You Can Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account!

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There are so many social media applications out there and we can never be satisfied with just one account now. Each application has its own signature features that set them apart from other social media applications. For example, if you are a Snapchat user you must be stunned by the feature that simply deletes your image or video messages right after they are viewed by others. You might even be shaking by how Instagram allows you to become popular instantly with your talents; good photography skills and creative content. Now in previous times we really needed one social media account to help us remain connected with people in our life. Whether they were long distance friends or relatives or people from your old school, old work place and so on. But now we have options. We can choose to stay connected with people on different platforms. And when one or two such social media platforms click us right, we cannot let go. You might have more friends who are active on one such application as compared to others and so, you stick to that one. Or you might have more followers and popularity on one platform more as compared to other social networking accounts. This then decides your level of activity. And so can make multiple accounts by being excited about it, but how many have you really used regularly. Making these accounts means maintaining them and remembering the passwords, then getting more notifications from them and so on. Can you really keep up? You might just get annoyed by so much activity on your phone by the end of the day now. If out of all these social media accounts, you have stopped using Facebook that much then there is not really a point in keeping it. You can keep your account but you might not use it and you might just forget it and that creates more chances for hackers to take over. And so we can teach you how to permanently delete your Facebook account for some peace of mind.

Many of us have been using our Facebook account ever since Facebook was made public. We have friends on Facebook from all around the world and we remain connected with our old school friends, current friends, long distance relatives and family and so on. We might even need our Facebook account to earn a living because many of us might have pages on Facebook to sell our products and so on. You might even be famous on Facebook and leaving Facebook has never clicked your mind because there are people on this platform that allow you to hold on to it with your whole heart. You might have so much posts on Facebook that keep you happy during a hard day of work. If for such people, it is hard to check their Facebook profile each day or update their Facebook profile each day with pictures, funny or philosophical statuses, posts, videos and so on it might just feel like breaking a life long ritual. Such people, if you are one such person, update their profile pictures each day and wait eagerly to get a response. You might even be addicted to Facebook messenger because it makes it very easy and faster for you to connect with the people in your life. And if you decide to permanently delete your Facebook account you cannot stay connected with Facebook messenger. Then you might be someone on the flip side of Facebook addicts. You might be someone who does not receive any pleasure from indulging with Facebook application. There is a higher chance that you do not have enough friends on Facebook and all your friends interact with each other on other platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on. There is just no reason for you to update your status, share your images, share wise words with others and so on.  You might have created your Facebook account specifically for stalking an old partner or friend (which is completely okay as long as you were genuine!), you might have made or created your Facebook account to follow your favorite celebrities but they might no longer use Facebook as often. You might have even created your Facebook account to join a study group for your high school semester or university semester course. You might need to be part of a group on Facebook for a society from your school and so on. You might have even created Facebook to join a business or a marketing team or buy your favorite products from Facebook pages. But, all such reasons to join Facebook lie on the temporary side. You will create your page, check it once in a while and after that you will simply leave because nothing will be holding you back.

Whether you love Facebook or completely disagree with this platform, it still has over 1.5 billion users and millions of posts are shared each day and million more people join Facebook per day. However, we are aware that not all of these people stay for longer and they can jump from application to application. It might be an integral part of someone’s life but maybe you are simply uncomfortable by it. You can get bored of watching cat videos all day (Who can get bored of cute fluffy monsters?!), you might have had enough of the fake news going around, you might be getting tired of losing your privacy to other or you might just be tired of getting hacked by people all the time and getting the account back from them. People might be copying your pictures to create fake accounts of you and so on. There are so many reasons to stay on Facebook but then there are all these other reasons that make you wish you could permanently delete your Facebook account. Now if you really want to delete your Facebook account, we have two options for you. You can either deactivate your Facebook account for some time or you can go ahead and take the bold step of deleting your account. Basically, when you will deactivate it your account will go into a sleep mode until you are ready to watch some more amazing and adorable cat videos all over Facebook. When you will delete it you will not be able to access it forever. You will have to make a new account to come back on Facebook if you wish to. It will remove all your saved data as well including chats, videos, pictures, your friend list, your biography and so on. So if you decide to permanently delete your Facebook account, you should create a back up.

If you do not wish to permanently delete your Facebook account but deactivate it, you will take the following steps:

  • You will log in to your Facebook account and select a small arrow icon from the top menu bar and from this menu on the far right side of your page, you will select Settings.
  • In your Settings page you are going to select the General tab from the menu on the left hand side and click on Edit option which will be next to Manage your account.
  • You can download a copy of all your Facebook data if you wish to before proceeding from a link that you will find at the bottom of this page.
  • After doing that, you can go ahead and deactivate your Facebook account and follow the instructions that Facebook will give you.
  • Just remember that if you want to go back to your account, you cannot go back to it right away. You will have to wait for 24 hours of your day to pass before you are allowed to reactivate your account. In order to reactivate you will simply provide your Facebook account information in the login section and Facebook will welcome you back!

If you are still not satisfied by Facebook you can go ahead and follow these instructions to permanently delete your Facebook account:

  • In order to permanently delete your Facebook account, you will log in to your account and from the top menu bar you will click on the downward arrow and from the drop down menu, you will select Settings.
  • Now from your Setting page you are going to select General tab from the left hand side menu that you have.
  • From here you will choose edit which will be right next to Manage Your Account.
  • Again, before you permanently delete your Facebook account, you should download a copy of your Facebook account details and data from the link underneath this tab. Once done you will proceed and look for delete your account option.
  • Click on this option and Facebook will ask you to provide your log in information and security question answers to check if it is really you.
  • State everything and then pick a reason for why you wish to delete your Facebook account and confirm your actions again.

Your account is gone forever now!

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