PRTG Vs Zabbix comparison: Which one is your Network Monitoring Guru?

Zabbix is an open-source free software whereas PRTG has a free version as well

If you are on a hunt for a suitable Network Monitor then gauging the pros and cons between two software is something to consider. Hence we are bringing you a comparison PRTG Vs Zabbix, explaining the differences between their Network Monitoring Capabilities, Server and Infrastructures that they cater to in addition to the advantages and drawbacks of each of these tools so that you know everything that there is to make a wise choice for yourself and your network environment. To simplify the comparison of PRTG Vs Zabbix, we will be summarizing the features list in a table.

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There are certain common considerations that we have listed among all our comparison blogs previously between two network monitoring softwares. The list of these common considerations that should always be considered when selecting a network monitor is as follows:

list of common considerations

  • Assistance and Support for Enterprise which is most crucial
  • User friendly configuration and intuitive functionality
  • Forecast for future expandability
  • Instant and Auto Discover of Network and its Mapping
  • Support for Hardware Vendors
  • Ability to generate reports, alerts and notifications through Email or Text Messages
  • Friendly UI and ease of its usage
  • Accessible on Web/Mobile or in form of an App

These are simply a few considerations that one must look for when conducting a comparison between two network monitoring softwares and then see how they act on a real time basis.

PRTG Vs Zabbix- The Pricing Component

an image for pricing component

Of course one of the most crucial aspects that must be considered in the PRTG Vs Zabbix comparison is their cost or the Pricing.

When you look at Zabbix, it is open-source software available for free but having said that we would never advise you to make your choice solely on this pricing aspect. Many IT administrators and network engineers have figured out that at some point in their careers, users will require assistance with a sudden problem erupting in their network monitoring software that is currently in use and this is exactly where the Support or Google searches are referred to. So when using any open source software that too free of cost you will see that the support service is somewhat hazy.

On the other side, PRTG has a version which is free and lets you keep tabs on 100 sensors for a stipulated time defined by the user. They have a customer service team that caters to issues in less than a day and has an ever increasing knowledge database, support for FAQ’s, video training, a resource center and guidance manuals.

But don’t let all this lure you into PRTG’s price because with the Zabbix software, if you wish to purchase am Enterprise Support or the updates, their pricing will not be made public knowledge just the support levels.

Zabbix Upgrade services are though public knowledge and can be accessed at their official website here:

PRTG Vs Zabbix- The Summarized Comparison

PRTG Zabbix
Network Uptime & Critical
 ✔  ✔
Scalability/Expandability  ✔  ✔
Notification & Alerting System  ✔  ✔
Automatic Network and Device
 ✔ ✔ (Website states Auto Mode however it isn’t fully featured)
SNMP/Agentless Support  ✔  ✔
Syslog & Event consolidation  ✔
Extensive Built-in Vendor Support  ✔  ✔
GUI/Web Intuitive Interface  ✔ ✔ (highly Basic than PRTG)
Network and Topology Maps  ✔
Bandwidth and Netflow Analysis
(sFlow, jFlow, IPFix, etc)
Hardware Health Monitoring  ✔  ✔
Wireless Network Mapping and
 ✔ Plug-in needed otherwise Network Mapping unavailable
VMware & Hyper-V Support  ✔ ✔ And third party ad-ons
VoIP and QoS Support  ✔ Need for Custom Scripts
Cloud Service Support  ✔  ✔
Server Room Environmental
 ✔  ✔
Active Directory/LDAP Integration  ✔  ✔
Native Mobile App (iPhone/Android)  ✔
IP SLA Support/Reporting  ✔  ✔
Cost Free Version for 100 Sensors (Unlimited Period) Free of Cost
Download Links Download PRTG Free! Go to

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