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In earlier days, we had to go to our local libraries in order to search for the most basic category of information. When it came to learning how to make yourself some nice and hot tea (especially if you were amateur!), it took a lot of frustration to figure that one out. Yes, we know that is a silly example because in those times making a hot cup of tea must have been common knowledge but do you get our point? It just took a lot researching and reading to finally get to your point. But today, we have a blessing that we now call the internet. On the internet, every piece of information is only a few press of the buttons away. Do you wish to learn the symptoms of influenza? Well, all you have to do is go on your browser and type the appropriate keyword. Similarly, the internet gives us access to a million applications that serve various purposes. Out of these, we have informational applications as well. These applications will give you anything from definitions of words in your language to innovative ideas that you can use to set up your events. For example, say its your baby’s first birthday and you have never had a small gathering that you may call your baby’s birthday celebration. Of course, you love your little sweet baby dearly and you wish to make this day special in any case. Since you are an amateur at this, you can simply get an application in your phone to help you out with everything; from the decoration, the cake, the food to the appropriate presents for your little sweetheart. One such application that is a big help for all of us is known as Pinterest. Now, we are sure that you must have heard of Pinterest all around you. You must have even seen the Pinterest pin button that allows you to share posts from one platform to the other. But, have you heard of any of these Pinterest alternatives that we have in store for you?


Pinterest was launched in 2010 and is currently active and widely used by countries around the globe. Statistics have shown that this application has gained 175 active members in just 7 years of activation! With over 800 employees, Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann are able to provide a smooth functioning application that helps users discover any type of information from the web. The interface of Pinterest mainly provides you information using a series of images, GIFs as well as videos. Pinterest is summarized by its founders as a “catalogue set for ideas”. And, it truly is that. It simply helps in inspiring people and its users to try out the different things it can teach you. This application however, requires people to register in order to be able to use it. As a user you can either simply view interesting articles that come from a plethora of categories. But as a user you can also choose to participate and upload interesting DIY content for your viewers. You have the option of uploading, saving, managing, and sharing your posts. On Pinterest however, you have pin boards instead of walls. These boards simply include all the Pinterest posts that you have pinned. You can pin them from other social media applications as well. The content can be videos, pictures, GIFs and so on. Just look for the “Pin It” button and you will be good to go.

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Now if you are a regular Pinterest user (and even if you are not!), you can see that Pinterest includes a lot of business pages. This way the application has allowed various businesses (from large scale to small scale) to upload content and promote their company. You can upload fashion related posts, beauty products, décor products and so on. So, instead of browsing and looking for a product on your favorite company’s website you can simply look at their pin boards.

While Pinterest comes with a lot of cool features that you can use to make your lives easier and more creative, you might have some issues with Pinterest that could make you wish you could divert to another platform. Since you are putting your ideas out there, you might have had some plagiarize your idea without any credits. You might also begin to get bored with the same old Pinterest content that you see every here and there. Other than that, Pinterest might simply not have what you have been searching for. This could be very rare, however it is definitely possible. Still, you might be someone who simply wishes to explore other possibilities and give them a chance too. After all, sticking to one application is convenient but we must always look around a little and see if we can discover something that is even more suitable.

Keeping this in mind then, our first of Pinterest alternatives is Fancy. Fancy is an application that includes all the cool products that you can locate on the internet. This application also has a lot of boards that contain all the niche products. While you can market on this website, you can also simply use it to pin stuff that you notice and wish to keep. On Fancy, you can even make purchases and buy most products that you notice on its application or website. So, Fancy is actually a hybrid of Etsy and Pinterest. Would you not like that to happen? You can now access the goodness of Etsy and the creativity of Pinterest under one roof!

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Now our second application from our list of Pinterest alternatives is HomeTalk. Yes, just like its name this application is similar to Pinterest but it contains all the posts regarding your home. Pinterest is full of categories and different posts, so it can be hard for some of us to really find what we are looking for. We might open Pinterest to look at home decorations but we might just get lost in between. So, HomeTalk brings to your inspirations for decorating your house with thousands of pictures of grand or small but elegant homes. HomeTalk is also diverse and contains various other categories to choose from as well. However, its main focus is helping you find innovative ideas for your house!

Another one of Pinterest alternatives is Pearltrees. This website is pretty basic with its interface. You do not have to get lost anywhere because everything is easy to locate and find. At PearlTrees you can access all the posts regarding innovative ideas. The trees on this webpage stand for something contextual that simply link various ideas together. Whereas, the pearls on this website and application are just images are that simply! Once you figure out its interface, you can access much deeper posts that it has to offer!

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Then, we have another application called Liqurious. Have you ever heard of FoodGawker? Well, on this application you simply access posts and pictures of liquid drinks. From posts about cocktails to pictures of chilled glasses, you can find innovative ideas to make your own drinks with aesthetic glassware. This is simply your hub of cocktail inspirations.

We mentioned FoodGawker earlier, but what really is FoodGawker. This application is another of one Pinterest replacements and the name of the application is pretty direct. Here you can access all food related posts and find interesting or new recipes. The photography that you find on this application is simply amazing and you can give everything a try without any fails!

Dudepins is another one of Pinterest alternatives but the boards on this application are plainly for men. While some say that Pinterest is largely female oriented this site aims to be the complete opposite. But do not worry, this website does not contain content that disgraces women!

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We hear it is basically a replacement of Pinterest that targets young women and teenage girls as well. This is quite popular and active among other applications that contains posts related to the demographic it targets. Give it a try to find out more!

Dribble is similar to Pinterest in its interface but the catch here is that the pin boards on Dribble are mainly for graphic designers and visual artist. Instead of pins then you have “shots” and this application contains a ton of categories that you can explore!

Moving on then, lastly we have Juxtapost. In the beginning the boards on this application contained wedding posts and food posts mainly. However, with time it began offering richer content as well as useful products and content as well.

Hopefully, you will like all the above mentioned Pinterest alternatives for yourself. These are quite diverse. While many of the above mentioned applications target a single category, gender or age demographic, they do have further categories that you can explore as well. The specifications are just their area of focus. Who knows, by the end you might find your new favorite informational application and instead of getting lost in Pinterest posts, you might never leave your new favorite website!

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