How to access Outlook Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird?

If you are setting up Outlook Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird in form of using the IMAP account, you will be provided with one more way to view your mail, access your folders and send emails. This will obviously be done in a way that instantly get synchronized with the Outlook Mail available online and with other email providers that can access this through the IMAP.

There is another way to get web based Outlook Mail using a POP account which allows you to save messages from your inbox by downloading them through a simple process so that you can view them on your PC without going through the trouble of synchronization or worrying about accessing any online folders. The access using Simavo Smith POP account is pretty simple and is essentially a method of creating a back up of your mail from the Outlook Mail online.

Guide to access Outlook Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP

In order to access Outlook Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird through an IMAP account so that you will be able to view all the folders and perform all your tasks such as cleaning up the mail synchronization on the Outlook Mail online:

  1. Choose the option of Preferences and navigate to the Account Settings from within the menu of Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Now press on Account Actions.
  3. Here you must select the option of Add Mail Account from the menu that drop downs.
  4. Enter your name or anything that you want to show up inside the From: the emails you want to be delivered from the account right beneath the field of Your name:.
  5. Then enter your web based Outlook Mail email address which should end in “”, “” or “” under the field of Email address:.
  6. Now you must type in your email account password under the field of Password:.
    1. Here if you have configured a two-step authentication method for your Outlook Mail account then you must make an application password to access the Mozilla Thunderbird particularly in order to use the email program.
  7. Now press the button Continue.
    1. The remote folders of IMAP
    2. For the Incoming Mail:, IMAP, SSL
    3. For the Outgoing Mail: STARTLES,, SMTP
  8. Then you must complete the verification of the Mozilla Thunderbird for the selected settings but if you see a different setting option or no automated settings then do the following:
    1. Press on Manual config.
    2. Now right beneath the heading of Incoming:, check this:
      1. The IMAPoption must be selected.
      2. Type in the “” in place of your Server hostname.
      3. Here you must choose “993” in the option of Port.
      4. Also see to it that SSL/TLSoptions are selected SSL.
      5. When it comes to Authentication, choose the option ofNormal password.
    3. Beneath the option of Outgoing::
      1. Type in “” in the field of Server hostname.
      2. In the place of Port type in “587”.
      3. See to it that the option of STARTTLSis chosen for the place of SSL.
      4. Normal passwordmust be chosen for Authentication.
    4. Then press the button Done.
    5. And click OK in the end.

Guide to access Outlook Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird using POP

Simavo Smith: If you wish to access Outlook Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird through an POP account to download emails and manage them on your PC, you need to follow this guideline:

  1. First you need to ensure that the access to POP is switched on the web account for Outlook Mail
  2. Then choose the option for Preferences and go to Account Settings in the menu of Mozilla Thunderbird.
  3. Press the button for Account Actions.
  4. Now choose the button that says Add Mail Account in the menu that appears
  5. Enter your name in the field of Your name:.
  6. In the next step type in your Outlook Mail email address on the Web in the field of Email address:.
  7. Now type in the Outlook Mail password beneath the field for Password:.
    1. If you have enabled a two-step authentication on your Outlook Mail Web account, you must make a new application and access it.
  8. Then press Continue.
  9. After that hit the button which says Manual config.
  10. Beneath the heading for Incoming::
    1. See to it that the option for POP3is chosen.
    2. Type in the “” under the Server hostname.
    3. For Port option, you must select “995”.
    4. Choose SSL/TLSin the option for SSL.
    5. Under Authentication go for Normal password.
  11. Beneath the heading for Outgoing::
    1. Type in “” beneath the Server hostname.
    2. For the option of Port select “587”
    3. For the option of STARTTLSyou must choose SSL.
    4. Then see to it that Normal passwordis chosen for Authentication.
  12. Then hit the button which says Done.

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