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When you have a favorite TV channel and cannot enjoy its Live Streaming because it is unavailable on your TV can be pretty frustrating and disappointing especially when you wish to catch up on the NBA Basketball final or FIFA Live World Cup and you don’t have a provider in your vicinity for their streaming.

Stream Live TV on Android


However the good news is that there is indeed a workaround that you can built in order to stream live TV on your smart cell phone. In this post we will be talking regarding the Mobdro Live TV app and the Mobdro Alternatives so that you can enjoy steaming live TV on your smart phone without missing out your favorite game.

What is Mobdro and how it works?

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Mobdro is basically a free app that you can easily install in your smart phone supporting Android operating system and will provide you numerous links which you can easily download and then install on your smart phones and also gives you many links for streaming Live TV channels. Apart from this, Mobdro also allows you to watch any film or TV show from their amazing library where you can search for anything you feel like watching and then enjoy your show with some scrumptious pizza.



Free version of Mobdro is available supported with advertisements however if you don’t wish to be bothered by ads then you can buy the app’s premium version for 2.99 Euro/year which is actually more affordable than your cable service.

Mobdro Alternatives

There are some apps that have the similar features as that to Mobdro however even among these Mobdro Alternatives; Mobdro itself stands out to be the first one for live TV streaming for Android. If for any purpose you cannot install Mobdro on your smart phone you must get in touch with the manufacturers or otherwise you can try out these Mobdro Alternatives.


1.     Live Net TV

The first app we are bringing you in the Mobdro Alternatives list is the Live Net TV. This app focuses on channels that are streamed in India and Pakistan however some American, British, Turkish and Arabic channels are also offered. The quality of streaming is quite decent and you can watch this content without straining your eye.

If you are in search for Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Persian or Turkish channels, then we would conclude that this app definitely wins the race with Mobdro and definitely has more channels than Mobdro itself. Another best feature of Live Net TV is that it also gives a version of its APK file which can operate on Amazon devices such as TV boxes and Fire Stick. This gives you flexibility and you don’t need to stay attached to your phone to constantly watch your show. You can complete its installation on to your TV and then sit back and relax to enjoy your show.

2.     Swift Stream

The next Mobdro Alternative on our list is the Swift Stream. This app is quiet similar to Live Net TV however differs in its channels however Swift Stream only has few American and British TV channels however if you love to watch Afghani, Hindi, Urdu or Turkish channels than you can go on with this app.

There isn’t any premium version for the Swift Stream app, and the free version comes equipped with those irritating apps. The streaming quality is smooth and you can enjoy an error free streaming of your TV Show. In order to be able to download the Swift Stream APK file, you must go to the official site because this app cannot be downloaded through the Google Play Store.

3.     Kodi: The Best Mobdro Alternative

Kodi is definitely the top Mobdro Alternative which you can use to serve your entertainment needs. Unlike the other apps, Kodi will operate on every Operating System including Mac, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS. It also works with Apple TV and even the Raspberry Pi. Kodi is essentially a platform which brings entertainment with a vast collection of add-on that can be installed and enjoyed. You can install as many add-ons as you want to in order to enjoy the high definition streaming of TV shows, films and TV channels.

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