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Most people struggle with printing at the workplace or even if they have a photocopier at home. The main reason, in most cases, is the use of bad quality copier paper or not knowing where to get the office supplies. In the UK, now it is possible to get all office accessories online with free delivery. We will share our recommendation for this later in the article. First, let us go right to the gist of this article – hacks to print and save money.

Easy Hacks to Print your Content

Web browser defaults

This is the most helpful and flexible solution for reducing the cost associated with web printing. Now you can easily print through your web browser defaults. It will automatically print all the things. For selective printing, use the print selection button; this allows you to print according to your requirement. You can also select your printing text by highlighting the text with your cursor.

Copy-paste simple solution

There is another great option for printing to save money that is to copy and paste from the web browser into a word processor such as Microsoft word. You have the control to re-edit and remove the unwanted data before printing it. You can also remove unnecessary collared text and print it the way you want.

The method of copy/paste is very simple. Just highlight the content you want to copy, right-click to copy, and select the option “COPY” or simply press Ctrl C on your keyboard. Open Microsoft Word and press the right-click and select the option “PASTE” or simply press Ctrl V on your keyboard to paste the data. Kindly review the content to remove unwanted data. Buy copier paper to reduce the cost.

Print multiple pages on one sheet

You can also print two pages side-by-side on one sheet. The text will still be easily readable. This is a very easy way to minimize the cost of printing. It reduces the total number of pages you use. This is called 2-up printing. If you want to print four pages on one sheet, you can also do it by the 4-up printing method.

Through page range

Here is a hack to save money when you print from the web. There are a lot of ads or footer information you do not want to print. You can use the page range feature to specify the text you want to print. This is how you can save your money and time.

If you are printing from Google Chrome, click the “print” option and drop down the menu beside the page selection and click on “custom.” Enter the page number you want to print, separate it by commas, and click on the “print” option again. Your page will print clearly.

Recommendation for Copier Paper Supplies

The Best Stock is a paper company that is working day and night to décor your office tables with their amazing and affordable office accessories. They have a variety of printing sheets such as copier paper and photocopy paper. Printing documents is the most essential part of the daily office routine. This online store not just offers you high quality and reliable office supplies but also provides you the easiest hacks to save your money through printing. Let us have a look at easy problem solutions of printing.

Print your content on the most affordable copier paper and save your money.

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