The Top Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

It is always a dream come true and an exhilarating moment when a couple finds out that they are expecting a baby however this can equally be stressful as well. Many new parents to be would have hundreds of concerns and questions in terms of what they should do next and how to go about things during the nine months of pregnancy. Such anxieties are completely normal because becoming a parent is a significant change in one’s life.

Even though visiting your OBGYN every now and then during your pregnancy can help ease your mind in a much better way but it also consumes tons of energy, time and resources considering the busy world we reside in. However we can thank the advancements in technology now which has brought us multiple resources for a smooth journey through pregnancy from within one’s smart phone.

pregnancy apps for iphone

The best resource that is available through technology is pregnancy apps that can easily be downloaded from the App Store. These apps can assist you in staying up to date on your pregnancy, your child’s progress, your own health and would answer a lot of questions that many mothers to be may be pondering over. In this article we will be giving a brief overview of all the Pregnancy Apps for iPhone that are available on the Apple App Store so that all parents to be can have a smooth journey ahead.

pregnant women holding stomach
Pregnant woman holding stomach.

The Recommended Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

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1.     Totally Pregnant

Although there are multiple Pregnancy Apps for iPhone that are available out there on the App store which can assist you through your pregnancy however out of all of these one stands out the most and can be found by the name of Totally Pregnant. Totally Pregnant is an all in one app which was created to help the entire course of pregnancy in a smooth manner. This app is a single stop that answers all your pregnancy related concerns and would assist all mothers to be in staying healthy throughout the course of 9 months.

pregnancy apps on iphone

The biggest perk of this app is that it is loaded with amazing features and tools to help a large community of users and trust us the user community of this app is in multiple of hundreds. The app is highly user friendly and easy to get acquainted with as well.

2.     Glow Nurture

The next app on our list for Pregnancy Apps for iPhone is definitely Glow Nurture. This is the most comprehensive pregnancy app with the best trackers in the community of pregnancy apps. The app sells itself on being highly simple in terms of its interface and asks for a lot of data so that the app can be as helpful as possible during your entire course of pregnancy. The app can totally be personalized so that everything you see on the app screen is tailored according to your needs and the needs of your baby.

pregnant women holding phone

Before you begin using this app, you must know a bit about the company that launched this app in the first place. This isn’t the first ever service of Glow, previously they also had a highly successful fertility tracking app as well. Hence it isn’t just that the app is great but the company that launched the app is equally brilliant. So if you have just had the good news, go ahead and download the app from your App Store.

Honorable Mentions for Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

1.     Pregnancy and Baby – What to Expect?

There are multiple companies and brands that are launching services each day to help couples get across the course of pregnancy but some are more famous than the other to help you know “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”. The company has launched a new app into the App Store solely t guide new expecting mothers regarding pregnancy and what to expect out of it during the whole nine months.

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When you start using the app, the app will ask for your due date and then according to the due date the app will generate and show content such as health updates etc each time you open the app. The app also has a tracker that keeps track of your day to day activities according the pregnancy week you are in and in addition to this will also guide you on the appropriate size of your baby with tons of more useful information.

2.     The Bump

If you are becoming a mother for the first time then of course you would have a million questions running through your head and if you download The Bump then the app will fetch answers for you from three different sources. The team behind the app comprises of efficient editors, doctors and pregnancy experts and in fact many of your questions will be answered by other mothers who have been through this process already.

This app is a huge win win and it contains so many useful tools for you to use. The app further guides you on various articles, links and products that can help smooth out your pregnancy.

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