Pokemon Go now on your fingertips with a Jailbroken iPhone!

Pokemon Go is one of those interesting real time games that have opened a Pandora of exquisite gaming world simply because of its real time experience. In other normal video games, you sit like a potato couch and play however Pokemon Go is a game that operates with GPS real time locations which essentially means you have to stop being a couch potato and walk around locations to catch all of the Pokémon and their balls. Now on your lovely new iPhone, this game is good to go however it’s a reality check that many of us have jailbroken our iDevices and unfortunately jailbroken iPhones don’t support Pokemon Go. It is due to the fact that the jailbreak check simply crashes this game if it identifies a jailbreak. But you don’t need to be sad; there are indeed ways through which you can play your favorite Pokemon Go on your Jailbroken iPhone.

The compiled below comprehensive instructions will prove to be a blessing in disguise when Pokemon Go becomes an addiction and the next jailbreak is released! The guidelines through which you can play Pokemon Go on a Jailbroken iPhone are simply to follow and you have to download the Cydia tweak and your Pokemon Go game is good to go on your jailbroken iDevice.

However without this if you own a Jailbroken iPhone and you download Pokemon Go, it will see that Cydia is present on your iPhone and the game will go into crash on its own. Pretty sad, no? Don’t worry this can be fixed so keep reading!

All the steps you need to follow to play the amazing Pokemon Go on jailbroken iPhone

  1. The first thing you need to accomplish is that you have to download the Pokemon Go on your iPhone for which make sure you have a reliable and stable internet connection.
  2. Then on your Jailbroken iPhone open the app for Cydia and type in search the tsprotector 8+ (This tweak is essentially a solution paid for which lets you put into a black list many apps to evade the detection of jailbreak. If you wish to bypass the detection of jailbreak for just  1 app that you can use this service by free activation)
  3. Once the tsportector 8+ has been successfully installed then your iOS device will need respring.

Respringing is basically a term that is used for restarting the SpringBoard for your iDevice. The procedure only requires 10 seconds and then simply takes you back to your Lock Screen. Mobile Substrate performs this Safe Mode in case the SpringBoard crashes. Many of the SpringBoard extensions might simply respire for multiple reasons such as the WinterBoard resprings when you play with its settings or the vBackground resprings if you switch the video. This is definitely not the same as the term reboot.

  1. When the iPhone has resprung, go to the Settings and further visit the tsprotector settings.
  2. Just switch them ON by flipping the switch to Enable this tweak.
  3. However make sure that the Filtering mode is kept on the Black list and access the entire list of the Black List apps.
  4. Choose Pokemon Go from the listed apps and then simply launch the app for Pokemon Go from your device display.

However if for some reason you don’t wish to install tsprotector or it crashes while working, there is one more tweak that is present which was manufactured only to serve this purpose. Hence listed below are the steps that you can follow to bypass Pokemon go jailbreak bypass detection.

The details for the Pokemon Go Jailbreak bypass

  1. Open up the Cydia app and go to the head over in the section of the sources.
  2. Then click the button for edit and add the source given below.
  3. Then when the source has been added on to Cydia, go searching for PokePatch in the search bar.
  4. When your tweak has finished installing, you need to respring you iDevice and then you are good to proceed with your Pokemon Go game.

Here is an Alternative Method for playing Pokemon Go

Now if for any reason you fail to apply any of the above describes tricks in order to play Pokemon Go on your Jailbroken iPhone.  Hence all methods are being informed about in this article just in case if one stops working you can shift to an alternative one.

  1. Click the Cydia app from your home screen and go to the sources section.
  2. Then click the button for edit given at the top corner and click the button for Add. Now in this step you are suppose to add the following link.
  3. When your has been added completely on to the Cydia, type in the search bar “MasterBall” tweak using this source and start its installation.
  4. Then of course you must respring your iPhone once the installation is done and you are good to proceed ahead with the Pokemon Go game!

Congratulations! Now are able to play your beloved and most awaited Pokemon go game on your iPhone that is jailbroken by simply applying any one of the tricks listed above and see which works for you to evade that Jailbreak detection.

Written by Cybil

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