PRTG Vs Nagios – What is your cup of tea?

The constantly emerging debate on which software is best for network management and monitoring is something that will never cease to exist and this is the reason we are here running a comparison analysis of PRTG Vs Nagios. To make this comparison simpler for you we will be analyzing the presence and absence of some useful features that a network manager must have in the two software packages in discussion here.

This must have got you wondering about those features which are crucial for a network managing software to have so here is the list:

  • Ability to monitor the entire Network Infrastructure
  • Forecasting capability according to Scales and Trend
  • Alerts and Notifications through Text Messages and Email
  • Support for Plug-ins and Add-ons
  • Support for SNMP
  • Syslog Compatibility
  • Implementation Time Spans
  • GUI Accessible from the Web
  • Mapping of Networks and their Topology
  • Analysis of Bandwidth and the Network Flow i.e. Netflow, sFlow, IPFix, etc
  • Ability to Monitor Hardware
  • Ability to manage and monitor through Wi-Fi
  • VMware & Hyper-V Management
  • Capability of VoIP Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring using the Cloud Service
  • Hardware Health Check ups
  • Physical Access to the server
  • Efficient Active Directory
  • Auto Discovery for Networks and Scanning Capabilities
  • Reporting of SLA Reporting Tools/Features

Remember friends the above compiled list doesn’t cover everything for what both of the softwares in comparison can perform but essentially a standard set of features and tools which every IT expert would look for when running a quality analysis on network monitoring software packages for selection of one over the other. If you do wish to access the complete list of features and tools for each of the software then it is prudent to visit their respective official websites.

Comparison of PRTG Vs Nagios

PRTG Network

Nagios XI

Monitor Network Uptime & Critical


Forecast Trends and Expandability
Alerting System
Add-on/Plugins (3rd Party, etc)
SNMP/Agentless Support
Syslog/Event Collection
Implementation Time/Cost
Web Interface
Network Topology Maps/Visuals
(Add-on/Plug-in Required)
Bandwidth/Netflow Analysis
Hardware Health Status
Wireless Network Monitoring
(Plug-in required)
Virtualization Support
(Plug-in Needed)
VoIP and QoS Support/Monitors
(Plug-in Required)
Cloud Service Support/Monitors
Server Room Environmental

(Plug-in Required)
Active Directory/LDAP Integration
Auto Network Scan/Discovery
IP SLA Support/Reporting
CostFree Version up till 100 Sensors For Unlimited SpanNagios Core is Free but
Nagios XI is $1995 for 100 Nodes.
Download LinksDownload PRTG Free!Go to


You know many people ask that why bother running a comparison between any two software packages when one can just grab any of them to serve the purpose but it is no surprise that many IT experts do run a comparison analysis for two software packages especially when the two have a lot similar features and tools which any network engineer would want on their deal. So the question is that which one of them contains the best and most effective set of features and same is the case with PRTG Vs Nagios. So folks if you need a definite answer to an all in one solution and want to bypass the lengthy configurations on the Linux/Unix system, then PRTG should be your choice.

The competition and rivalry between PRTG Vs Nagios can never end because of course two are different competing entities in the market but if you are on the hunt for an Enterprise Grade solution with a  support team backing and a completely featured solution then you must opt for PRTG.

However if you like labor work and want to perform the configuration, editing, installation manually then Nagios would be your choice. Our website has posted in detail comparisons between other network managing software packages as well with much more to coming your way so stay tuned.

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