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NDS is the short form for Nintendo Dual Screen which is the most renowned gaming consoles that has ever been introduced by Nintendo. Many of us grew up playing the classics like Mario or Pokemon on Nintendo. If you wish to relive these memories then you can turn to the NDS4iOS for iOS devices without having to jailbreak. Before we move ahead let us tell you that the NDS4iOS Download can be a somewhat technical and you have to follow the guide as shown to you for this method to work.

NDS4iOS Download on iOS 9 / 10 / 11 without Jailbreak No Computer

  1. Get your Apple device in connection to your nearby internet access and then launch your Safari web browser.
  2. Press the button for download which will show a pop up window requiring your approval for the NDS4iOS Download on to your iOS 9, 10 or 11 iDevice. Simply hit Install.
  3. The moment you click “Install” you will need to revisit the Home Screen.
  4. You will then be looking at a ghost logo where you must enable the Airplane mode when the logo tells “Installing”. Here you need to be super quick for this to work.
  5. When you see that the NDS4iOS has been successfully installed on your Home Screen, turn OFF the airplane mode and connect the internet.
  6. Visit the section for Settings and then go to General and finally to the section for Profile and Device Management where you should trust the Developer Profile that reads “Fujian ohm Software Co., Ltd.”

You have now finished the NDS4iOS Download and its Installation on your iOS 9 10 and 11 without Jailbreak!

How to add games in NDS4iOS?

  1. Visit the App Store and complete the installation for the File Master app.
  2. When the File Manager has been installed, complete the downloading for the NDS game. We have also given a direct link for the website where NDS games can easily be downloaded. Link
  3. Look for the NDS game that you wish to install and allow it to complete its installation on your Apple device.
  4. When this game has been downloaded, click the button that says “Open in” link where you must choose “File Master”
  5. In the File Master, click on the rar file for the game and complete its extraction.
  6. You will now find the games in the .nds file format where you must click the .nds file and keep holding it. Then select zip and select zip. This will zip it up and put the zip in the same folder.
  7. Tap and keep holding the .zip file that has just been made and choose the “Open with” button from the shown menu.
  8. You will find the nds4iOS app here in the list which you must select and the game will go inside it.

iNDS Emulator without Jailbreak without computer

If the above described procedures don’t work for you then we are describing another method for installing the Emulator. This is known as iNDS which is essentially “NDS4iOS on steroids”.

  1. Go to your Settings and then to the option or the Safari and delete all the browser history plus caches.
  2. Now visit this link from your Safari browser and you will be asked if you wish to download the install iNDS Emulator. Click the Install button at this point.
  3. The installation procedure will start and you will find the iNDS icon getting installed on your home screen.
  4. In the end again go to the section for Settings > General > Profiles where you should trust the Developer profile for the iNDS.

NDS4iOS without jailbreak without PC iOS 11

  1. Go to the Settings and then visit the Safari settings. Once again you must delete the cache by pressing the button for “Clear History and Website data”
  2. Now open up this link and press “Install App valley”. You will be looking at a pop up requiring your consent for the installation for the app. Click Install.
  3. Visit the home screen and give App Valley icon a few seconds to appear on your Home Screen.
  4. Go to your Settings > General > Profiles and you will have to trust the developer profile which is associated with App Valley.
  5. The final task would be to launch the App Valley by visiting the home screen and visit the section for Game where you should find the NDS4iOS and complete its installation just like any other app.

Updated method for iOS 11

  1. Now let’s begin the tutorial for installation without further due. Go to Safari browser and open this link. You must locate the multi Emulator for iPhone here known as Happy Chick.
  2. When you are directed on the designated page, you must choose the green button which says “Install HappyChick Option 1” and allow the pop up to get displayed.
  3. Hit install in the popup window and let the installation process get completed. If you see that you are frozen at “Waiting” stage, click the icon on the Home Screen and the installation will continue.
  4. Trust the developer certificate for the HappyChick by accessing the section for Settings.
  5. Launch open the HappyChick Emulator where you should click agree and when asked for consent and the tap the “Categories” from the navigation bar.
  6. Choose NDS in the Emulators list and locate the game you wish to play. You can in fact find any NDS game in this search tool.
  7. Then hit the Download button right beside the game you wish to play, skip the advertisement and access the NDS game.
  8. Give the downloading procedure a few minutes and you will be able to locate the NDS4IOS in the section for My Games from the app of HappyChick.

These methods aren’t a permanent fix and may get revoked at any point in time so enjoy them while they last.

Written by Cybil

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