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In the world of Network Monitoring Tools and Software and their manufacturers, it is almost every day that some new software is being released to tighten the competition under these rapidly competitive times we are residing in as the market of IT monitoring is becoming crucial day by day. When finding the most suitable Network Monitoring Tool and Software for your device, there are certain features which should always be paid attention to. These include uptime plus downtime detection, notification systems, customized report generation, notification system, Netflow, threshold set ups and auto discovery of network and the mapping of its functionality.

The features listed above are only a gist of point of search for many network engineers when they are deciding upon a suitable Network Monitoring Tool and Software. In this article we will be bringing you the top 5 of these and in future articles we will be shedding light upon their updated versions.

Top Network Monitoring Tools and Software

1.     Paessler PRTG

PRTG Network Monitoring Tool and Software is famously recognized for its well built infrastructural management abilities. All of the systems, devices, routed traffic and application running on the network can swiftly be dispatched according to the hierarchal value which will then give a summary of network performance and alerts. PRTG has the capability of keeping in detail tabs on the network infrastructure through tools like WMI, SSH, SNMP, HTTP, Pings, SQL and a lot more. If your organization is new in the network monitoring world, then this tool is the best choice that can be opted for as it has a user friendly, easy to understand interface.

For further details, you can visit the following website:

Link for Download:

2.     ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager Network Monitoring Tools and Software is a management tool designed for keeping tabs on network infrastructure, as a network monitor and a manager for Application Performance that are operating on a network using an APM plug in. This tool is fully equipped when chosen for in detail network monitoring and can instantly categorize your servers, network apps, overall configuration, faults in network and its overall performance. It has the ability to comb through your network traffic but in order to operate the Manage Engine OpManager tool, it should already be installed on the premises.

To know more details about this tool, you must access the following link:

To download, visit the link given below:

3.     WhatsUp Gold 2017

WhatsUp Gold (WUG) is that one in the list of Network Monitoring Tools and Software which comes from the IP switch. It is the most easy to use tools that can be instantly configured and comprises of a user-friendly dashboard that is pleasing to the eye as well.

For day to day IT monitoring, WhatsUp Gold is a balanced tool in terms of price plus featured dashboard and is can easily be customized according to one’s needs and requirements. The customizable feature allows you to set up the IT infrastructure and the threshold notifications as you would want them to appear.

In order to find out further about, you can access the following link:

To access the download link, you can visit the following page:

4.      Nagios XI

Nagios XI is one of those Network Monitoring Tools and Software which were manufactured for a wider group of audience starting from freelancers to small scale to medium scale business and even large companies. This makes the pricing of Nagios’ XI one of the most wide ranged among others. The best part is that they have a free version as well which is open source of course with a single license that you need to subscribe for only once.

To access complete details for the software suite, you can visit the following link:

In order to download this, access the link given below:

5.     Zabbix

Zabbix is another open source Network Monitoring Tool and Software which is extremely easy to get acquainted to and has an attractive web based GUI that can instantly be configured. Zabbix keeps its focus on detailed network monitoring and the monitoring of hardware. One of the most prominent features of Zabbix is that it can foresee the potential trends of a network traffic and then can predict a future of your network keeping in the view the constructs of past data.

In order to read further details on Zabbix Software Suite, visit the link given below:

For downloading and installing Zabbix, open up the link given below:

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