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Have you recently purchased a brand new PC and want to test run various games on it to see how your PC handles the most demanding PC games? Or you may have purchased a new processing unit for your PC and wish to test run the most demanding PC Games to check its running capacity? Then you have landed on the right web page because we will talk about the Top 5 Most Demanding PC Games that you can use to test run your PC.

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It can be the other way too for instance you have a good CPU but not many devoted graphics and you wish to play the most demanding PC Games at the lowest frame setting of 30 fps. Hence each game that we will list in this article can be enjoyed on latest CPUs even if you don’t own any GPU but if you have GPU then you can enjoy these games at the maximum frame setting as well.

The Top 5 most demanding CPU Games

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Before we begin talking about these games let us clarify something which is that all the discussed games below are top notch in terms of quality, graphics, baseline story and overall game play. These games can easily be purchased from the PlayStation store or Steam.

1.     Resident Evil 7

If you are a fan of scary games such as the famous Horror game of all times which is the Resident Evil 7 than this can definitely be a quality addition to your collection. This game comprises of highly realistic graphics and for the very first time, a game can actually give you goose bumps because it is that legit scary!

Resident Evil 7

The baseline story of the Resident Evil 7 starts with assigning you the role of a normal guy who is searching for his lost wife in a dark, creepy mansion. To move ahead in the game you have to proceed by killing the nastiest of monsters, locating clues and some keys that will help you unlock levels in the game. The story of the game unfolds the events in a highly realistic manner and if you own a computer system with high power than you will enjoy one in a lifetime of experiences in the gaming world. This is definitely one of the most demanding CPU Games but you can enjoy this solely at the lowest settings if you don’t have a GPU.

2.     Hitman

The title of this game says it all, Hitman can be a very tough game to play and you will never be bored because in Hitman you eliminate people in more of  a cartoonish way and folks don’t get this the wrong way because this isn’t a critique rather a benefit because this is what makes Hitman very interesting.


In the course of this game, at time you may feel that your hand is being engaged too much but friends it is worth every joy that you gain while playing Hitman. You are acting as a Hitman who has to eliminate people in his/her way to progress ahead in the game and to get new missions for succeeding.


The reason for which we are adding Hitman in the list of most demanding CPU Games is because it is a heavy duty game. When you play this you will observe on average of 20fps at the lowest settings. If you don’t own a high duty GPU then sadly you cannot run this game on your PC.

3.     Tekken 7

If you love action related games which involves a lot of fighting then the Tekken 7 is that game which you must add to your collection. If you played any Tekken game before then Tekken 7 will feel quite familiar as it is also a 1 on 1 fighting game where you have to win over your competitor just like you would in a street fight.

Tekken 7

One of the coolest features of Tekken 7 is that you can enjoy playing this game even without a GPU. If you have a latest CPU with the feature of Intel HD 520 or any of the recent versions of GPU then you can enjoy playing this game at an average fps of 50. You must tone down the Settings before proceeding to the game play.

4.     Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

It feels like we don’t even need to give a grand intro to Call of Duty or any of its versions because this ever green game needs no introduction. The infinite warfare version gives a futuristic view of the world and the baseline of the game is that human race on planet Earth has move ahead for the colonization of other planets in our milky way and involves people from other planets who have begun an “Infinite Warfare” against the people on Earth.

Infinite Warfare against the people on Earth

The best tool of Call of duty infinite warfare is that you will be given a choice between multiple missions to select from even if you are enjoying the game in the single player mode but if you are a multi-player kind of person then you will definitely get the Call of Duty feel when you play the Infinite Warfare version.

5.     GTA 5

Once again like Call of Duty the GTA 5 is also one of those ever famous games that need no formal introduction and in fact the Grand Theft Auto is kind of a game with everything in one place. It involves racing to shooting people, GTA 5 combines all the famous genres.


Technical term used for such games is the “Open world” games where you can control what you do. There will be many missions popping up again and again but you don’t really have to complete them.  GTA 5 is counted in the list of most demanding CPU games and you can enjoy it even on any old GPU but if you are using CPU then it has to be a powerful one.  This game can be enjoyed on GTX 680 which is a GPU that was launched 5 years ago.

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