you are good to go. Ever wonder which one of these filters is the most popular on Instagram? It’s the “No Filter” Filter!

Have you ever wondered how many times Instagram was installed in smartphones and tablets alone? Well statistics have revealed that Instagram was downloaded and installed for approximately one Billion times from Google play store. Just imagine how many times this application might have been installed from the Apple store then?

Ever since Internet was made available for every person around the world, it has millions and billions of users. Each day the statistics increase. You know how they say that a country might not have clean water to drink but it will have Internet and technology around? That is true. Sticking to the Instagram facts then, about 32 percent Internet users alone have Instagram account. Yes, you are guessing it right. It’s a lot of individuals from around the world! You might also find it intriguing that out of these 32 percent Internet users, 59 percent belong to the age group of 18 till 29!

In the very beginning, Instagram only had the option of posting pictures. However, as Instagram expanded it introduced the feature of uploading videos. Well, as expected, Instagram users went bullocks over that edition. Within the first 24 hours, about 5 Million videos were uploaded. Astonishing fact out of all Instagram facts, right?

Instagram users belong to various age groups, social classes, religions and nationalities. But when statistics broke down Instagram users according to gender, guess what they found? About 68 percent of Instagram users are known to be female!

You know how you attend important calls and text messages while you are driving? Well that is already harmful but here is another Instagram fact related to that topic. An interesting study found out that about 14 percent of the drivers in USA alone reported to have checked their Instagram account while driving. How crazy is this fact out of all the Instagram facts?

Which country in this world uses Instagram the most? Well we can tell you that about 77.6 Million Instagram users are based in United States of America alone!

You know how hackers and spammers just love getting their nose into other people’s business? Well back in August 2017, hackers leaked an approximate amount of 1000 contact details, pictures and personal messages of famous celebrities and stars on the dark web. That happened due to a bug in Instagram’s security system. Since then, the security has been tightened to make sure secrets remain secret and personal space is not jeopardized!

Instagram has various types of channels. You have a channel about collages, travel, beauty, science, movies, products, fashion and then you have food blogs. Guess the most Instagram blogged food? Well if you thought pizza, give yourself a high five! Yes, Pizza is the most popular Instagram food which is then following by Sushi!

Did you know you could use Instagram as a platform to run your own business? Well, even if you have a personal profile, you can sell products of your creativity because about 56 percent of Instagram accounts on average, make approximately $50,000 per year. And about 26 percent of Instagram users make above $75,000 a year!


With this we are going to stop our train of Instagram facts. We hope our list of Instagram facts was entertaining for you. If you are awed with Instagram, head on to your application store and download Instagram now. Signing up and getting started is the easiest task with Instagram. Good luck then!

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