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Trouble having Instagram Post Ideas? Here are some cool Instagram Post Ideas that can help you become a cool Instagram icon. And make your followers always stop at your name while scrolling down.

The popularity of social media continues to encircle the life of millions around the world. More and more platforms continue to emerge but only a few remain on top. Like Facebook and Twitter, it can be safely said that Instagram has become a social media phenomenon around the globe.

While connecting with friends and family without getting side tracked, you can spend quality time following what you like. Yet there comes one conundrum as what to post on Instagram yourself? While this always is a personal preference, sometimes it really gets confusing. When almost everything you can think of has already been posted by someone else.

Going with the flow is among the best Instagram post ideas!

You may always want to set yourself apart but sometimes it’s better to go with the flow. Look around and see what everyone else is doing? What is popular and trending? If you are at par with the events happening around and you post them, you can get some easy likes and following.

Whether it’s a local town event or a national holiday, there is always something going on. You might not know it but there is a day dedicated to everything. Every day is an occasion and you can make the most out of it by amplifying your Instagram.

People are very curious about what is going on and they want to stay updated with the trends. So next time you hear of something, think no more on Instagram post ideas. Take a photo and blend in!

Instagram Post Ideas

Among some quality Instagram Post Ideas is to post about your travels!

Everybody loves to travel and when they can’t, they like to see places through camera of others.

You never need to worry about Instagram Post Ideas while travelling. Posting photos and clips of places you visit is the most influential option; and gets you some serious likes and followers. Whether you own a DSLR, a go pro or a smartphone, it does not make a difference. You can post your photos through PC or smartphone and Instagram provides in-app filters to enhance the beauty of your travels. You can post selfies with popular spots in the background.

People take inspiration from your travels, so the next time you visit a destination, create a lot of hype by posting about it on Instagram.

Instagram Post Ideas

One of the leading Instagram Post Ideas is to tell people about your delectable food!

Dining out and thinking about posting something on Instagram? Voila! You have it in front of you. The one thing that you can boast about the most is what you eat. Now this is something that you see others doing the most too. Well, that is because this is something with guaranteed likes. Posting photos of delicious food tingles the taste buds of everyone. If you are a foodie and continuously post about food on Instagram, it can get you a massive following as you bring out new things with constant reviews on the items to eat and where to get them the best.

But that does not limit you to only when you eat outside. Make something at home yourself, just serve it nice, take out your phone and post it on Instagram. Your day is settled!

The best pose is not to pose!

Self-love is important and people love to take selfies and post them on social media. While taking and posting selfies makes you happy, it is also not a good idea to do it, say 10 times in a row. Also, if you have constantly posted on the ideas above and are confused about what to post next on Instagram then it is a good time to try something different. One of the best Instagram post ideas is to take candid shot of you from your everyday routine. You can also do this via selfies in some scenarios. The example of which are, but not limited to, taking shots while driving, walking, or practically anything you do during the day.

The beauty of a candid shot is that you can accompany them with a thick quote and make it look good, so next time you are tight on Instagram post ideas, take a candid shot, post on Instagram and get instant likes.

Instagram Post Ideas

Instagram post ideas are all about Memes!

Who doesn’t like funny stuff? When someone unlocks their phone to browse through social media, it is intended to relax and smile, even just for a short while outside the worrisome daily life and hectic routine.
Memes are a source of well-tailored fun and is something cool to post regularly on Instagram and maximize your likes and fan following. It also makes you look a properly balanced personality on social media. If you post about every other thing on your Instagram and leave out the funny stuff, it might give your impression out as dry and humorless.

So next time you see a funny meme and laugh on it, don’t just keep it to yourself. Share it with others!

Instagram Post Ideas

Cross platform sharing is a one of the best Instagram post Ideas!

Social media has been proven to be useful for many things and being an excellent marketing and business platform is one of them. From legendary brands to small startups, every business has benefitted extensively from social media.

Instagram allows users to share posts to different social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and more. This saves user the hassle of posting something individually on all the social media platforms which can be time consuming and tiresome. You just have to design a post once, post it on Instagram and then share it on different platforms.

This is something particularly helpful if you run a page or a business and want all your platforms to grow together.

Instagram Post Ideas

Before looking for more Instagram Post Ideas post a video first!

Now do not just limit yourself to pictures that you post on Instagram. It is a perfect place to share clips from your important occasions, whether it is from a birthday party, movie scene or from an adventure you did. Videos always appear to be more interactive and engaging than photos to the viewers.

Instagram allows users to post concise video clips of 60 seconds length. The video length may seem short but it guarantees more views than other social media platforms. While you can post longer videos on Facebook, people tend to skip longer videos altogether or after watching first minute or so. Instagram keeps it short and you can expect public to watch the video you post on Instagram because it is only takes 60 seconds anyway.

Among the most successful Instagram post ideas is creating quizzes and free giveaways!

Who does not like free stuff? This suggestion here, is something that is guaranteed public engagement. If you make a quiz and post on Instagram with a free giveaway to the winner, expect your Instagram account to be clogged with notifications. Although you need to make sure that the giveaway is worth the effort to keep the interest of the participants. However, you need to make sure that only a certain number of people enters the quiz so that it is easier to handle. Alternatively, you can giveaway free things to a random user in comments to celebrate upon reaching a certain number of followers. This can increase the popularity of a user. Businesses can expect an increase in sales through such engagements. So if you are running a page or a business and can afford a free giveaway, do not think twice to do so, once in a while.

Instagram Post Ideas

Showing off your pets is another cool Instagram post idea!

You will hear many people saying: “I like animas but only at zoos”. If you are not one of them, then it’s an opportunity to show off your pets. If you have a cat, dog or a chicken, just take a photo or a clip and then post on Instagram.

While some people may not like pets, many like cute animals; and if they cannot keep one themselves, they would love to see yours. Don’t be afraid to share a photo of your cute kitten or a clip of your puppy chasing its tail on Instagram. It not only gets you likes on your Instagram account; but also radiates positivity from you as an animal loving personality.

Instagram Post Ideas

Going down the memory lane is the foremost Instagram post idea!

Have you gone abroad? Or are you missing the good old days? Making a post on Instagram from something out of the timeline is the best thing to do to bring friends and family together. Finding a memorable photo from your 16th birthday or a camping trip with your favourite people and posting it on Instagram is bound to get you engagement.

You can also share a clip from your favourite movie that you watched with your friends a while back.

They might not say it out loud but you become the favourite one among your circle; if you are usually the first to share the memories from the good old days once in a while. But be careful not to post too many memories frequently. This trick only has the charm when done seldom.

Instagram Post Ideas

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