How to do Mobile Photography?

There are many people who love doing photography but the only problem they face is buying expensive gadgets so they start doing it from the mobile phones they have. Once they start doing it from their mobile phones, there will be a lot of things you will start wondering of how you can make it better and better. For this reason, we summarized the entire topic in this article which will help you of how you can easily do good mobile photography.

Since shadows play a huge role when it comes to taking good pictures, make sure to remember that this will be the key in order to create a good image. For this thing, you will have to start noticing shadows made by the sun. The other key point that needs to be noticed is the reflective light that is created on the buildings. The time period after sunrise and before sunset is known as the golden hour when we talk about photography. The photographer will start noticing how the light is falling inside the room through a window. Different and unique moments can be captured in this particular time.


In order to play with light and various light sources, you will have to learn the art of how you can utilize low light into photography. If you have an ordinary smart phone, then this is something you really need to know about. In order to use it perfectly, it is important for you to start capitalizing different lighting conditions. In case you want to zoom in, try standing up and moving close to that object rather than simply zooming in because this will result in bad picture quality because ordinary mobile phones lack in this.

Make sure to keep your camera stable and avoid shaking it. This is suitable for people even having big cameras because this is a practice that everyone needs to follow or else it will result in blurred pictures or poor picture quality. In case you are capturing moving objects, make sure you use the burst mode for this reason. In order to get a wider frame, it is necessary for you to keep the camera horizontal instead of vertical. this is result in providing you with a wider frame.

In case you want to take clear proper images, you should start using a tripod and timer to help you avoid blurred pictures.

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With mobile photography, you can simply change your perspective in different ways. Angles matter a lot when we talk about photography no matter if you’re doing it from your mobile phone or a professional camera. Always remember they play the most important part. Your angles are the way you see things. In other words, it is considered as your own perspective.

  • Apps-tanding!
  • Close up portrait of a boy

Today, there are a number of applications that are used to serve the purpose of mobile photography. These applications play a huge role in helping you easily edit your work. Not only you can correct your lighting problems, but you can also add effects as well as improve other details related to your skin, etc. These applications will also help you sharpen your image or in adding different things you want to. All you have to do is find your favorite application, install it and you are good to go. Your previously captured images can also be corrected using these softwares.


The key to get a sharp and clear image is clear lens. In order to get a good clear shot, make sure you clean your lens properly. The clean lens of your mobile will help you have a better image quality while a dirty windshield will lack in this.

Quality and Quantity plays an important role.

Rule: Woman sitting in front of hat display

If this is the case, you don’t need to get afraid or think twice whether you should take another shot or not. Keep taking pictures until you get the best shot.

The most important factor here is that the more pictures you take, the more comfortable you will get with the environment and your model. The only thing that might stop your work will be your battery problems or your storage. Make sure your phone is charged full and you have ample storage too.


Another rule: So who’s the fairest?

A man is walking down in an escalator in a hallway that is dark.

The best reflections created in photography are by glasses and mirrors of even puddles of water. Smooth shiny surfaces also play good role when talking about reflections. If you want to experiment these in your images, all you have to do is look for surfaces that are reflective. Once you have found surfaces like these, all you have to do is start placing your subjects or objects in such angles that they have a direct comparison to the reflection. Interestingly, simple shades of light can also create great reflections.

Not to worry about because it is fun and you’ll find it really interesting.

Another rule: A tattooed man is standing in front of LA and holding a lizard in front of the banner.

Keyword: Have fun!

The last rule that we will discuss here is something that you should always stick to in case you are really fond of mobile photography. If out of all the things that I have mentioned above are not what you will follow, then always remember the keyword “Have Fun”. Always remembering photography is a fun activity and this is something you should do while enjoying it. If you love photography, start attending photo walks that is held by various other photographers. This will help you a lot in your learning process. You know you learn the best when you’re doing a project with a group of people.


Written by Hina Akram

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