Perfect Payroll: How to Fill Out a Payroll Template (Fast)

Having a perfect payroll is every payroll manager’s biggest dream. An efficient and quick process that makes each payroll run a breeze is possible if you have the right tools handy!

A payroll template is a way to have this process be the quickest you’ve had yet. Keep reading to learn about what you need to do to have the perfect payroll!

Having The Right Payroll Template On Hand

Having a good payroll check template available to use consistently going forward is the first step before starting to fill one out fast.

When you get the hang of using your one payroll check template, it will become a quick and efficient process for you. The best template will have everything you need to just fill in the blanks instead of having to create a completely new form each time.

Confirming Employees Information

On the template, you will need to confirm the employees’ information both on the form and in your systems.

You will need the employee’s full legal name on the payroll template, as well as have their social security number along with their address for your records in order to confirm to the IRS for income reporting purposes. This will also help you to generate W2s at the end of the year.

Have your employees confirm their information on a quarterly or annual basis to ensure the accuracy of your files.

Confirming Proper Salary

One of the biggest and costly mistakes you can make on payroll is not entering the proper salaries for employees.

This is an item you will want to triple check for accuracy when you’re using your payroll template and make sure that any calculations and deductions you are doing are from the right salary. Having to rerun payroll costs a company time and money, and is even more problematic for employees when they are paid too little or too much and have bills to be paid.

Confirming The Right Deductions

On top of confirming the employee salary for the payroll template, you will need to make sure the proper deductions are completed from their pay.

There are state and federal deductions that will need to be made, along with other items that are taxable and nontaxable from employee’s income. Not only are there deductions to be made on employee’s income, but there are employer’s portions to be paid as well.

This will make tax time easier for both your company and your employees to have those deductions properly made.

You’re Ready To Process Your Payroll Template

Making sure your payroll process is as smooth as can be is possible with a good payroll template to speed up each run. Both your company and your employees will thank you for a successfully efficient payroll run without any errors and all the proper information needed the first time.

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Written by Casim Khalid

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