What is Meme?

Confusion can sometimes be a good thing, research shows.

Internet is used by almost everyone now. The social media is probably also used by all the people who are using internet have access to it.

Social media is a platform where people share stuff they like. Be it pictures, videos or writings. Social media is a sort of recreation when it comes to the internet.

Just like the slag language and the acronyms that are the invention of the social media world. The Memes are also an invention of the social media users. This word is usually pronounced as “Meem”. This is the right pronunciation.

People who use social media are active and at times are very witty and filled with humor. These people have grip of the information that is trending and have a know how about what is going on abroad the world or the current issues.

What basically are Memes?

You must have seen some funny pictures or videos that are custom made and revolve around a current topic or a current situation. These videos or picture are so funny that they really make you laugh your guts out but also have an element of reality attached to it. These pictures and videos are memes.

They become so popular and are liked by people on social media so much so that they become viral within minutes of being posted. They then not only stay to a limited location but to all other countries too where the people are sharing it, you must be aware of the fact that social media has o borders. These pictures are then found all over the world.

These memes are made to add the element of humor to the dull and boring news. For you to find the meme funny, it must be relatable to you. The meme can only be relatable if you know to what it is made. I short u should know what is happening all around the world.

There are numerous occasions when I see multiple memes circulating all around the world, and I can find them funny. I go and check that current topic out and then I can laugh the meme off too!

This makes memes very useful as they are increasing the users interest in the current situates that are happening all around the world.

The major chunk of memes are shares and transferred by the generation x and baby boomer users. These are the most active users as they have the tendency and affection towards such things.

Who Invented Memes?

Richard Dawkins, was an evolutionary biologist and was the first person to use the word meme in 1976. The word meme comes from the Greek word that is mimema which also means “something imitated”. Dawkins explained the word memes as being some sort of a form of cultural propagation that is a way through which people transmit social memories and cultural ideas to each other on platforms on social media. A meme, due to its humor content is liked and spread by many people and the idea behind the meme will also travel from mind to mind.

How Memes Become Popular

The internet is active all the time, millions of people are using this every day. People use social media for different purpose and as mentioned earlier are witty. They want to create content and attract people to like and share their post. Many people are engaging in such activities. When a meme is made, the topic of the meme is such that many people can relate to and that is why the meme is shares multiple times ad becomes viral so quickly.

The memes that re made on current topics are very relatable and the aspect of humour makes them very relatable and liked.

Meme Generator

You can also make you own meme from scratch. This option lies with you. There are people who are specifically hired to create memes for organisations ad people.

To create a good meme one needs the help of a few softwares such as Photoshop, Gimp, adobe photo editor etc. You can also go to people who are specifically there for this purpose.

If you want a hack for the creation of memes so it becomes easy for you, you have an option to use tools that are available on the internet for making memes that will save you time and costs.

For doing this you will have to Google meme creation website. May are available on the internet. You can choose from there and create you own meme.

Choose Your Image to create memes

You can also choose to create your own memes, for doing this you first have to choose the image that you want to create a meme out of. After the mage selection, you have to think hardly upon the message you’re trying to send and transfer online. If you’re already familiar with memes and how they go about it, this won’t take you long. You must also have the idea how the memes are delivered ad what kind of humour can be added to the image so that it is liked by the audience ad shared as much as possible.

You now have to tap on the red button that says Caption an Image that is available in the top right corner of the screen. From there you can select your image from vast amount of thumbnails that are present. Creating a meme is very easy. It may look difficult but in reality it is very easy.

Written by Hina Akram

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