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Network Device Monitoring is a highly crucial and beneficial process for any server or network. On a broad scale, it is important to close the tabs that are running on traffic-heavy platforms switches or on the outward facing servers. SNMP-based monitoring is user friendly and highly renowned Network Device Monitoring software due to its SNMP compatibility.


Network Device Monitoring

Even if one monitors separate desktops or laptops in terms of their performance can assist the device operate smoothly particularly for those users who cannot be trusted on your network. Device monitoring can be a great process even in small scale set ups such as within a home where keeping an eye on the network is just as crucial. Network Device Monitoring, whether it is on a large scale for commercial reasons or on a private basis, is indeed the most effective method that can be adopted to check network performance or to fix erupting problems.


fix erupting problems

For this purpose, there are multiple Software available in the market but many of them will be heavy on your pocket and would also require a lot of efforts for their configuration so if you want to avoid this then there are indeed free tools like Solarwinds’ Network Device Monitor that can instead be used! This is an easy to use SNMP-based monitoring tool which has the ability to collect data from a compatible device to perform a quick monitoring. The set up for this tool can be done within a wink of an eye on any SNMP-ready device!


SNMP-ready device

To use the Network Device Monitoring tool you must give the name of the device or its IP address and other SNMP details plus the community strings to begin the process. Moreover this tool also has a pre built monitoring capability for all kinds of devices through the use of templates to make the process for Network Device Monitoring even easier, and also gives a community-based option that is equipped with multiple monitoring set ups and even has an option to set up a customized MIB according to the device to ensure that you only keep monitoring those things that need to be monitored.

Network Device Monitoring tool


That sums up pretty much everything there is to know about software! The software needs multiple configuration processes and has a wide range for accessing the MIB tree and MIB data overall and there are other tools for the purpose of MIB parsing as well. So an easy and straightforward tool like SNMP is exactly the kind of assistance you need for keeping tabs on a private or any small scale set up for business or can even be used to keep check on devices which are mission-critical on a large scale environment!


configuration process image

The software further comes equipped with all the ranges for monitoring all of which  can easily be applied such as keeping tabs on general things like the state of the fan or the running temperature of CPU which if are malfunctioning can point towards significant hardware troubles. For instance if the fan of a CPU is completely off or the temperature of CPU is rapid increasing even in a non functional state, then the system needs in detail diagnosis and extensive maintenance! However this isn’t the only potential, similarly large scale switches can also be kept tabs on for analysis on network traffic or on any other performance metrics to help you decipher if your network is operating smoothly.


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If you are able to collect information and smoothly assess it as well all in a systematic fashion then this indeed is the most effective method to keep an eye on any given network or server regardless of the system size or requirements. The main purpose of IT is to fix your issues while at the same time coming up with ways to help cater to the root cause of the problem so that it doesn’t arise or annoy the users again. To do this, Network Device Monitoring is definitely a crucial step and it only takes a few moments to set up and comes with a price tag that has no price! So folks, there isn’t any need to overlook and not use the Solarwinds’ Network Device Monitor tool because his solution is as easy as it can get for network solutions.

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