Love Snapchat? Let’s see what other apps are similar to Snapchat!

Inevitably Snapchat is an addictive app that was launched with a creative concept of real time 24 hour diminishing stories and pictures that can be made much more fun with exciting face filters. This idea was so new and unique that many other social networking apps took inspiration from it and introduced their version of temporary stories so that people can have a similar experience like that of Snapchat. This article will inform you about all those apps that indeed took their inspiration from Snapchat and are now in common use.

Apps that took inspiration from Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that is a creative amalgamation of multiple features and the following apps may not exactly fit into your image of “Snapchat Alternatives”, it means that if you are searching for an app that has custom face filters and features that change your face then you must try using other apps like “Face Swap live pro” and if you wish to avail the feature of auto deletion of snaps after 34 hours then use the app “Dust”.

However below listed apps are those who took inspiration from the snap story feature of Snapchat and introduced it as a part of their website for more fun and excitement.

1.     Your very famous hashtag “Instagram”

Instagram which now the ownership of Facebook is a highly renowned app for social networking based on the concept of photo sharing. It has millions of users every month and you can almost search for anyone on Instagram. Some time ago Instagram also introduced a feature of temporary Stories like that on Snapchat.

Now with a user amount so huge, Instagram stories instantly gained popularity and just like Snapchat its stories are also self deleted after 24 hours and also introduced its famous video type of “Boomerang”. In addition to this Instagram lets you stream live anything you are performing to show it to your followers.

Direct message tool can also be found on Instagram and now with its self destructive story feature it is a good alternative for Snapchat networking.

2.     The interactively fast “Facebook Messenger”

Facebook messenger is not exactly a picture perfect alternative of Snapchat however with its recent versions, Facebook also introduced the self deleting stories tool quite similar to Snapchat to its Messenger. Although it is seen that a lot of users don’t really use this feature but it still is there in case you don’t want to use Snapchat.

One of the top perks of Facebook messenger is that Facebook has the most number of users in all the social networks and you can always search for anyone on Facebook. While now with the new feature of Facebook stories, you can interact closely with all your friends.

Having said all that the Messenger stories tool is not used by a lot of people but it does have the ability to gain popularity if marketed further.

3.     Everyone’s go to- The “Whatsapp”

Another famous app running under the acquisition of Facebook is the everyone’s go to instant messenger Whatsapp. Whatsapp although never has any plans of becoming an alternative to Snapchat but it definitely looks like Facebook has claimed the Snap story tool and has introduced it in all of its apps.

Whatsapp has made a huge discussion going in the online world with its end-to-end encryption and has now surfaced as a permanent alternative to SMS for Android or iMessage for iPhone. You can even create group chats, see the read receipts and the most fun part is that all features and tools are absolutely free.

One can always wonder why would Facebook purchase Whatsapp for $19 billion and then give the service free for life because there is nothing free ever.

The tool of temporary stories on Whatsapp has many similar features like that of quite a lot of Snapchat. The stories delete themselves and you can layer it with custom filters just like you do on Snapchat.

4.     The little less glamorous “Wickr”

If you are searching for a good alternative to Snapchat due to its self deleting feature then Wickr can prove to be a good option. Snapchat although has many glamorous tools than Wickr but it has that edge when it comes to features for security.

You can get in touch with your friends in a private conversation and you can create groups as well on Wickr. The core tool of Wickr is your control over the expiry and protection of your personal messages.

You can also select who can open your message and select for what time your messages will be available. You can share images, videos and other media as a standard feature of Wickr just like on other apps and it even has an end-to-end encryption which is not famous in many.

5.     The Snapchat clone, “ClipChat”

The very first thought that pops in your head when you see ClipChat is literally that this is a clone of Snapchat however there are significant differences between ClipChat and Snapchat. The only way you can get in touch with your friends on ClipChat is through video sharing. This although can make the diversified experience very narrow however it makes the experience definitely more vivid as claimed by ClipChat itself.

The main advantage of using ClipChat instead of any other messaging app is that you don’t have to waste energy in typing messages, it is a good alternative for Snapchat but it is seen that people are reluctant in switching to ClipChat from Snapchat in the end to only limit themselves.

To keep this story in a nutshell it can be said rightly that there are multiple apps similar to Snapchat and there are number of reasons as to why you would want to switch from Snapchat however the collection for all exciting tools and their fusion is what makes Snapchat unique and it should never be forgotten that the idea of self destructive snap stories was brought forward by Snapchat.

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